Super Rugby AU | Rebels v Brumbies - Rd 9 Highlights 

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Super Rugby AU | Rebels v Brumbies - Rd 9 Highlights
The Brumbies tuned up for their Super Rugby AU finals campaign on Sunday, holding off a spirited Melbourne Rebels outfit at AAMI Park.
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17 apr 2021




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Commenti 24   
Mystic Produce
Mystic Produce 15 giorni fa
Australian good rugby coming back Thanks
Graeme Jenkinson
Graeme Jenkinson 16 giorni fa
Boring, yawn no SA sides.
Jon Kerr
Jon Kerr 13 giorni fa
nobody is focing you to watch...flog
Momeachokes Loma
Momeachokes Loma 16 giorni fa
@5:00 that snort though 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
James Westover
James Westover 17 giorni fa
commentator; heeee lllooooooovvvvvveeeessss tttoooooo ssssoooooookkkkkeeeee uuuuupppppppp eeeeeeevvveeeeerrrrryyyy ssssseeeeeecccccoooooonnnnnnnddddddddddd
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 17 giorni fa
Why is there no one in attendance in any Australian matches ever?
Der blinde Sánchez
Der blinde Sánchez 17 giorni fa
4:40. What did Toomua do? Runs very comfortably to the ball, kicks badly, and then stops after the rebound instead of immediately running to the defense. Has anyone already told him that this is professional rugby?
Bubba Bellin
Bubba Bellin 17 giorni fa
Whoever edits these videos should be fired.
Lorcan Atkinson
Lorcan Atkinson 17 giorni fa
4:01 what a try😍
Lemon Ade
Lemon Ade 17 giorni fa
Nice very nice
James Jullies
James Jullies 17 giorni fa
Why is the post try time camera so good 😭 what is that lens even
James Jullies
James Jullies 17 giorni fa
0:41 looks like a movie man 😭
mcgannpster 18 giorni fa
Great game
Francis Potang
Francis Potang 18 giorni fa
What a classic game💪💯
Chur Bro 81
Chur Bro 81 18 giorni fa
Super rugby Australia Has been awesome to watch especially over here In NZ can't wait for our countries to combine the two comps
Joseph Schuster
Joseph Schuster 17 giorni fa
@R Sua hard
R Sua
R Sua 17 giorni fa
Bubble door is open. Time for some mouthwatering footy between the anzacs..
Tanya Simukayi
Tanya Simukayi 17 giorni fa
it pains me that south Africa is going out
Tom's Tuppence
Tom's Tuppence 18 giorni fa
Far too casual from Toomua
paws paw
paws paw 18 giorni fa
Still very boring to watch not as exciting as NZ and Japanese teams
Hayden O'Hehir
Hayden O'Hehir 17 giorni fa
Japanese comp is boring
CoolStory Bro
CoolStory Bro 17 giorni fa
Stop comparing. Jus enjoy the rugby.
Martin Coetzee
Martin Coetzee 18 giorni fa
Toomua literally walked over to get that ball. Left himself no time to do anything.
T ADAMS 18 giorni fa
Pretty ‘low’ for highlights...
Ziza I Junior
Ziza I Junior 18 giorni fa
poor Kemeny lmao
123_ElGaucho 18 giorni fa
Really impressed with the Rebels this year, possibly my favorite team in the comp.
123_ElGaucho 17 giorni fa
@daniel james I agree, thanks for the positive exchange, mate.
daniel james
daniel james 17 giorni fa
@123_ElGaucho fair enough. I personally think they’ve gotten worse. Matt To’omua has been awful. Their last game in particular against the Force was a disaster for them. Hoping they improve though as I’d love to see them on form again. Same for the waratahs!
123_ElGaucho 17 giorni fa
@daniel james i wasn’t being sarcastic nor was I talking about their results. I’ve been observing how they play as a team and while there some creases to be ironed out (like with any team) their tactics and plays really rivet me...
daniel james
daniel james 17 giorni fa
Is that sarcasm? 🧐 they’ve been terrible.
Ahmad Wazir Aiman Mohd Abd Wahab
Matt Toomua "Are you sure about that one?"
RugbyGuide 17 giorni fa
What was the pen/card even for?
Louis Montibert
Louis Montibert 18 giorni fa
Nobody in the stadium 😂
Yasser Wallaby58
Yasser Wallaby58 17 giorni fa
5:59 this must be visual effect then. Or stock footage.
Louis Montibert
Louis Montibert 17 giorni fa
@Karma I talk about before the covid crisis. The Melbourne stadium was already empty each matchs.
Karma 17 giorni fa
@Louis Montibert Zero spectators allowed for about a year now. Big game at Twickenham between Scotland and England 2 months back... again, zero spectators. Surprising that you a) don't know this a b) find it funny.
Gary Wagner
Gary Wagner 18 giorni fa
There are restrictions on spectators due to COVID that vary from state to state. Why would you laugh about that?
Jayden J
Jayden J 18 giorni fa
COVID restrictions
RayXam Asad
RayXam Asad 18 giorni fa
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ray kumar
ray kumar 18 giorni fa
Lmao lomani 🤣
Eps N
Eps N 17 giorni fa
Shut up 🤫
JOËLIEBOY #4 18 giorni fa
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