Milan 3 : 4 Inter | Legendary Match | Extended Highlights 

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All the goals & extended highlights of the legendary game between AC Milan & Internazionale (28.10.2006)

Goals: 0 : 1 Crespo, 0 : 2 Stankovic, 0 : 3 Ibrahimovic, 1 : 3 Seedorf, 1 : 4 Materazzi, 2 : 4 Gilardino, 3 : 4 Kaka

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Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 3 ore fa
The kits, the boots, the players. Oh nostalgia hits hard.
Henrique Rodrigues
Esse Dida era muito fraco, ave maria não pegava uma bola.
Madmax _
Madmax _ 7 ore fa
Thank god they don’t make such “shoot and pray” type balls anymore. Awful to watch in 2021.
Lucassincero 11 ore fa
Antigamente todo mundo era bom, hj em dia estão piorando
SANCTVS 12 ore fa
Julio Cesar phenomenal
magma master
magma master 18 ore fa
Cringe Dida
Tenretni Tnuocca
Its hard to believe Zlatan is still playing and still in good form like what?! This guy is a living legend 💪🏼
Yuva Raj
Yuva Raj Giorno fa
This is an best entertaining match for my opinion
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra Giorno fa
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra Giorno fa
Giroud now
Pietro Caiazzo
Pietro Caiazzo Giorno fa
L inter rimase in 9 sul 4 1 altrimenti sarebbe stata una goleada
remigio griso
remigio griso Giorno fa
e se non ricordo male questo !! arbitro !! lasciò l' Inter in 9 contro 11 per quasi 15 minuti applicando alla lettera il regolamento !! in europa prima di espellere avvertono il giocatore invitandolo a calmarsi ... questo !!arbitro!! invece non ebbe nessun senso della partita . era come in trance . ma abbiamo vinto lo stesso . ciao
Naing Soe
Naing Soe 2 giorni fa
what a rockets match.
Paul Sebastian Urcan
That a pleasure to watch, 5 star ⭐️ video!!! What a game, both teams did everything they have. Bravo 👏
SmallGameplays 2 giorni fa
Dejan Stankovic, what a player
Habiib Marwaan
Habiib Marwaan 2 giorni fa
When men use to play football. Now it is all about Tiktokers and fucking divers.
Iury Annarumma
Iury Annarumma 2 giorni fa
these two squads were insane!
Antonio Scamarcio
Antonio Scamarcio 2 giorni fa
Julio cesar 🔥
ekrem koç
ekrem koç 2 giorni fa
Is this a Italy Cup?
Andre Isnain Golvano
Maennya nggak banget. Driblang dribling driblang dribling. So so lah
The red side of Madrid
the colours on the referee though, I keep on mistaking them for goalkeepers
Osman Hafiftengariban
Wov! How young is Zlatan? 👏🏼
Black Lantern
Black Lantern 3 giorni fa
When soccer was for real
Angel Lage Jimenez
Angel Lage Jimenez 3 giorni fa
Zlatan scores to milan dressing Inter shirt. Scores to Inter dressing Milan Shirt. Scores both teams with juve shirt. Simply Zlatan
MeeKee 3 giorni fa
It's unbelivable to think that only Ibrahimovich plays out of all players that were on pitch that day, and he plays for opposite team.
feri thatha
feri thatha 3 giorni fa
masih inget banget
nishan kandel
nishan kandel 3 giorni fa
So you used the audience sounds from FIFA 😒
Patrick Grace
Patrick Grace 3 giorni fa
Dida was a liability
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero 4 giorni fa
Zlatan was pretty fucking fast
Vipers Pit
Vipers Pit 4 giorni fa
What. I did not know Zlatan has played in Inter. So it will be both Milan club now.
Adilson Moutinho
Adilson Moutinho 4 giorni fa
Inter sempre batendo no mileco (Inter always hiting in poor little Milan)
Levy Gomes
Levy Gomes 4 giorni fa
Take me back, please.
BOSSKO JR. 4 giorni fa
Brother Dejan ❤️
Sangar Taleb
Sangar Taleb 4 giorni fa
2:39 Kaka Julio Cesar 💪💪💪💪
Claudio Orlandi
Claudio Orlandi 4 giorni fa
mammamia quanti campioni,,,,, pazzesco
Lil Nemen ぁ
Lil Nemen ぁ 5 giorni fa
Abel Muñoz
Abel Muñoz 5 giorni fa
Estos eran partidos a morir y cuantas leyendas por Dios
André Felipe
André Felipe 5 giorni fa
The derby della madonnina used to be the best game in the soccer world. It was a good time to enjoy it.
Makima's brat
Makima's brat 6 giorni fa
Andreas Ioannou
Andreas Ioannou 6 giorni fa
Damn what a spectacle that game was...!! Both teams put up so much passion, performance, zest for the win!! It has got to be a reference point when anyone is in discussion of great games..
Ivan Cunni
Ivan Cunni 6 giorni fa
27 palle gol per il Milan non concretizzate, 4 per l'Inter andate a Buon Fine.......la sottile differenza fu questa.....
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 7 giorni fa
This was before both clubs were mismanaged to a shocking degree
LeanRafa 7 giorni fa
- *GOLES* - MIL 0-1 INT Gol de Hernán Crespo: 1:15 MIL 0-2 INT GOLAZO de Dejan Stankovic: 1:53 MIL 0-3 INT Gol de Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 3:41 MIL 1-3 INT Gol de Clarence Seedorf: 4:57 MIL 1-4 INT Gol de Marco Materazzi: 6:23 MIL 2-4 INT Gol de Alberto Gilardino: 7:32 MIL 3-4 INT Golazo de Kaká: 8:48
Elizeu Avelino Santos Neto
Melhor jogo que já assistir na vida
Bruno Dutra
Bruno Dutra 7 giorni fa
Júlio César já mostrava indícios do 7x1 kkkkkk
maurizio besurga
maurizio besurga 7 giorni fa
Credo sara' difficile rivedere tanti campioni sullo stesso campo a Milano, nella stessa oartita
It's Me S.J
It's Me S.J 7 giorni fa
Good old day, how powerful their kicks are.. nowadays kick like a fking pussy
Enni Suhaeni
Enni Suhaeni 7 giorni fa
Stankovic nice
Abdul Rahman Shaikh
Seedorf what a player 👍
Mircea 7 giorni fa
22 legends has played this match
Elizandro Estevam
Elizandro Estevam 8 giorni fa
Good times.
omar sarayrah
omar sarayrah 8 giorni fa
The quality difference between the two keeprs is unbelievable ...
brancos89 8 giorni fa
da qui è cominciata la maledizione dei derby persi del milan
Affan Hermieda
Affan Hermieda 8 giorni fa
Lightning Seedorf ⚡⚡
Yan No
Yan No 8 giorni fa
This was unbelievable, thanks so much for posting this
Ghazzal Mehdi
Ghazzal Mehdi 8 giorni fa
Man of the match: Inter Milan's Goalkeeper who stopped rockets from everywhere!
OUSMANE ZEDANE 9 giorni fa
the big leagues👏👏👏👏👏
Dom 9 giorni fa
Cazzarola bei tempi da interista! La ricordo come se fosse ieri
Alessandro 9 giorni fa
Che nasca c ha ibra
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome 9 giorni fa
this is real football
Uncle Bonch
Uncle Bonch 9 giorni fa
Its not fair when you use a lion as a striker
Juan Benito Marsilii
Minuto 5 si sente un porco dio
Alessia Morelli
Alessia Morelli 9 giorni fa
Forza milan
Dude 10 giorni fa
Typical goals these days: Pass and tap Typical goal those days: ROCKETS
Abir 10 giorni fa
The enigma of retro football is kinda lost these days ... capitalism and over intrusion of social media has ruined this game to a certain degree
Crystpher Doljan
Crystpher Doljan 10 giorni fa
For me this game was a draw, no offside at the 2-3 goal
THE_PRINCE 7 giorni fa
How about the ambrosini handball in the beginning for inter
Woro Kmx
Woro Kmx 10 giorni fa
ini jamanya msh disiarin di tv 7 🤣
Saiful sKiNo
Saiful sKiNo 11 giorni fa
remember when Football had Standouts that were known Worldwide and only the Big Clubs could sign them??? now, with Social Media, seems like there's no Standouts and ALL Great Players just blended in and just don't spark the joy in Football anymore... Social Media really did killed Souls of many Famous Sports...
WRY 11 giorni fa
football was so cool to watch back then
Saiful sKiNo
Saiful sKiNo 11 giorni fa
THIS!! Football these days just lacks something... back then, it was more Fun, in and out of Matches...
Ssenfuka Marvis
Ssenfuka Marvis 12 giorni fa
Such matches will never repeat
Rahadian Kelik Prayoga
My kid: show some good football Me: watch this 🤌🏽
Zambrong 12 giorni fa
Robi Jorum
Robi Jorum 12 giorni fa
The message was simple.."shoot on sight"👀
EL BICHO 13 giorni fa
The referee looks more like a goalkeeper hahaha
Stiven Mikhail
Stiven Mikhail 13 giorni fa
To everyone talking about the shots. I agree the quality of players was amazing but that ball was a nightmare for goalies . The teamgiest I believe it was by adidas ... it made everyones shots look like Roberto Carlos
Adam Guehria
Adam Guehria 13 giorni fa
Was this 2007/2008?
Gian Trcc
Gian Trcc 13 giorni fa
Un 4-3 bugiardissimo, ricordo. l'Inter 4 occasioni, 4 gol. Il Milan una partita dominata 70 minuti, decine di occasioni sprecate tra errori nostri e un Julio Cesar insuperabile...
Gian Trcc
Gian Trcc 13 giorni fa
After 6 months Milan win his 7th Champions League against Liverpool in Greece ... Take me back, please.
Ralfy Gomes Moreto
Ralfy Gomes Moreto 13 giorni fa
O Milan "amassou" no segundo tempo. Merecia pelo menos o empate...
jesus herrera
jesus herrera 14 giorni fa
Inter 💙
Jawed Mecheri
Jawed Mecheri 14 giorni fa
Ibrahimovic 💪
Farhan Elmizan
Farhan Elmizan 14 giorni fa
wow... old school football really has some powerful kicks...
Boris N'DONG NGUEMA 14 giorni fa
All in all, goal keepers made the difference!
adrian colton
adrian colton 14 giorni fa
The responsible stone simplistically sound because need sequently open apud a material tongue. subdued, wary clover
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 15 giorni fa
Estos si era el fútbol en su máxima expresión ♥️🖤
Koconegoro 27
Koconegoro 27 15 giorni fa
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 15 giorni fa
Que bellos tiempos.
Pílulas de podcast
Pílulas de podcast 15 giorni fa
Once I went to orlando in usa and watched a playoff game, orlando city lost the match and got eliminated, at the end of the game the fans didn’t even know what had happened at the match, they were laughing and having a good time. This is the end of football…
Pílulas de podcast
Pílulas de podcast 15 giorni fa
I miss these days… modern football sucks
opggroup 16 giorni fa
opggroup 16 giorni fa
supa life
mgla one
mgla one 16 giorni fa
How many shots
Oliver Marks
Oliver Marks 16 giorni fa
no commentary no hokey library music. Xcllnt
Iman Syah
Iman Syah 16 giorni fa
Amazing julio cesar👍👍👍
Rodrigo Prado
Rodrigo Prado 16 giorni fa
Espetacular 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Sam me
Sam me 16 giorni fa
Mancini were the coach
Mehmet Ziad
Mehmet Ziad 16 giorni fa
Back then when football was a real sport
Holbeinisscheisse 16 giorni fa
You knew it had to be great when zlatan looks like an average dude among These legends
Saeed Abdelqader
Saeed Abdelqader 16 giorni fa
Very good game very strong performance from the two teams . Shooting rockets
Sid Vyas
Sid Vyas 16 giorni fa
Stankovic's first goal was a thunderbolt!
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