Silent Mini-ITX PC Part One: Hardware Build 

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PC build using passive ASRock J4105-ITX motherboard, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair SODIMM RAM, and Morex 3320 case and power supply.
The second and final part of this project, covering OS and apps installation, performance tests, and power consumption, is now posted here: it-plans.info/white/video/mouNoYxmep-EyJw
My “Building a Green PC” video I refer to is here:
The ASRock J4105-ITX motherboard used in this build can be found on Amazon.com here: amzn.to/3mC7Xei and on Amazon.co.uk here: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B079GHRQD9/ref=nosim?tag=explainin-21 (affiliate links). Do note that that prices for Mini-ITX boards with an integrated processor vary widely, and that you are strongly advised to shop around.
The Samsung EVO 860 250GB SSD used in this build can be found on Amazon.com here: amzn.to/3mEercH and on Amazon.co.uk here www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078WQJXNF/ref=nosim?tag=explainin-21 (affiliate links).
The Crucial 2x4GB SODIMM kit used in this build can be found on Amazon.com here: amzn.to/2ZVMPpv and on Amazon.co.uk here www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019FRD3SE/ref=nosim?tag=explainin-21 (affiliate links)
The Morex 3320 Fanless Mini-ITX case used in the build can be found on Mini-ITX.com here: www.mini-itx.com/~TC-3320 If you shop around, you may well find a much cheaper case, but do make sure it has a 60W or greater PSU to power the above board, as well as a SATA power connector to supply the SSD (in some other cases, only a molex drive power connector is included, and a molex to SATA power adapter would be needed to connect this to the SSD).
You can look see the full motherboard specifications on the ASRock website here: www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/J4105-ITX/#Specification
More videos on computing and related topics can be found at:
You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at: it-plans.info
00:00 Introduction
00:36 Motherboard
06:09 SSD & RAM
10:53 Construction
18:22 First boot
19:40 Next time
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misterPAINMAKER 2 giorni fa
I bought 1 stick of normal desktop ram to upgrade it to 8GB from 4GB. I did not know it was a laptop ram SO DIMM. If only i watched this video sooner.
weijie thio
weijie thio 6 giorni fa
Why does it still have on board dvi and vga?! That's very old fashion. Moreover dp ports are quite inexpensive somehow
Fernando Carrasco
Fernando Carrasco 12 giorni fa
hi, you testing ASRock J4105-ITX with OS windows 10 ?
mustapha nait
mustapha nait 13 giorni fa
don't u know something called gpu in your desktop pc's videos
ExplainingComputers 13 giorni fa
Yes, I have fitted graphics cards in some of my videos: eg it-plans.info/white/video/oGSrfHp3oMp0jno But by no means all PCs need an off-motherboard GPU these days.
Ali Kazim
Ali Kazim 15 giorni fa
Where is cpu ??
ExplainingComputers 15 giorni fa
Under the big heat sink in the middle of the board.
ANGELES houston
ANGELES houston 19 giorni fa
haw much???
John Constantine
John Constantine 28 giorni fa
Oldrider Wondered if you have had any problems. One purchaser said his was unstable
John Constantine
John Constantine 28 giorni fa
@ExplainingComputers Thanks for rthat
ExplainingComputers 28 giorni fa
I've had no issues, and I've used this PC most days since I built it to play media on my TV. It just works. :)
a weirdo
a weirdo Mese fa
shafnet Mese fa
Hi, do you see any of these in your logs ? journalctl -b | grep 'Hardware Error' .... even if you do it may not affect you but I do believe it is present in most of Asrock's Apollo Lake range Good luck and please tidy those cables 😁
Amy jo Jinkerson
I love you viseos
Thanks. :)
Jonathan Bell
using a tiny cheep board like this and a PICE splitter to plug in 8 GPU's is the future of mining IMO
Varoos Mese fa
M. 2 SsD slot available?
Not on this motherboard.
Victor Joseph
why just 8go of memory why not 16go?
Victor Joseph
@ExplainingComputers logical answer thank you for the advise. much appreciated
16GB not needed for my use of this system. And the maximum supported RAM for this board is 8GB. :)
Kt Mese fa
Stanley the Knife is my favourite recurring Explaining Computers character.
Excellent! He is taking a break this Sunday, but returns for a project with a great deal of cutting th week after that! :)
max gonzalez
max gonzalez Mese fa
I'm building an HTPC using the Asrock J5040 motherboard. Plugged in 8GB of DDR4 memory and 2 SSDs . Also added my old Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card, the system is powered by a 120W picoPSU. Running Ubuntu 20.04, wanted to use my copy of W10 but can not get working drivers for the sound card. Still in a testing phase. For now I can say that for my purposes this mobo is just fine. HD content played on Kodi looks very good, CPU usage is on average under 10% per core, the sound is sweet obviusly due to the Xonar. My only concern is that the mobo/cpu combo runs hot: 60 Celsius at idle and 70+ under load, have not done any kind of torture test because, well I'm afraid I may fry the thing. I'm gonna add a case fan controlled by the CPU sensor, I hate adding a moving part to a fully silent system but I'm not comfortable with those temperatures. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.
Davit Davit
Davit Davit Mese fa
celerons goes to 100% load while you watching youtube 1080p video
Davit Davit
Davit Davit Mese fa
@ExplainingComputers anyways celeron is dead inside :D
This Celeron certainly does not. It depends on the chip! :)
Eeejay Mese fa
No one is as cool as Chris.
y2ksw1 Mese fa
I tend to make my own cases from wood. They look great and are an eye-catching component on my real desktop 😊
tjfSIM Mese fa
The 'see if it works' moment is the bit I dread in any PC build.
John Hooper
John Hooper Mese fa
Thank You so much for this video.. I admit, I was not aware that these all in one solution motherboards are so ATX compatible.. I still have an Haswell PC, but I want the new 10nm Intel jasper Lake.. Quadcore, low power draw.. perfect for my office, youtube, websurfing tasks..
Ellipse Mese fa
First of all, please allow me to thank you for your continuous input through your IT-plans channel. I always find myself going through your material every Sunday. I know you have several videos relating to single board computers, small factor pcs or even refurbished old pcs/laptops, (not to mention various networking software solutions) but I thought it best to write you to get some personalised feedback if possible. I am looking to revamp my home/office installation. The current system is quite dated and has a few work-arounds, so I am looking to update it to the 2020's and hopefully upgrade functionality and speed while keeping the costs and power consumption reasonable. My main machine is a laptop (currently researching a new one), as I am always on the go and use it all over the home and at clients' offices. At my home office I would ideally like a system where I could back up data and also have a repository for past projects (engineering, admin, finances, etc). I expect this machine would probably best run off at least 2x3.5-inch HDDs (4TB capacity) raided together. While I would need it to be networked, it would be a big bonus if I could securely access the machine remotely (i.e. from my client's offices). That said, as this machine will be on all the time, I would like to find a solution to keep the power draw/ consumption low or at least reasonable. Also, is there a way to increase or at least maximise data transfer rates. Finally the system would all be linked together with a dedicated WiFi router or network switch. Any comments or feedback/advise you can provide me with as to the network solution and backup system would be appreciated. In any case thank you.
J Reve
J Reve Mese fa
What fan? game to loud! I can't hear what your saying!
KillaBitz Mese fa
I just finished a similar build based on the j5040 itx. I have a problem with hdmi output. If i boot the pc it's fine but if i turn of the display then turn it back on the display never comes back (all power options are telling it to stay on and it's fully up to date) This makes it a massive headache two own. It is currently running as a plex server and i can stream from it but i can't use it without a reboot each time. (If someone else happens to be watching something from it when i reboot it'll effect them to) It's a deal breaker for me but I've just sold my threadripper and gone all in on this to save electric.
KillaBitz Mese fa
Seems like its an Intel issue as people with acepc ak3 and othet j4125 PC's have the same issue.
My new itx build working well. Can you recommend a good app to show the temperature of the cpu etc ?
chris w
chris w 2 mesi fa
Is your old motherboard still working?
Matrxmonky 2 mesi fa
Only 2 SO-DIMM slots, a max of only 8GB of RAM with a weird "no 2GB support", but 7.1 Elna audio and FOUR SATA ports? This puppy was made as a NAS/Home Theater box DIY board for custom projects, wasn't it?
Wei Huang
Wei Huang 2 mesi fa
12:14 i subs because of this
Timcat100 2 mesi fa
USB 2.0 in 2020? Upgrade that to 3.0 and windows 10 will install from a stick in 10 minutes.
Imtiyaz Shaikh
Imtiyaz Shaikh 2 mesi fa
sir wher i by this case and mother baord
Imtiyaz Shaikh
Imtiyaz Shaikh 2 mesi fa
thank you sir
digitalmediafan 2 mesi fa
The power switch lead coming from my sharkoon qb one only shows a small arrow on one side of the twin connector - presume that's PWRBTN and not GND ?
Mike_Vahe Moubayed
Is their a way to add a fan to the motherboard? I know the passive cooler is good enough for the cpu, but what if someone wanted to add a cooler?
Mike_Vahe Moubayed
@ExplainingComputers thank you! I want to get a gift for my family, they need a media pc for streaming I might get this
Yes, there is a 3-pin CPU fan header on the motherboard, so a fan could be added. But you would need to figure out a means of mounting it on the CPU heatsink, or replacing the heatsink with one with a fan mount.
Layarion 2 mesi fa
14:18 that "snap" though
Layarion 2 mesi fa
So what i'm gathering from this board, is it *can't* run Crysis?
metricmine 2 mesi fa
Thanks for letting me know this existed. Exactly what I was looking for to build my NAS. Low cost, low power, but still fast, a PCI-e slot for the RAID controller card, can fit in ATX case with lots of hard drives. I got a used J4005B-ITX on ebay.
Great to hear!
Mozart Norris
Mozart Norris 2 mesi fa
Any best gateway linux you can recommend?
IQ250 2 mesi fa
The best thing about this computer is that it doesn't have water cooling
NikonJax 2 mesi fa
I always enjoy your videos! Though....I may need some therapy...lol
Christopher Grove
This looks really cool (no pun intended) but one of the problems I'm running into is Adobe Photoshop's requirement for a graphics card with DirectX 12 capability. Does anyone have a clue as to whether THIS motherboard or whether there is a mini-ITX board (including the CPU) that has integrated Graphics with DirectX 12 capability? (if there is no DirectX 12 capability the LATEST INCARNATION of Photoshop will disable some of its functionality and sometimes even hang)
Sami Ullah
Sami Ullah 2 mesi fa
Why i m going through every video without skipped
Will a video card work with this? and which one my case is an cooler master Elite 110 mini-itx computer case.
There is only a PCIe x1 slot -- video cards normally go in a x16 slot.
max gonzalez
max gonzalez 2 mesi fa
0:24 I always thought it's pronounced A-S-Rock
I got the same one lol
M Y 2 mesi fa
Hi ExplainingComputers, could you build a 24/7 operational Mini ITX home server?
saam hamlton
saam hamlton 2 mesi fa
weijie thio
weijie thio 3 mesi fa
Bet you will use a mini itx case for your next video editing pc build like the Cooler Master NR200 or Silverstone SG13
Jack Kreighbaum
Jack Kreighbaum 3 mesi fa
Wow, Christoper,, now $369 USD from a third-party seller on Amazon.
Be careful with some Amazon 3rd party sellers -- Amazon is generally not a good place to buy older or more specialist IT. Just look at the SBC prices there!
Clone-232 3 mesi fa
@17:17 lMAO
Zero 3 mesi fa
The first thing in the thumbnail catches my eyes is ... PS/2 ports? Then I looked at the time video was uploaded ... 3 months ago.
Keith Silva
Keith Silva 3 mesi fa
I'd like to find a similar motherboard without the legacy peripheral connectors.
cezary5547 3 mesi fa
купив я ваше ГАВНО від інтел КРУСЕЛ ! на платформ АМД віда литить що три місяці що не роби поставив це гавно під ІНТЛ і о дивно вінда не злітає більше року і скажіть що ІНТЕЛ НЕ УРОДИ !
Pete Ip
Pete Ip 3 mesi fa
Pretty useless to build a system that has a built in CPU and GPU, so you can build a cheap PC. You get what you pay for!
Ty Flies
Ty Flies 3 mesi fa
I got this mother board similar to this and i wanted to know how to set it up
Amiga Wolf
Amiga Wolf 3 mesi fa
Wow, it ONLY have a a PCI-e 2.0 x1 slot, happy i bought the ASRock B85M-ITX years ago, with a Intel Xeon E3-1240L v3 that only has a TDP of 25W, and 8GB DDR3, i have made a Mini Media/Console PC of it a few years ago, and it now have a MSI GeForce GTX 1650 4GT LP. And why make a review of a 3 year old MB with CPU, i would have gone for a Biostar A10N-9830E, ok it has a fan on the CPU but still that MB is 10x better then the ASRock J4105-ITX, and cost the same, and it has a PCI-e 3.0 x4 slot, and it has a M.2 (S600/Pcie3.0x2) slot, and normal memory that is cheaper.
Amiga Wolf
Amiga Wolf 3 mesi fa
USB 3.0 and 3.1 are the same, they just clanged the name to USB 3.1, now you have gen 1 and gen 2. Yeah i know it's really bad the naming of USB nowadays, why cold they not just cal it USB 3 if it gives speeds up to 500MB/s, and USB 4 for speeds up to 1000MB/s, but no they had to make it difficult, why could they not do it like PCI-e , like PCI-e 2.0, and then PCI-e 3.0, and now PCI-e 4.0.
Андрей 3 mesi fa
10:37 "Yes I broke a SATA connector" :)))
Gavin Palmer
Gavin Palmer 3 mesi fa
6:19 "is it a unicorn?" Possibly my favorite quote of the video. Watching this on my Raspberry Pi btw : )
Great to hear that you are watching on a Pi. :)
Ilario Novelli
Ilario Novelli 3 mesi fa
Happy New York Sir, would take chance ask you if this MB could be used also (with satisfaction... :-) ) to build up a media barebone to be used just for family's photos and videos from my dlna server at home. Just connected to the net tv. If not, would you suggest "if possible" another silent one? Thank you so very much
Ilario Novelli
Ilario Novelli 3 mesi fa
Obviously.. Happy new year ...
digitalmediafan 3 mesi fa
I see there is a B version of the J4105, but seems to be exactly the same ?
digitalmediafan 3 mesi fa
It’s a shame this mb can’t take 16gb of ram
Joey Sal
Joey Sal 3 mesi fa
Can you please let me know if it can play Netflix 4K on the Netflix app if connected to a 4K 60hz display?
Jose Gregorio
Jose Gregorio 4 mesi fa
I could be so kind as to put prices in Euros as well.
digitalmediafan 4 mesi fa
Will this take this card with the case you specify ? www.tbsdtv.com/products/tbs6903-professional-dvb-s2-dual-tuner-pcie-card.html
@digitalmediafan Ah, yes, I see. So the adapter and Pico board will do you fine. :)
digitalmediafan 3 mesi fa
@ExplainingComputers Ah yes but I don't want to run a 300w plus psu if I can help it, trying to keep the leccy costs down. Even the asrock J5005-itx is being run with a 60w psu if you read the comments here www.amazon.co.uk/ASRock-J5005-ITX-Motherboard-Intel-Integrated/dp/B079G91MQ1/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=J5005-ITX&qid=1609657436&s=computers&sr=1-1
Hang on, it just struck me that you've talking about the Sharkoon case, which is designed to take a standard, internal ATX or smaller SFX power supply. So you won't need an adapter of any kind or an external PSU. en.sharkoon.com/product/16433#desc
@digitalmediafan Ah, good point! You will need to use a Pico-ITX adapter -- I cover this in the other build I did with the same board: it-plans.info/white/video/h4qGmqV7q6-kxJI
digitalmediafan 3 mesi fa
@ExplainingComputers But it has no power adapter board it seems so how can I use the 60w 12v psu you used ?
JarniDeGarza 4 mesi fa
hearing your breath I can imagine your microscopic lungs
Thanks for your insult. I had surgical damage to my vocal folds in 2012.
Filip Sedlák
Filip Sedlák 4 mesi fa
I do like computer components.
talos86 4 mesi fa
I had a mini-itx mobo with integrated cpu... never ever.
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 4 mesi fa
Why do you refer to yourself in the plural?
Fantasy Engineered.
no HT..& when are they going 2 expand the HT ''technology'' ??? this should be an expanded threads per core of *4 or *6...but it's still on *2 threads per core....I realize they are probably trying 2 expand in ''ram'' and ''rom''...but the ''HT'' has been around since...?? Ummm.. February,2002.....that's almost 20yrs...do I half2 vomit that 1 up..on this poor man's page...so..in closing....a linux ''iot'' or a windows ''iot''...raspberryPI....a nice little board...neweggs got this on sale right now...
M .Irfan Alam
M .Irfan Alam 4 mesi fa
The power supply, is it compatible with the 220 volt that we have here, in India!
Bubu Marimba
Bubu Marimba 4 mesi fa
I wonder how it compares with ASRock J5040-ITX
digitalmediafan 4 mesi fa
Is this a pentium version ?
john beer
john beer 4 mesi fa
So.. You've helped Me many times, now it's my turn to help You. Are you aware that Silverstone and Akasa make ultra slimline SATA cables? There may be other manufacturers doing them, too. Not only are the cables tiny and orders of magnitude more flexible, but the plugs are very low profile, too. Vertical plugs that add less to the port than a normal right angle. I'm from Yorkshire, with the needful tightness with money. Those cables are worth EVERY PENNY even in a full size ATX never mind SFF builds. I tend to use the Akasa ones because there's always one or two variants of it on sale for £2 or so.
Æĺax Čâylən
I don't like Chinese computer hardware and don't use Chinese computer hardware 😡😡😡
tv9 4 mesi fa
please review odriod hc4 and compare with this build... if possible provide your take on pice and value
Basheer ,
Basheer , 4 mesi fa
I need her
Basheer ,
Basheer , 4 mesi fa
Kodak cR itx560 hardware
you tuber
you tuber 4 mesi fa
Dude do you ever get old?
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen 4 mesi fa
Just build a similar system with a g5400, asrock mini itx motherboard and a stick of 8 gb memory
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 4 mesi fa
Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!
Google User
Google User 4 mesi fa
The GeForce
The GeForce 4 mesi fa
That case would be awesome for a ryzen APU build :D
Mohammed Albeti
Mohammed Albeti 5 mesi fa
Thanks helpful vlog👍
Calvin Taft
Calvin Taft 5 mesi fa
I'm too used to Ryzen systems, I visibly flinched when you said ddr4 2400 was as fast as it could handle
Lubber Walker
Lubber Walker 5 mesi fa
Nooo...I prefer a Jodrell of connectors. Short for Jodrell Bank of connectors...... Teesch!
Lubber Walker
Lubber Walker 5 mesi fa
They are sartar cables.
m yu
m yu 5 mesi fa
it is currently cheaper to buy j4105 mini pc instead of diy
Lukas 5 mesi fa
I've built a router box on the J4005B-ITX. Similar size, though it has a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, where an I350 quad port card went (had to compromise on the case size regrettably), along with some other differences. Fantastic little board for the task. Near 1Gbps it 's using quite a bit of it's CPU's power (somewhere around 50-60%), but there is a little headroom. I'll be testing VPN's on it, I wonder how much traffic it can handle.
xConundrumx 5 mesi fa
@10:00 That poor SATA cable had a family you murderer!
Antonio777 5 mesi fa
И какой толк от этой mini-ITX без M.2 NVMe слота на плате?
TAK Ism.
TAK Ism. 5 mesi fa
this is a good mini PC for call centers, for a User is just not gonna do.
If it is a good board for call centres, then by definition it is good for some users! :) It is a perfectly capable PC for home use for a wide variety of purposes. Certainly not gaming. But most PCs are not used for gaming.
Rik 5 mesi fa
Why not j5005 or j5040?
@Rik That is a tricky question and depends on the prices of the boards, and how they may be used in the future. In the past I used to over-spec. These days I get the minimum hardware that works well. Good luck with your decision!
Rik 5 mesi fa
@ExplainingComputers I can't decide which option to choose. Should you look at the j5005 and j5040 when the j4105 is enough for NAS and HTPC?
This is what was available. There are always other option!
Nabi Kazemi
Nabi Kazemi 5 mesi fa
I'm and IT tech, and these years I've just learnt, NEVER TRUST AN ASROCK MOTHERBOARDS :D
D Johnson
D Johnson 5 mesi fa
I like it
Gary R
Gary R 5 mesi fa
Get rid of that molex connector.
K M 5 mesi fa
"Thank you verry much" - says the computer. ;D
Sam McRae
Sam McRae 5 mesi fa
I'm just wondering if the VGA, DVI, and HDMI will all run a monitor simultaneously, can it support a m.2 SSD, and type c usb. If so, I want one. I know, I should have waited till video was over, but I don't have that much patience.
Yes, this board can drive three monitors at once from its three display outputs. I does not have an M.2 slot or USB-C. But USB-C is just another type of USB 3.x connector, do you could plug in USB-C cables via an adapter to the USB-A 3.0 ports. Or you could add a PCIe card (in a suitable case) adding extra USB ports, inc a Type-C.
Richard B
Richard B 5 mesi fa
Any interest in covering second hand components Chris? The reason I ask is because I recently built a very powerful Mini-ITX machine on a shoestring budget - An ASUS H81T Mini-ITX motherboard for £22 on eBay from an IT recycling company, a Pentium G3440 for £15, a slim (but beefy) copper heatsink for £7, 8GB RAM for £18, PSU for £10, a slim Mini-ITX case for £20, and an SSD for £15. This is all tech that is a good few years old now, but is still incredibly powerful, and as it's older, super cheap! Thought it might be an interesting topic to cover as it's green computing in the sense that reusing old equipment is a great way of recycling, especially when the equipment is still powerful yet energy efficient. Food for thought anyhow.
CMDR unematti
CMDR unematti 5 mesi fa
you couldn't have rotated the ssd, the connectors wouldn't fit then
Wojciech Klaus
Wojciech Klaus 5 mesi fa
Sorry, but if this board size is 17cm by 17cm, it doesn't mean size of it is 17cm square. It would be 289 cm square. You could say it's a square with all sides 17 cm long.
Andiar Rohnds
Andiar Rohnds 5 mesi fa
im nlot sure why i keep watching these videos... but i do enjoy them
MrSnapy1 5 mesi fa
Wished they made these for Ryzen APU's its a natural fit if you ask me.
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