Pallet Bluetooth Speaker V3 DIY 

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List buy materials:
- 5inch 2ohm 30W Mid Bass Speaker( I recommend 4 speaker): tiny.cc/kdp7tz
- 1.5inch 4Ohm 25W Tweeter Speaker: tiny.cc/71p7tz
- 5inch Passive Radatior Speaker( I recommend) : tiny.cc/adp7tz
- Preamplifier OPA2604 Board: tiny.cc/11p7tz
- Potentiometer extension cord: Updating
- 5.0 LDAC Bluetooth Module: tiny.cc/v0p7tz
- Mono 200W Class D Amplifier Board: tiny.cc/sop7tz
- Digital volume control board: tiny.cc/gop7tz
- Nylon Plastic stick on PCB: tiny.cc/w8p7tz
- 0.85mH Speaker Crossover Inductor: tiny.cc/m0p7tz
- 3.3uf Speaker Crossover Capacitor: tiny.cc/o8p7tz
- 12uf Speaker Crossover Capacitor: tiny.cc/n8p7tz
- Double Pole 2 Way 6 Pin Power Switch: tiny.cc/j0p7tz
- 5.5x2.1mm DC Male Jack: tiny.cc/g0vksz
- 3.5mm Audio Aux Female Jack: tiny.cc/h8p7tz
- Volume Knob: tiny.cc/g0p7tz
- Disposable Syringe: tiny.cc/c8p7tz
- Makita Terminal: tiny.cc/oxuksz
- 704 Sillicon Rubber Glue: tiny.cc/7jfzsz
- Female Insulated Electrical Crimp Terminal: tiny.cc/u8p7tz
- Self Adhesive Stick-on Mounts For Cable Ties: bit.ly/36vHXYR
- B1212S - 2W Power Module: tiny.cc/y7p7tz
- 2RCA To 2RCA Audio Cable: tiny.cc/c0p7tz
- XT60 Connector Jack: tiny.cc/31p7tz
- T Male Female Connector Jack: tiny.cc/51p7tz
- Speaker Single Face Seal Glue: tiny.cc/40vksz
- Leather Handled for speaker: tiny.cc/pzuksz
- Rubber Stand Anti Shock For Speaker: tiny.cc/trtysz
- 36V 3A Power Adapter: tiny.cc/v7p7tz
- Creality Cr10 - V2 3D Printer Machine : www.creality.com/blog-detail/3d-printer-king-minhvuong-cr10-v2
* List Tools:
- Multipurpose Belt Clamp: tiny.cc/5gx7tz
- Stainless Steel Precision T Ruler: tiny.cc/qduysz
- Router Circle Cutting Jig: tiny.cc/vhgzsz
- Gyokucho 240mm hardwood double-edged saw 651: tiny.cc/0zwltz
- Gyokucho 371 Thin blade back saw 240mm cross-cut hand saw: tiny.cc/ezwltz
- Narex woodworking chisel: tiny.cc/bzwltz
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- How to make 24V RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: goo.gl/BTbzp6
- How to make 3s Battery: goo.gl/oL2cfM
- DIY Cooling Fan For Laptop: goo.gl/z3SRtR
* My Page In Facebook: bit.ly/33TEyTC
* Join My Group In Facebook: goo.gl/BMvRAj
* Help Me Reach 500k Subscribe Here: goo.gl/dXJRte

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King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 3 mesi fa
Hi Friends! Do you like this video?
Trung Tiến
Trung Tiến Giorno fa
Quá được Bro
Amarrrz Giorno fa
after all that hard work you did good i’m proud of you good job!!!!!
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 3 giorni fa
Yes. Yes. Yes!
M P 3 giorni fa
yes, thank you sir
Antonio Studio / Daily Design Video
I like this so much ! Thanks
Bjarne Wiese
Bjarne Wiese 16 ore fa
Great idea to use the Makita System as a Power source! I usually dont comment on Videos But i really enjoyed this one!
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 28 minuti fa
Thank you!
Hustle Hard Flava
Понимание в построении аудиотехники 0! Таких "мастеров" видно за километр. Еще вчера делал тумбочки и стулья, а сегодня полез в звук. Все ошибки какие можно было совершить, совершил. Максимум на что тянет, это демонстрация умения работы с материалом. Understanding in the construction of audio equipment 0! Such "masters" can be seen from a kilometer away. Yesterday he made bedside tables and chairs, and today he got into the sound. He made all the mistakes that could be made. The maximum that pulls is a demonstration of the ability to work with material.
saserio 18 ore fa
odd question: what wood glue have you used?
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 27 minuti fa
Titebond glue
emotionX5 18 ore fa
what would cost something like that on request
Huy Ngô
Huy Ngô 21 ora fa
Xin giá thành phẩm ad ơi
Oscar Magana
Oscar Magana 21 ora fa
How much to make me one? 👀
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 26 minuti fa
Sorry i just make for play. Not for sale. You can buy materials in description of video to build one. Good luck!
NANG SLC 22 ore fa
So cool
Roger McCrea
Roger McCrea 23 ore fa
Could I make a speaker from you I wouldn't mind paying you for the work through online payment
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 25 minuti fa
Sorry i just make for play. Not for sale. You can buy materials in description of video to build one. Good luck!
Tống Gia Vlog
Tống Gia Vlog Giorno fa
sếp ở đâu cho e xin học nghề vs
Spliff Ridah
Spliff Ridah Giorno fa
Very nice 👍👍👍
Mytry KHOVANSKY Giorno fa
TM P Giorno fa
Very Cool!
4CCB C7 Giorno fa
0:05 Is this how my eardrum dances when using earplugs?
surya gemilang
surya gemilang Giorno fa
Amazing project
Fernando Fernandes
Top dás Galáxias.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍
Dr.Deepak Lourembam
At first, all those scaling, cutting, smoothening.....ok i can do that, and then buying parts...ok i can to that too.... then the moment it shows those connections with diagrams.... SCREW THIS.... I WILL RATHER BUY FROM SHOP A DECENT ONE🙄
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 24 minuti fa
I'm sorry for that!
isaac anthony
isaac anthony Giorno fa
should do active crossover next time. DSP crossover waste less energy, passive dissipates via heat. Next time. And then you can adjust x over point and eq via Bluetooth.
isaac anthony
isaac anthony Giorno fa
great build tho! very clever with the batteries...
isaac anthony
isaac anthony Giorno fa
i hope it sounds a lot better in person than on this recording, because that was muffled and not good...
Fatlum Gashi
Fatlum Gashi Giorno fa
i wish i had one of this speaker made by you...
Omurtay Shukurlu
perfect bro
PoolDoog LV
PoolDoog LV Giorno fa
você é demais. parabéns.
You r a big master...........cangurats...
Nguyen Van Don
Nguyen Van Don 2 giorni fa
Có hát uke được không
ganesh prasad sial
ganesh prasad sial 2 giorni fa
Excellent work and project idea
King Minhvuong
King Minhvuong 22 minuti fa
Thank you!
Mohammed Irfan
Mohammed Irfan 2 giorni fa
John Thimakis
John Thimakis 2 giorni fa
Great work. 🔨🔧🔩 Thanks so much for sharing. 😎👌🏼
RIAN KILMER 2 giorni fa
linda demais
percussion 44
percussion 44 2 giorni fa
Nice, but you connected a digital volume control to the amp. Is not shown in connection screen. Also knob is not accesible on control panel outside of cabinet. What is its purpose?
TARIQ SERVICES 2 giorni fa
very nice
Luiz Fernando de Paula
how to make an ad for makita and jbl at the same time? very well done!
Janis Mago
Janis Mago 2 giorni fa
Very skillful hands dude!
Treyboski 2 giorni fa
You sir, are amazing inventor!
Amur Gazaev
Amur Gazaev 2 giorni fa
Magic skills 😀👍
Mega MonsterManTv / Dia & Kiko
I love how these videos make you feel like you wanna do it but the more you watch it the more u realise you dont have the tools, experience and overall ability to do smt like this- .^.
An Dinh
An Dinh 2 giorni fa
It's very easy to make it, if you have machines and tools.
Saferist 3 giorni fa
Золотые руки!)))
DQ4rk 3 giorni fa
Could've added a DSP to calibrate response too, also how was the stereo signal converted to mono?
لاخوف 3 giorni fa
Hello There I need a complete home theatre set 5.1 would you please make it for me
Claus Ditlev Voldsgaard
I'm like... I can do that.... I can do that... I can... can... I.... WTF!!!
armando cello
armando cello 3 giorni fa
Hello po ...
Kw S
Kw S 3 giorni fa
and that should now convince?
Richard Baumeister
Richard Baumeister 3 giorni fa
wow what a great combination of talent!
JP Bless
JP Bless 3 giorni fa
You are amazing!!!
Николай Андрусенко
Сколько терпения, сил, умений ушло на изготовление этого устройства. Великолепно!
FTX Matúš Kiška
FTX Matúš Kiška 3 giorni fa
I want to 😍
Adrian Bejarano
Adrian Bejarano 3 giorni fa
All is very good, good presentation very clear in the way to build this, but I just Would make a little change in his electronic design, because if you see, he took one channel from the Preamp, and the sound won't be complete. He must to combine previously the channels in order To get all of the spectrum of sounds.
ชนะชล คะรินทร์
ชนะชล คะรินทร์
MM BB 3 giorni fa
Awesome 👍🏻
Tt Han
Tt Han 3 giorni fa
king of pallets
Hesho 3 giorni fa
Can someone assist me ? What does the switch under the makita battery do ?
Firman Hidayat
Firman Hidayat 3 giorni fa
Luar biasa Bro... kamu memang Terbaek 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Will Patterson
Will Patterson 3 giorni fa
I was gonna complain about it not really being a diy with all those tools but whatever man that was masterfully done. I wish I could be your apprentice especially with the electronics.
Will Patterson
Will Patterson 2 giorni fa
@94XJ the table jointers and table saw and mitre saw
94XJ 2 giorni fa
What tools - a saw, a router a drill and a 3d printer? You can get your hands on all of those fairly cheaply...and even skip the 3d printer if you don't want to use Makita batteries.
Nash Lionel Buys
Nash Lionel Buys 3 giorni fa
Mind selling your art?
Mạnh Nguyễn Văn
Ông chủ kênh này là người việt nam à
MattLambo17 4 giorni fa
I don't think I blinked for 36 straight minutes. Absolutely captivating!
Michael Dogan
Michael Dogan 4 giorni fa
What are the components needed for the blue tooth and amplifier
silvio penato
silvio penato 4 giorni fa
you are a genius and also a very ingeneer!!
Enhorabuena!... que buen trabajo, super profesional, sinceramente te felicito! ... muy, muy, chingón!
Sao Vang
Sao Vang 4 giorni fa
Do you sell any of your speakers/soundsystems?
Enric Bertrand
Enric Bertrand 4 giorni fa
I liked it a lot The work is necessary clean and orderly I wonder you can do a custom made with specific speakers and which will be the price Let me know
Mark Bjering
Mark Bjering 4 giorni fa
I like this. it's impressive how you just made a Bluetooth speaker just like that from a pallet. just one problem I could see with this setup, what happen when the batteries you use goes flat and can't be recharged again, and the battery type no longer are being made, then you won't be able to find any who fit you custom build. But this is just me, I got no clue if these batteries are standard and keeps being made. Other then that nice video, well done, and everyone would be able to follow along ad make one them selves if they have the tools for it.
wontee2 4 giorni fa
Longest advert I've ever watched.
Kelvi Felix
Kelvi Felix 4 giorni fa
quero um desse como fASSO
Flora Nugs
Flora Nugs 4 giorni fa
very nice job! also goes to show how good pallet wood is and its many uses.
Frank Morin
Frank Morin 4 giorni fa
I will pay u $$..
Frank Morin
Frank Morin 4 giorni fa
Can u make me one please how much $$$..
Palwinder Lubana
Palwinder Lubana 4 giorni fa
Is ka price Kia hai
Jack York
Jack York 4 giorni fa
Beautiful work ! A MASTER CRAFTSMAN !!! How much for one ?
RamonA Horváth
RamonA Horváth 4 giorni fa
jonapot erdekel a hangfal 1000ftere oda adod leis postázod more
Restore Old
Restore Old 4 giorni fa
wow good
Marlon Linihan
Marlon Linihan 5 giorni fa
how much this project sir?
Daniele Benini
Daniele Benini 5 giorni fa
Really great job!
Kamrul Official BD
Kamrul Official BD 5 giorni fa
very nice
Apple Technology Ios
Music name to the Intro the video please ?
clem christian
clem christian 5 giorni fa
Hey Dude Superb JOB !!!
friday night funkin kevion
can i have a speaker
Mik W
Mik W 5 giorni fa
Nice job indeed, the only thing I would do different is to add an external speaker switch, ( A/B ), so that it could be hooked up to a pair of stereo speakers for more critical listening.
Vaibhav Vador
Vaibhav Vador 5 giorni fa
Hello sir , I have watched your many videos, and are very satisfying, but I have one request that please mention the total cost you have spent on the components use to make the project. It would be very kind of you.
Sycokay 5 giorni fa
Looking great. I would be interested in the frequency responce curve. Sounds like there is not much midrange, but that could be the room or microphone etc.
Ed Mendoza
Ed Mendoza 6 giorni fa
Oh wow! it is real nice and impressive, I just wonder how powerful that is? thanks.
Frank Alberto Villanueva
bonito las herramientas son mas caras que el palante con tanto parlate barato me compro uno smart con
Edward Yanoria
Edward Yanoria 6 giorni fa
must have foam inside to make smoother vibration
Emanuel Gonçalves
Emanuel Gonçalves 6 giorni fa
nao gustei devido a teres um samsung como telemovel
Prince Harambe
Prince Harambe 6 giorni fa
I am hearing that sound here in Europe 👀
The Evil Progger
The Evil Progger 6 giorni fa
When U have spare 5000 bucks and a spare summer...
The Evil Progger
The Evil Progger 6 giorni fa
Eww.... and 1000 bucks for the parts...
Serary Abalrose
Serary Abalrose 6 giorni fa
Hey! After watching a lot of your videos, I was wondering, what is better? A preamp, amp, and bluetooth board set up. Or a amp with bluetooth and full range + sub volume controls?
Cristo Javier Pérez
400.000 $ en maquinaria profesional y componentes. DIY significa "hazlo tú mismo" no "cómprame el taller entero"
Adam T.spiel
Adam T.spiel 6 giorni fa
Ace Handler
Ace Handler 6 giorni fa
Amazing! I really enjoyed this video. As a guitar-crafter I can really appreciate the quality of fit & finish - you are GREAT! 💖 🇨🇦
Kamugin1 7 giorni fa
Impressive! But since I don't have any of the tools, materials and parts, it would be much cheaper to just buy a JBL bluetooth speaker.
Muhammad c
Muhammad c 7 giorni fa
itching sound
Md Emon Rahman
Md Emon Rahman 7 giorni fa
karma mama
karma mama 7 giorni fa
SONY- hire that guy, we can't have him compete with our $1999,00 shit speakers. Wait ... he did that where??? garage , small shop with some used parts?? Could you buy SANSUI brand and bring it back to us?
Music Show
Music Show 7 giorni fa
Good Videos
Vladimir Santos
Vladimir Santos 7 giorni fa
Send to Brazil? ;-)
Vladimir Santos
Vladimir Santos 7 giorni fa
Amazing, congratulations!
gustavo lineros
gustavo lineros 7 giorni fa
Hola buenas noches me encanto ese parlante que hicistes ,quiera saber que potencia tiene en wath rms y cto cobrarias x hacer algo asi adoro la musica y esto que hicistes esta y se ve fabulosos , desda ya muchas gracias!!!!
Carving Tiny - DIY
Carving Tiny - DIY 7 giorni fa
love . hello
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