VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD) 

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You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters this fall.

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Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

Directed by: Andy Serkis
Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
Based on the Marvel Comics

Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Reid Scott
Stephen Graham
and Woody Harrelson

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2 ago 2021




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Commenti 40 438   
Promise? Promise. Oh YEAH. Man did the koolaid man
Aritra Mondal
Aritra Mondal 2 minuti fa
Please I want more gore. GOOORE! Oh my god I'm sounding like Cletus Cassidy 😨
David Chism
David Chism 3 minuti fa
Let me fix your nose, so I can break it again!!
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 4 minuti fa
The Mercenary starring a former French Foreign Legion 2 REP Sniper head crushing blood spraying Martial Arts action now on Amazon prime.....
Nick Otto-Bernstein
This is awesome! I’m so pumped for this!
dnwjdnnww ehwhudbweh
Bruh vemon was nice in the first trailer but in this one he is just plain old mean
Adriel Aviado
Adriel Aviado 7 minuti fa
Oh shit it's the red one 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣
weirdo idk
weirdo idk 7 minuti fa
soo this fall it comes out GOAL
Goat Clutch
Goat Clutch 9 minuti fa
Fucking w trailer
John Pirring
John Pirring 9 minuti fa
I want chaotic Carnage and I - who watched Venom while homeless - to watch Venom 2.
Manoj Mathew
Manoj Mathew 10 minuti fa
Ohhh wooow we are waiting ❤️❤️❤️
Tanner Johnson
Tanner Johnson 10 minuti fa
Really worried about how this comedy is gonna come off. Seems like they’re really trying to push it and I’m not loving what I’m seeing. Venom and Eddie have funny moments but they’re not comedians and venom isn’t a five year old
TerribadBweezle 11 minuti fa
I am so glad they fixed Cassidy's hair.
Yattmann Tatt
Yattmann Tatt 11 minuti fa
Sponsored by Ducati. Again...🔥
Nahuel Schumacher
Nahuel Schumacher 11 minuti fa
Imaginen que al director le gustaba el hentai XD
Omar Marrufo
Omar Marrufo 13 minuti fa
Holy cow was that shriek???!!
soy yo
soy yo 14 minuti fa
0:49 1:39 it seems cletus is going to stop his carnage to get a haircut
Peterthecoll 15 minuti fa
this looks like another pay check for hardy
Zakitek JR
Zakitek JR 16 minuti fa
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i Can’t wait for Watching
AstroGust 16 minuti fa
Irl tentacle Hentai movie coming up!
Bozmund Os
Bozmund Os 16 minuti fa
"you feel like home to me, like family" let me remind you this guy killed his grandma as a kid-
FruitMan 16 minuti fa
I hope this movie isn’t overshadowed by spider-man no way home.
Starfish Cocaine
Starfish Cocaine 17 minuti fa
What rating
Shalowbuster 17 minuti fa
why they are making venom a dumb chad guy?
Donkey Eyes
Donkey Eyes 17 minuti fa
2021: Let there be Covid 19
Bozmund Os
Bozmund Os 20 minuti fa
wait, how the heck does he create a hole through his chest- im really wanting to know what venom has to say about it being a "red one"
Gerson Menga
Gerson Menga 20 minuti fa
I hope the Cinema stay Open, there is no way; I will be watching this on a LAPTOP or a cell phone
ILLuZioNzAY 21 minuto fa
I died when venom said “I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me. Please let me fix it. SO I CAN BREAK IT AGAIN!”
todd Scholefield
todd Scholefield 21 minuto fa
I’m buying this on ultra Blu-ray 100%
FG PT 21 minuto fa
The first one was awful. Hope this one is ok
todd Scholefield
todd Scholefield 22 minuti fa
Fucking rights!!!!!!!! I want to see this so bad man
Lazy Kat
Lazy Kat 23 minuti fa
Did anyone else notice that the screaming girl seemed like the Female Venom Scream?
Alessio アレッショ
Meh sequels are always kinda disappointing
Diego Torres Lozada
Diego Torres Lozada 22 minuti fa
Entonces que haces aca perdiendo tu tiempo??
Lumen risus
Lumen risus 24 minuti fa
Did they change Venom's voice? It seemed much deeper in the first movie. Now it seems a little cartoony to me. Stoked for fucking Carnage though
Neo 24 minuti fa
I will let you eat everyone! Promise?? Promise!! OOHH YEEAAAAH
Mono832 24 minuti fa
1:57 that’s concerning
Thomas Just
Thomas Just 25 minuti fa
No interest in this, thumbs down
Tyler's Bored
Tyler's Bored 25 minuti fa
Everytime I see woody harrelson in another movie, life doesn't seem so bad.
Ghost Ninja
Ghost Ninja 26 minuti fa
Black vs red lets see who wins
Sohruh Odinaev
Sohruh Odinaev 28 minuti fa
Dark Vincent
Dark Vincent 28 minuti fa
Kids overhyped on a trailer
Steven Castor
Steven Castor 30 minuti fa
They made sure they gave the blackwoman natural powers of having a big mouth lol and since when did venom have a sense of humor
Vengeance 3313
Vengeance 3313 30 minuti fa
Nah still bad
Lokubiss 30 minuti fa
And… Faith restored. At least with Cassidy and carnage. Looks a million times better than the first trailer!
pablomann 31 minuto fa
pablo will get him no worries
Fayde 31 minuto fa
Finally the best and the most brutal Spider-man vilian
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres 31 minuto fa
Another trash movie by sony
Don 22
Don 22 32 minuti fa
Meh cgi looks rubbish
SilverSix 32 minuti fa
He looks great but still to much cgi. They should have put practicle elements in there or some kind of costume and then cgi over it to make it look more real.
Mr Deadpool
Mr Deadpool 33 minuti fa
One of the best actors.
Death Bubblez
Death Bubblez 34 minuti fa
They found a blonde man for Carnage, good (Nike Check).
Stephen Layton
Stephen Layton 34 minuti fa
Looks good! I should watch the first one :)
Sandy QinYu
Sandy QinYu 34 minuti fa
Please let there be blood 🙏
Diego Torres Lozada
Diego Torres Lozada 11 minuti fa
@metalhead si niquiera ha salido y tu dices que va a fracasar
metalhead 19 minuti fa
No there's no blood my buddy works at rated films he told me its PG-13 100% zero blood same as original smh
Alex Kartwright
Alex Kartwright 35 minuti fa
Black canary?
John Smith
John Smith 37 minuti fa
Man I wish the white spider would appear on his chest
TheVoid1221221 38 minuti fa
Chronenberg Carnage!!!
The Blood God
The Blood God 39 minuti fa
Petition for Eminem to make another music video |
Daniel Ortiz Zuniga
Daniel Ortiz Zuniga 39 minuti fa
1:50 made me laugh
Alfie H (Blue Gaming)
i think everyone just keeps rewatching and rewatching lmao
Armando Granado
Armando Granado 39 minuti fa
He turns into Carnage by biting him? How stupid. And Harrelson seems so unwitting for this role
J T 39 minuti fa
Oh wow another Marvel movie that gets ruined by attempting to be a comedy.
metalhead 18 minuti fa
Well its sony of course its gonna be ruining for sure PG13 my a.
Zaheer 40 minuti fa
I like the last slap scene 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Yavorsky
Michael Yavorsky 41 minuto fa
Dark screen, forcing the viewer to IMAGINE a cool scene, was a tool of the 70s, before literal magic was possible with computer animation. These jokers don't know when to stop using a technique. I won't even watch this movie, because I don't want a headache. All things are possible now, so let's cheap out and use antique technology.
Swayeh Moo
Swayeh Moo 41 minuto fa
Magic 41 minuto fa
Can’t wait
Ülgen 41 minuto fa
Cgi is bad.
metalhead 17 minuti fa
Duh its sony not disney
Forest 42 minuti fa
R U 43 minuti fa
1:49 When you’re Lucid Dreaming in a Nightmare and suddenly your ability to control stuff goes away.
JDoubleClutch 44 minuti fa
Marvel fans are hyped for this one
alberto one
alberto one 44 minuti fa
TRIPLE BANZE 45 minuti fa
Finally they bring Carnage in , been waiting for 15 years but that ain't where Carnage came from , he crash landed on planet earth the same as Venom
Ruler Of Yore
Ruler Of Yore 46 minuti fa
0:26 Shriek is looking at a picture of a loved one, possibly a criminal killed by Venom fueling a vendetta against him.
Philo Brown
Philo Brown 46 minuti fa
I don’t see how spider man gonna handle the things I mean 🥛
Reddoz 46 minuti fa
Is the woman screaming. Scream??
Overalonyx 47 minuti fa
This movie is gonna be sick
Bob the cutie
Bob the cutie 48 minuti fa
I cant wait
Bfg Bender
Bfg Bender 48 minuti fa
No one paid to see the first one. Same story with this one.
XO̸ Slayer the Young God
Toxin gotta be the somewhere in the ending Cut scene
Samsuddin Anshari
Samsuddin Anshari 48 minuti fa
Spider-Man no way home
Jeffrey Allan Backowski II
Well that's lame, so it is exactly like the first Venom where he fights a different version of himself for whatever reason?
jarrod anderson
jarrod anderson 48 minuti fa
Looks like it was made for $20 and a photoshop app. Yay
Chilumula Latha
Chilumula Latha 50 minuti fa
When will Carnage could appear on the Theaters 😭
Fabrizio Büttiner
Fabrizio Büttiner 51 minuto fa
1:49 lmao
The Parrish Show
The Parrish Show 51 minuto fa
Venoms concern over Carnage being red leads me to believe that Symbiotes are far more dangerous and deranged than most others, either that or Venom just finds red scary
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 52 minuti fa
We Out Here
We Out Here 52 minuti fa
Finally been waiting for a carnage movie since 2007 Im hoping for alot of blood and gore cause thats how they showed him in the comics
metalhead 15 minuti fa
Yeah better go watch the suicide squad it has gore bloody violence
Alex Sykes
Alex Sykes 41 minuto fa
Unfortunately this movie is PG-13, so no blood and no gore
nando kk
nando kk 53 minuti fa
Bizzle 54 minuti fa
Good luck trying to control your symbiote Eddie lol this movie looks so awesome!!!
Emre Can Yazıcı
Emre Can Yazıcı 54 minuti fa
Dude, Venom is bad character. I know its cool to be seeing him this way but I think he has to stay that way.
fxck u
fxck u 54 minuti fa
When is this coming out
casshern dupree
casshern dupree 55 minuti fa
House full with fishys
beetalius 56 minuti fa
i love hardy and Harrelson but 1 was terrible
SHAHEEN ABID 57 minuti fa
it makes you wonder will venom defeat him
Blood Marine
Blood Marine 57 minuti fa
Why does live action Cletus Kasady look like Jon arbuckle
sunil sathe
sunil sathe 57 minuti fa
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 58 minuti fa
so how does he become carnage in the movie?
Benzema Karim
Benzema Karim 58 minuti fa
Hâte de voir ce film
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