The Ukraine You've Never Seen before 🇺🇦 

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🇺🇦 There are plenty of videos on IT-plans about Ukraine and they all show the same things; pretty churches in Kyiv, beaches in Odessa or Lviv's incredible town square. But did we really learn about the country from those generic films? I don't believe so. And so I wanted to travel off the beaten track and show you the real places and meet the real people of Ukraine away from the cliches. Oh and we will search for some Soviet mosaics too. Join me on an adventure in what may well be Europe's friendliest and least understood country.

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1 mar 2021




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bald and bankrupt
Don't forget to check out my other channel for smaller adventures that usually end in a crushing disappointment. Here: it-plans.info/news/B2GbNXOsy3VBksSD58NvhQ.html
Дульсинея Тоббоская
УССР лучшая страна!
Erik P
Erik P Mese fa
It makes me so proud to be a Ukrainian, watching balds adventures throughout the former ussr and seeing him come back to Ukraine really reminds me of how nostalgic of a feeling it is to be there. I miss visiting the farm my mom grew up and seeing my grandma there, and can’t forget the journey there riding from Lviv to Ivano-Frankisvk. seeing such different environments it’s almost a nostalgic feeling watching balds videos. hearing those songs and those couple of seconds where he showed influential Ukrainian people really just makes me happy. This is truly what the Ukrainian experience is like
Charlie Schmidt
I was an American student in the Soviet Union in Moscow in 1984 for two semesters; so this is very very interesting, poking his nose in all the little corners, having all these wonderfully spontaneous experiences. Love it! It’s also doing wonders for my conversational Russian.
Сергій Шевченко
Oh man, this food you both at Kozyatin station is called " belyashi"(беляши), or "toshnotyky"(тошнотики), are you ok?
Mike Russell
Mike Russell Mese fa
am I the only one who actually applauded the accordeon guy ? that was absolutely awesome.
Konstantin Vinnichenko
Thank you so much for showing our Ukraine!
Konstantin Vinnichenko
I recommend visiting the central station in Kharkov.
sam holloway
sam holloway Mese fa
i absolutely love how he tips the people that help him, hes not rich but he must have a few bob and it must feel good to see humans who have not much get some money they rightfully deserve
Sue Perb
Sue Perb Mese fa
We need so Soviet merch
I'm disappointed you didn't show us the castle in Ternopil. Oh, well, maybe next time?
Anna Kasianenko
You should’ve taken the Intercity express, it’s only 4 hours I think
Yahya FTW
Yahya FTW Mese fa
Those are some lovely people, wish the best for them from Tunisia :D PS: love ur vids u amazing traveler
jimbo danssondodge
that bald dude is unbelivable,p ,without him nobody will never see these crappy old soviet place we love so much
cenobitecyborg kratch
Those poor people are so genuine. I pray for the end of their suffering. Peace and prosperity for everyone! I hear the women are awesome!
Wadata Jr
Wadata Jr Mese fa
You always bring happiness to the people
No. Mese fa
You could hear the pain in that taxi drivers voice. It's criminal what has happened to the rural areas of ukraine.
Guilherme Mesquita
Awesome vid Bald! Cheers from Brazil
Yoji FFXIV Mese fa
I feel like Bald is a video game character finding collectibles but in real life. He's got to find every Soviet mosaic so he can unlock reality's concept art.
wendel6 Mese fa
I met some of the kindest, most generous people when I travelled in Ukraine 🇺🇦 Слава Україні !!
Michael E.K.
Michael E.K. Mese fa
Great Job - I’m not here for watching travel blogs as much as getting a great glimpse of the current situation in Ukraine. You did a fantastic job in showing the atmosphere of Courage, Resilience, and pride in the people . The unfortunate foul weather was perfect for really capturing the mood of a scarred reality. Ripped up buildings, contrasted with the Soviet Icons, that seem to endure the Shelling and Destruction. Thanks for making this- Well done 👍
schnibbyy Mese fa
It's so funny to see the mask compliance in other countries compared to the hysteria in the U.S.
shan zee
shan zee Mese fa
can some one tell what's the songs name at 9:10 ?
David De
David De Mese fa
U should came in summer to Ukraine! I swear, best destination in Europe , if u know where the local go.
Com4nd3r666 Mese fa
crazy there
Shauna Weldon
I felt like the ukranian girl who walked up to you wanted to talk some more. :(
Explore with Svetlin
I love how the thermo-insulation was built around the Odessa mosaic in order to preserve it.
Maris M
Maris M Mese fa
If not mistaking, the train you got on and most soviet trains were produced by RvR in Latvia (Former USSR)
falatalane Mese fa
Električka means tram in slovak and czech.
Dmytro Heleta
railway station in Kiev was built in 1870, 50 years before the USSR. Stop calling everything you see Soviet :)
El Frankman
El Frankman Mese fa
The translation of the folk song that the accordion guy was singing at 9:07 Pine tree (Smereka) Hut is on the edge of village Pine tree looks into its window There's a maiden in that hut But she lives so far away from here. Dear pine tree, could you be so kind to tell me, Why you grow so far away from here? Tell me, please, my charming pine tree. Dear pine tree, could you be so kind to tell me, Why you grow so far away from here? Tell me, please, my charming... Please come to the lake, my lovely, Pretty much I wanna see you You've fascinated my poor heart You've fascinated all my soul Dear pine tree, could you be so kind to tell me, Why you grow so far away from here? Tell me, please, my charming pine tree. Dear pine tree, could you be so kind to tell me, Why you grow so far away from here? Tell me, please, my charming... Spring has come to the Carpathians Migratory birds arrived here But we haven't met our maiden, Still we haven't met our heart's dream...
Магжан Сыдыков
Why it is everything Soviet there? Don't they build anything on their own after becoming free?
3:40 girls just fall into his lap, lol
Fonzy Brookestone
Thank you, Bald. I really appreciate you showing all the Ukraine footage.
Yourwetsock Mese fa
My Ex girlfriend Lana is from Ukraine
Vedat Turkan
Vedat Turkan Mese fa
Bald, we want more videos from Ukraine. Greetings from Kyiv
N. van H.
N. van H. Mese fa
Man I love this man and his channel!
dileepdilavc Mese fa
You made taxidriver happy..jai bola ki...😀✌
1998goodboy Mese fa
I can tell u for a fact, I have several different accounts from Moldova and Ukraine. The general population didn't welcome back ussr soldiers into their country. All of my accounts say the German ones were way nicer to them...
Slavik M
Slavik M Mese fa
what a lovely, warm video. thank you
Upkar Jaiswal
Thank you for this joyous journey bald
Art *
Art * Mese fa
If you really want adventures maybes put a blue puffer with an an illustration of an eagle on your back...
Adam Hamo
Adam Hamo Mese fa
You do many more wonderful things but I would like to say your subtitles are great! I do not have to look at tiny white text to understand and I can focus on the great moments you create
Tanya Simchuk
This was FANTASTIC! I'm actually from Rivne, Ukraine, and it is so good to see that you help my country to start cherishing history, even if the times were tough. Thank you for your incredible journey and for sharing it with us!
Kyle Bell
Kyle Bell Mese fa
I think I binged watched all your videos....took a break and now I see your new videos! Awesome!
Russ G
Russ G Mese fa
Just got another LIKE from ukrainian guy leaving in USA. Awesome video! Your russian is perfect, where did you learn it?
1 Mese fa
honestly my jaw was about on the floor when I saw that last mosaic and I could easily have shed a tear as both a Russofile and a WW2 enthusiast. Preserving history.
Doobs Mese fa
2:30 checking on those coppers?
Benjamin Heeter
The taxi driver is so thankful for $7.20. He’s so humble and honest.
nicole taylor
go to Poland !!
Popeye Mese fa
Average salary in China is $1200/month!! A thousand more! You are telling me that Ukraine couldn't run factories (already existing from the Russians!) and supply the European market!!!??
I write my own songs
If you are so brave, then why do you never go to Austria?!
A. Fabrizio86
Is it actually true the russian language is forbidden in western Ukraine?
AWarmCoffee Mese fa
Bald drinks fireball eh? Dangerous drink that is. Drink enough and youll never want it again.
Warren Mese fa
That's an amazing station! Great architecture! Your vids make me want to go on a tour over there, but 2020 made me a homebody.
Simon Horler
Simon Horler Mese fa
I like that guy on the train 7:30 ish mark but thought that Bald missed a chance when he said we don't need to make war. It's that very word that is part of our undoing. He should consider saying I don't want to make war with anyone, that's the key you can only speak for yourself. Speaking about any war in a group sense is what leads to it. When you die at war you die on your knees. I'd rather say no to war. That old guy is a legend and is probably talking from real-life experience, which we should all take time to reflect on!
Megan c
Megan c Mese fa
That gentleman with the accordion is amazing!he is such a happy person..the energy he was giving off was so cool😁
Mcfc Mese fa
3:35 I thought that was one of your GCSE drama scenes for introducing Alina but it was a random women that sounded exactly like her lmao I'm disappointed get her back on your channel haha
Youtuber Me
Youtuber Me Mese fa
👋 Hi 👋 Is there will be video about Odessa?
Søren Ohlsen
I love how the first clip of him in the hotel is just him drinking😂
T3G Mese fa
Go to Lithuania
Domokaze Mese fa
You need to get some waterproof Converse shoes! They're stylish and would be perfect for your adventuring
Bernd Stromberg
Im calling it now: One day, maybe 50 years from now, soviet archeology will be a thing and they will use balds Videos as a reference because a lot will be destroyed by then.
99vid Mese fa
Great video. Does anyone know what song is the guy playing in 9:09?
AVG Mese fa
8:49 Haha this guy is really funny with kind heart
Paul En
Paul En Mese fa
Beautiful soviet weather today
Seb Br4un
Seb Br4un Mese fa
I think it looks more colourful in summer this city's
WolfyNeko Mese fa
Anyone know which song the accordion man is singing?
Bob Gordon
Bob Gordon Mese fa
Fireball in bed in the Ukraine. Legend.
Timothy Moore
Babushkas HATE HIM!! See his secrets NOW
Bea Writing
Bea Writing Mese fa
Such wonderful people!
promontorium Mese fa
19:01 What if he was a fan and was pointing to his head indicating 'Bald'? lol
dolita windo
dolita windo Mese fa
AHHH My HOME country!
Tarang bahadur
Too cool
Beecher Lewis
Hey Ben, you should do a packing video. I am leaving to hitchhike around Latin America and want to pack light but am not sure what is essential. Thanks !
Graham Kealy
Graham Kealy Mese fa
Deadly bald, people went through a lot.
Danky Mese fa
Simon told me you wax your head with a Nair and said you are rich LOL 😂
PlaviStrumf Mese fa
good on you helping the taxi driver man we slavs dont forget :)
Andrej Pakljanac
Greetings from Serbia😄
tpainsanger Mese fa
that fireball 🔥
Dave Change
Dave Change Mese fa
Great video
Jared Meunier
Dubens'ke Kladovyshche is a major cemetery in Rivne and still has some soviet stars with sickle and hammers on them last I saw in 2020.
Spike Asks:
Spike Asks: Mese fa
Being Social & Making Friends On Trains Is Fun! The Rides Go So Fast...
J Lyons
J Lyons Mese fa
This is by far the best travel channel out there, can't travel during the Pandemic but you head to all the right places! Keep it up Mr. Bald
Don Mese fa
Look, I know you're fascinated by soviet history and architecture but enough is enough 😜 seriously dude I LOVE your content but I've had it from ex-ussr cities and towns and buildings and east european and the caucasus countries, I know they feel nostalgic but they're also very depressing to be honest especially when you do several of them in a row 😬 hoping to see you somewhere more interesting and cheerful the next time!
Daniel Pittman
Loved it ,.. it would be nice to see more of the actual mosaics, mabey just a still as u talk.
Adan Mohammed Adan
Man like Benjamin
Peaceful American
Phonetically speaking "sposibo' is 'thank you'. What is the equivalent of 'you are welcome' (the reply to thank you, not the greeting)?
Milky 47 man
Milky 47 man Mese fa
Erm....I'm half into watching this and wondering if this bloke ain't just getting wankered.
ᚾᛁᚲᛟ Mese fa
I love people celebrating their culture, be proud of where you're from and your ancestors sacrifices.
Coach Vlogs
Coach Vlogs Mese fa
I was born in Ukraine and adopted at two years old. I wish my parents had kept me speaking it since I could already speak it. Ugh I wish I could go back but it scares me
L Bukem
L Bukem Mese fa
That was an impressive amount you'd drunk from that bottle 😄
Anthony Mese fa
GODDAMN those people are simply amazing !!!!!
Роман Масло
Приезжай в Чернигов ) 100 километров от Киева. От метро лесная ходят автобусы. Тебе Чернигов понравится. Come to Chernihiv) 100 kilometers from Kiev. Buses run from Lesnaya metro station. You'll like Chernihiv.
AnyPrimers Mese fa
Bald leaving all his money passport with a random ukarian to look a mosaic
Black Swanson
The Taxi drivers clutchpedal really is one of a kind =D
TK Street
TK Street Mese fa
I love it. America needs more accordions...and trains!
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