Race Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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It's not over until it's over! Watch how an enthralling race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

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18 lug 2021




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Adibala Bharat
this will be as it was at canada 2019. a ferrari win
kracc bacc’s son
this comment will get 500 likes
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin 5 ore fa
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin 9 ore fa
Sam sleem
Sam sleem 20 ore fa
Massive race
Joanna 21 ora fa
Wow...that is the greatest lap I have ever seen...thank you Lewis and max and I am thankful both of u are ok!
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Giorno fa
Verstappen should take some blame.. how many times has he crashed out of races because he’s all aggressive and no defence. He should have been a bit more clever seeing as he’s chasing a title. 2 of the most aggressive drivers in history making the sport interesting.
Amazing Joshua
Amazing Joshua Giorno fa
It was great to be there
aswer huio
aswer huio Giorno fa
This is probably the best opening lap I’ve ever seen
Joanna 21 ora fa
5:54 hamilton hit the apex here to avoid collision which he didnt do in case of max. Very sus
Achmad Kahfi
Achmad Kahfi 2 giorni fa
the crowd didn't wear mask?
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn 2 giorni fa
🏁🏎️💨🏆🇭🇺 🥇 Esteban Ocon 🇫🇷 🥈 Sebastian Vettel 🇩🇪 🥉 Lewis Hamilton 🇬🇧 (initial battle with Alonso) Dramatic chaos on first lap, brought red flag - Bottas, Leclerc, Stroll and Pérez all out. Then Lewis Hamilton only driver to restart from the grid 😂
fox 2 giorni fa
Ham *leads*, Merc *leads*, vest et all broods and boos :D
aswer huio
aswer huio Giorno fa
Tom Cruise watchin Hamiltom win just🤧🙏
naveen sai
naveen sai 2 giorni fa
Hamilton should be barred from atleast two races...he purposely causing damages to verstappen
Muhammad Arvi Adam
Muhammad Arvi Adam 2 giorni fa
This is the most controversial race of this decade. Hungary 2021 is the BEST race of this decade. I mean.
Safety Steve
Safety Steve 2 giorni fa
People actually pay to watch this ?
Walsh 2 giorni fa
I hate this commentator...
Ryo Shimomura
Ryo Shimomura 3 giorni fa
Seriously, the race lost Max was boring.🤔
Mike V
Mike V 3 giorni fa
If the jury ruled that Hamilton was "predominantly" at fault in the contact with Verstappen, why wasn't Hamilton suspended from the race? He only got a 10 sec penalty.
Nuno Alexandre
Nuno Alexandre 2 giorni fa
Because it was an accident. It wasn't deliberate. Happens all the time, not a big deal.
SEPH ⓵⓽⓽⓷
SEPH ⓵⓽⓽⓷ 3 giorni fa
ferrari is win , if engine power unit no problems
Videos Of EverYthinG
Hamilton have Mercedes, Schumacher have more and more and more skills, Vettel is better than Lewis, verstapen too with this under car than Mercedes, still better than Hamilton. Sorry for bad English.
Tanbir Outdoorsman
Tanbir Outdoorsman 3 giorni fa
Lewis is such a sore loser
Traz 3 giorni fa
Is it me or F1 has gotten more dramatic ever since Netflix starts hanging around the tracks. 😂
Het Sarsava
Het Sarsava 3 giorni fa
5:54 hamilton hit the apex here to avoid collision which he didnt do in case of max. Very sus
Het Sarsava
Het Sarsava Giorno fa
@joelle maybe
joelle 2 giorni fa
i’m a fan of both, more a fan of verstappen, but i’m guessing lewis didn’t want another penalty so he didn’t do that again. maybe he learned his lesson
Front Row Reviews
Front Row Reviews 3 giorni fa
Sussy baka
Het Sarsava
Het Sarsava 3 giorni fa
Look at the like to dislike ratio
Sparkz Garcia
Sparkz Garcia 3 giorni fa
Max is the champ 😂😤
Pennywise 3 giorni fa
Leclerc son tur dayanamadın varya :d
エゴットEric 3 giorni fa
Tom Cruise watchin Hamiltom win just🤧🙏
KasVV 4 giorni fa
Netflix rn: 😋
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 4 giorni fa
Mukund Dilip krishna
Pretty sure hamilton crashed into max because max said he has friends not family
Crixus2016 4 giorni fa
A driving masterclass from Hamilton
bra sha
bra sha 5 giorni fa
What a race, greatest driver ever LH what a win 🏆 indeed
AE SOLUTIONS 5 giorni fa
Increíble Se esfuerzan en ganar audiencia. Con estas actuaciones hacen lo contrario Yo en lo personal le voy a ferrari. Pero las cosas como son. No es posible, eliminas a tu competencia más directa y ganas la carrera Esas reglas dan asco. Yo ya me replanteo seguir viendo la f1 después de esta temporada. Se lo hiso máx, a Albon, hasta a su compañero. A ferrari antes de la era híbrida. Siempre toca la llanta y saca el otro carro. Pero su carro queda casi intacto. Eso no es casualidad. Eso es premeditado
Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât
They should do a formula 1 championships only for Hamilton it become absurd
samsonlovesyou 5 giorni fa
Origami With Bob
Origami With Bob 5 giorni fa
Yay Hamilton! Hasn't won in so long!
Daniel Roque
Daniel Roque 5 giorni fa
Only been watching for 3 seasons was the Hamilton, Verstappen crash a racing accident (my opinion) or should have 44 been penalized more severe?
StUdY With Ayush
StUdY With Ayush 5 giorni fa
Hey I want to know that which car is used for safety
Aston Martin
StUdY With Ayush
StUdY With Ayush 5 giorni fa
Hey I want to know that which car is used for safety
Temur HQ
Temur HQ 5 giorni fa
Dwayne Garcia
Dwayne Garcia 5 giorni fa
now that i've calmed down. that was an exciting start!!!
TheTrailerFactory 5 giorni fa
Deplittle 5 giorni fa
i dont watch f1 but that commentary made my day
mathews mulenamaswe
Hybrid errors. .. sad for Hamilton 😕😕
Alexis Heude
Alexis Heude 5 giorni fa
Hamilton is guilty on this one...
wjddnr 5 giorni fa
00:50 5:50 same situation diffrent result😂😂
Tiduryang Benar
Tiduryang Benar 5 giorni fa
Pukimak kalian suaaa.semuaaaa.bujng inmmmmmm.ini adalah kata2 yamg sulir di maaifin.tapi tetap bujang inam
Tiduryang Benar
Tiduryang Benar 5 giorni fa
Not like u gamblers
Tiduryang Benar
Tiduryang Benar 5 giorni fa
We need sound offmachine as hole.
Fartbox Muncher
Fartbox Muncher 5 giorni fa
Wellington straight wheel bumping into Brooklands, that was great. Max practically had his left front on the grass again, he did it in Imola too, crazy precision.
Thomas Carlyle
Thomas Carlyle 5 giorni fa
not so precise on some of the turn exits though lol
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood 5 giorni fa
Hamilton did not give max space
The F1 Hub
The F1 Hub 6 giorni fa
Everyone is talking about the crash, but why is no one talking about how epic that battle in the beginning was?!
Noah Karb
Noah Karb Giorno fa
@Brian Bourgeon indeed it was i loved it so much and was very sad that it didnt go on :(
Brian Bourgeon
Brian Bourgeon 2 giorni fa
Man, i thought i was the only one talking about it. That battle was EPIC.
81Brera 2 giorni fa
Try to guess...
Rudy K
Rudy K 4 giorni fa
Exactly. Most fine racing all season. Just a shame it ended so early and harshly
Subject A1 - Thomesa
I say it again: THIS GUY IS SUCH A SORE LOSER. He did it twice on Albon, and on Charles at that race.
xmusjackson flaxonwaxon
Now tally up Max’s crashes
sx200n1 6 giorni fa
I wonder? If every driver was given an identical car and setup to race in, so a full grid of cars with the same power, spec and shape. Who would win out of the current roster? My vote would be Alonso.
34 Realist.
34 Realist. 6 giorni fa
MERCEDES is increasingly becoming an unsympathetic team - there is hardly any competition through Red Bull and you are already working with unsportsmanlike activities and defending yourself nor the shot down of Verstappen by the Poc.
RL vision
RL vision 6 giorni fa
The Young YouTuber
The Young YouTuber 6 giorni fa
0:53: Unbe-fricking-lievable
Rocky Rosario
Rocky Rosario 6 giorni fa
Instant classic. 👏 Bravo.. 👏
Pieter van der Meulen
It was all great and exciting untill Hamilton pushed Verstappen into the hospital.
Doc_Lighting 6 giorni fa
If only Lewis would’ve done the leclerc overtake when he tried to overtake max, then there wouldn’t be a war on every F1 video
Eli Smeding
Eli Smeding 5 giorni fa
Correct and Max would have 25 points (or 26)
Cane Toad
Cane Toad 7 giorni fa
Finally Lewis Hamilton stands up to Maxwell Verstappen
Yoketat Foo
Yoketat Foo 7 giorni fa
Congratulations Mercedes Petronas and Lewis Hamilton.
Peter Robierto
Peter Robierto 7 giorni fa
Hamilton was actually all over Verstappen and Verstappen didn’t like it.
noah 7 giorni fa
Mohd Dinie Danial
Mohd Dinie Danial 7 giorni fa
Lewis Hamilton very lucky and not professional in this race . Everyone can see it .
Phil Marbles
Phil Marbles 7 giorni fa
I don’t get why max didn’t just drive out of the wall and go back to the pits🤔🤣
Amaury Hop
Amaury Hop 6 giorni fa
Looser detected.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 giorni fa
When Brundle said “its not over yet” i got some serious chills while watching live😂
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 6 giorni fa
This is probably the most craziest race this season
Krallo Trenos
Krallo Trenos 7 giorni fa
Hamilton must be punished, absolutely
Frank Martin
Frank Martin 6 giorni fa
dale rs
dale rs 7 giorni fa
Meanwhile: Max crying in his hospital bed "sniff.. how dare they celebrate ..sniff" 🤣
Noah Rush
Noah Rush 7 giorni fa
F1 : VERSTAPPEN AND HAMILTON COME TOGETHER AT COPSE. Netflix : Oh and verstappen crashed. Horner : Max are you ok? Verstappen : ARRGHH. ARRRGH
Earl Bramley-Howard
commentary sounds like shouting in the broom cupboard?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 giorni fa
Ferari payah sekarang tenaga nya
stone hickory 705
stone hickory 705 7 giorni fa
Silviu Paraschiv
Silviu Paraschiv 7 giorni fa
Lewis it's a chicken
Tony Kraicheff
Tony Kraicheff 7 giorni fa
NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!
S Z 7 giorni fa
F1TV subscribers beware. I checked my bank statements and F1TV Pro has been billing me for two accounts since March. They REFUSE to refund me for anything besides July saying it's my fault. I'm smart enough to not accidentally sign up for two accounts. I imagine there are thousands of people being double-charged for their subscriptions.
Kratos The Real God
mercedez car is so OP, its not fair
Federico Tufano
Federico Tufano 7 giorni fa
Netflix ask max for some drama
Kem Allo
Kem Allo 7 giorni fa
6:00 tom cruise ?
Neelkanth Earthmovers
Yes he is
Kem Allo
Kem Allo 7 giorni fa
5:10 everyones together and not wearing masks? is this 2011 or something
Ary Maulana
Ary Maulana 7 giorni fa
Hamilton diskualifikasi 👍
عيستبان عوكون Esteban ocon
Hamilton: hey leclerc do u want max Leclerc: no thanks,you i choose life
PrinZ 8 giorni fa
Soldagg 8 giorni fa
This sport is so dumb, if you are the furthest behind how the fk are you even suppose to drive by the others
Sar Midi
Sar Midi 8 giorni fa
Ferari payah sekarang tenaga nya
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 8 giorni fa
That first lap is something else. Best lap of the season, if not the last decade, imop. Breathtaking dogfight between the 2 best drivers of our era.
Agatsuma Vitnnh0
Agatsuma Vitnnh0 8 giorni fa
Tinha q matar msm Max
Agatsuma Vitnnh0
Agatsuma Vitnnh0 8 giorni fa
Makhtar Dramé
Makhtar Dramé 8 giorni fa
Hamilton n'a rien fait a Max
Makhtar Dramé
Makhtar Dramé 8 giorni fa
Lewis Hamilton é 1 grand
Makhtar Dramé
Makhtar Dramé 7 giorni fa
@Ptao Tom nnoooooo ok Lewis cam bac
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 8 giorni fa
Samet Akgül
Samet Akgül 8 giorni fa
Oyun mu lan bu
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 8 giorni fa
So, Hamilton somehow came back to best Leclerc by over 10 seconds??? How does the man have a 10 sec penalty and still win!!!?!? Incredible.
Vishal Mano
Vishal Mano 7 giorni fa
@Jack Burton Mercedes was way quicker than broken Ferrari in hards.
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 7 giorni fa
@Stepladder Over 10 seconds of problems??? Howd he even hang on to second? Really shows just how absurdly superior Hamilton is to every single other driver except Max.
Stepladder 7 giorni fa
Leclerc has problems and Bottas let him through
Ben Intentional
Ben Intentional 8 giorni fa
Second time this season I'm yelling "STAPPY NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"
Jon Yeung
Jon Yeung 8 giorni fa
I swear Hamilton is like the red bull's worst night mare he literally hits the red bull's off at the same type of turns 3 times at least now. he got albon twice and now he took out max.
Thomas Carlyle
Thomas Carlyle 5 giorni fa
Two reasons - red bull drivers don't leave a space. Presumably this is how they are told to drive. Secondly, Hamilton is fastest on the track so he's more likely to pass people. By comparison, look at how much room Hamilton gives Verstappen when Verstappen is on the edge of the track before they crash.
Will Campbell
Will Campbell 8 giorni fa
@Jon Yeung yeah I see your point I did feel bad for albon but at the same time his performances in that red bull were shocking
Jon Yeung
Jon Yeung 8 giorni fa
@Will Campbell its just so weird that it happenes at the same typenuf turns and its the same incidents
Will Campbell
Will Campbell 8 giorni fa
Albon at Austria wasn’t Hamilton’s fault for me just like Norris and Perez this year - Brazil 2019 was his fault but I mean mistakes happen. Him hitting max to me is also nothing more of a racing incident but I mean I may be slightly biased here I am a LH fan
Big Steppa
Big Steppa 8 giorni fa
purposely under steered no doubt
Tim HENDRICKX 8 giorni fa
Liddle n
Tim HENDRICKX 8 giorni fa
Mate Hamilton Will get carma
SniperR2D2 // Nick
SniperR2D2 // Nick 7 giorni fa
hahaha max will get revenge
Gulab Ansari
Gulab Ansari 8 giorni fa
Superb ,no one to u
nand kishore
nand kishore 8 giorni fa
This recording will now go to Netflix
Crown Tiger
Crown Tiger 8 giorni fa
Mad max, that is karma for you. You need More driving lessons from Lewis.
Michael 8 giorni fa
Horner didn’t have a problem with Perez barging Raikkonen off the track!
Neelkanth Earthmovers
That's just a normal thing Red Bull drivers do
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