OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱  

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13 lug 2021




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Commenti 3 082   
Helena gamer
Helena gamer 13 minuti fa
Dominic Lanza
Dominic Lanza 23 minuti fa
I swear the stupidest yt shorts like this get the most likes
ZeiCrystall 31 minuto fa
What in the actual FU-
Jacob Pero
Jacob Pero 38 minuti fa
OMG. this. kid. cut. MY. MOM. Hair
R3D_ B4RON 47 minuti fa
Gamer dad
komal.chanel 58 minuti fa
Gael Gómez Rodríguez
Valla life hack más mierda
Lindsey Guevara
First of all she should go get a. Hair cut and you could just go get her one of those barbie hair things also she just tied that toys hair up and she cut the moms hair!
Adrián Guerreño
Ok le corto el pelo y no le dijo nada aka en Latinoamérica te sacan la chancla voladora
Sarah Souza
Vou ver se consigo 🙄🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒
Jason Chai
Jason Chai Ora fa
The one that’s me
Lexi Gummerson
bro the mom wasn’t even phased that HER DAUGHTER JUST CUT HER HAIR/
Majolap10 Ora fa
Yo: * le corto el cabello a mi mamá Mi mamá: 😡 (|)_ * Le lanza la chancla* xd /\
Maria Lorenty
Kaydence Calton
Mom: doesn't even try to fix her hair and makes kid a new toy Kid:😈
Kid: cut of mother's hair* mother: oh it's fine I won't teach her anything
Lauren C
Lauren C 2 ore fa
It's okay the hair will grow back
uylyut 2 ore fa
Dad:I don't know how to do it Kid: look dad God:KIDS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH WIRES!? By the way why does the dad need to play?????? Poor kid😩
Ana Valéria Dias
Nao Nao
Nao Nao 2 ore fa
shanice reid
shanice reid 2 ore fa
I used
Fausto Soria
Fausto Soria 2 ore fa
Vo1dy 3 ore fa
Or ya know, find the patience in you to be a good parent and teach the kid not to cut your hair
Michael John Bulanadi
me: A+ school is stupid siri: agreed
Michael John Bulanadi
A+ school: omg! my kid cut my hair😱 me: thats not even u or is it
peanut 4 ore fa
IS NOBODY GONNA TALK ABOUT.. how the little girl in the second clip, with the wires and whatever how when the dad sits down, this girl is bouncing a stuffed animal on her leg like bruh
Lavender Danielle
how the mom deals with it: ill make her a toy so that she can do that with dolls and not people Me: *Slapping intesifies*
irmãs Dantas
irmãs Dantas 4 ore fa
What a rude person at the beginning but at the end like where the person give her the other people that had the hair that was really nice and she did she literally did that wiryring and that's very nice
Eliane Alves da Silva
Sim sim o que é o que é o mesmo problema e não sei se o
Jessie Domingo
What do you mean
Henrrique Silva
Swarsattie Singh
Holle holle
Crisela miriam Coronel soto
La niña del último video era muy inteligente
Kid:cuts moms hair Mom: wow she is such a good kid I will make you a toy
Bl00dyTwiliight roblox
is that normal to have yk ur hair cut by a kid and it be so okay-
martait martinez
Diegoalberto Gongora
En la primera😠
Diegoalberto Gongora
Por eso no quize tener un hermano porq son molestos aparte quieren lo q vos tenes y se lo tenes q dar porq el es. el mas chiquito🙄😒😡😡🤫
Makenzie Dew
Makenzie Dew 8 ore fa
How did she not notice 5-minute crafts acting like nothing just happened
Peril 8 ore fa
This is stupid and unrealistic
Safae Mansouri
𝐵𝑜𝑏𝑎 𝑡𝑒𝑎 𝑞𝑢𝑒𝑒𝑛
Kid:Hahaha you know her hairs very pretty now Mom: Please- Kid: OMG FAKE PEOPLE well there having fun getting their hair cut all the way off then I ask for more til no more left then I cut all mommy’s hair! Mom:Uhh… PLEASE
M Aja
M Aja 9 ore fa
Wow so relatable
Martha Nanus
Martha Nanus 9 ore fa
Angely Williams
That kid is the weirddiskid dom
weee 9 ore fa
POV:your 2 year old is better at geometry than you are
Valentina Bichaco
Alison Bryant
Alison Bryant 9 ore fa
Alyssa Courtney
Alyssa Courtney 10 ore fa
What's the song called
hello noobs
hello noobs 10 ore fa
Hey you not good at drawing i saw the lines
Eliane Correa9kkhj
Ксения Семёнова
А у вас тоже дети которым уже 4 -6 лет подходят и отрезают волосы?
I didn't like that you are a bad
Norris 10 ore fa
If a child cuts your hair give them away
ubah abdulle
ubah abdulle 10 ore fa
Катя Петрушкевич
Group a very nice two piece suit you be able to come up now. No, Garber lose the suit.
la mejor amiga de nayeon y hermana delalisamanoban
Yo enojaría si me cortaran el pelo
Clidionor Oliveira
🥰🥰🥰 bem com Rubens
Brown’s Gamer
Brown’s Gamer 11 ore fa
My mom would have been like for one little hair off our Barbie “GO TO YOUR ROOM YOUR GROUNDED FOR LIFE AND YOU WILL NEVER PLAY WITH SCISSORS EVER AGAIN”
thalia leon
thalia leon 11 ore fa
Que tiene de chido
Sangita Samanta
Sangita Samanta 12 ore fa
Splendeur Kongolo
I love that is so creative and it works thanks
هيثم الزغير
Surya maha
Surya maha 12 ore fa
Super sister and Anna
Vivi Doložalová ; p
霏霏 12 ore fa
Melisa Brreto
Melisa Brreto 12 ore fa
That’s me I know how to undo knots
Samanta Samayira
Fernando Runza
Fernando Runza 13 ore fa
اسماعيل النعيج
Alan Goloman
Alan Goloman 13 ore fa
Pametno djete
Nguyet Thanh
Nguyet Thanh 13 ore fa
Em còn nhỏ mà giỏi quá đi 😊
Jdhg Hzhzr
Jdhg Hzhzr 14 ore fa
Gospydyeychpdye hfpjcueydojcudtwph pjdy the same you a call from the same and I am a new job listing join
Rinku Takhi
Rinku Takhi 14 ore fa
My mother would have killed me...
Fabio Bertolino
Fabio Bertolino 14 ore fa
Zulfiya Samigova
You must be mad at her
L Diehl
L Diehl 14 ore fa
Why is the mom so ok with the kid chopping off her hair
Nabih Rachida
Nabih Rachida 15 ore fa
Nabih Rachida
Nabih Rachida 15 ore fa
Aidel John Artango
Arthur Guimarães
Por que ela não deu uns tapa na guria
girish pawar
girish pawar 15 ore fa
lol 15 ore fa
the comment at down: "oH mAh gAwD mY kId cUt mAw hAiR" me: GURL ARE U BLIND
Abhijit Saha
Abhijit Saha 15 ore fa
Bubu Bubu
Bubu Bubu 15 ore fa
Anne benimle ilgilen biraz sosyal Media daha sonra bakarsan güzel Mesaj Anlayana......🇹🇷🇹🇷👍👍👍👍
Faza Hakim
Faza Hakim 16 ore fa
Nycolas Santos
Nycolas Santos 16 ore fa
Ef Atividade da Ana vitiria 😈😡😠😬
Mariam Barbar
Mariam Barbar 16 ore fa
Hi I realized how you used God's name in vain I. The caption, please don't do that it's a big sin and sining isn't going to lead you to any good but if you are saying gosh then that's all good 😉
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