Making a Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine 

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In this video I'm making a 4 cylinder solenoid boxer engine.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!
00:00 making the Cylinder
01:34 making the Pistons
02:59 winding the Copper wire
03:10 testing the Solenoid
03:24 making the Crankshaft
06:26 making the Connecting rod
08:37 making the Engine frame
10:24 installing the Bearing by the press fit
12:03 making the Back Flywheel
14:03 making the Front Flywheel
15:27 making the Wood base
16:32 assembling the parts
18:37 showing the finished engine
19:36 checking the rpm

Thank you for watching :)
If you have any questions, please leave them on the comments below!
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#solenoid #diy #engine

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Maker B
Maker B Anno fa
Big thank you for your wonderful and supportive comments!! ------- Tools & Machines I used in the project & Timestamps ------- Sherline Lathe: amzn.to/2Mwb6Lh Sherline Milling: amzn.to/2M2k7Nh SKIL 9-Inch Band Saw: amzn.to/35B0nqY Dykem blue: amzn.to/35JCGgp Lathe Mill CENTER DRILL : amzn.to/2R1pA9Q 00:00 making the Cylinder 01:34 making the Pistons 02:59 winding the Copper wire 03:10 testing the Solenoid 03:24 making the Crankshaft 06:26 making the Connecting rod 08:37 making the Engine frame 10:24 installing the Bearing by the press fit 12:03 making the Back Flywheel 14:03 making the Front Flywheel 15:27 making the Wood base 16:32 assembling the parts 18:37 showing the finished engine 19:36 checking the rpm Again, thank you for watching this video :)
Oussama CHRIHA
Oussama CHRIHA 24 giorni fa
william woods
william woods 26 giorni fa
Now you just need to build a small Subaru to put it into
Cason Kyle
Cason Kyle Mese fa
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santzero santone
Φ it-plans.info/white/video/jKmOe253jMiguno
Till Vogelsang
Can you link the engines u use?
Ronald 'RV' Van Hook
Well done. Clearly you're no amateur.
Roland3pont 4 giorni fa
Coool!!! Very thank you: )
Flesz 5 giorni fa
Machinery is amazing
Hamid Mehmood
Hamid Mehmood 5 giorni fa
Out class
Darko Milicic
Darko Milicic 6 giorni fa
Julio Motorsiklo at iba pa
Amazing project!
Макс Fenix
Макс Fenix 8 giorni fa
Делал на станках а каленвал бъёт как говно в проруби. Если руки из жопы станки бессильны.
Cuzin dave 420
Cuzin dave 420 9 giorni fa
So amazing to watch this type of machining. Beautiful ! 👍👍
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 11 giorni fa
The fly wheel came out beautifully..
R C 11 giorni fa
iiiiit's wooooorkinnng!!!!!!
Balthazar Naylor
Balthazar Naylor 11 giorni fa
what lathe do you have?
KAMRAN HYDER 11 giorni fa
Very hard work
Alex Vanniceman
Alex Vanniceman 12 giorni fa
More power!!!!!!! 🤣
LAVA TV THAI 14 giorni fa
Electric cars should adopt this system.
Jam John Ordillano
Jam John Ordillano 14 giorni fa
Just like machine plane mustang P51
Benni Jalamena
Benni Jalamena 14 giorni fa
Wow... I think that says it all. Great work bro, it's rare you see a video where all the comments are positive ones. That pretty much speaks for itself. Bravo.
Zahir Zellagui
Zahir Zellagui 14 giorni fa
Bon travail, merci, reste juste les bobinages des elctroaimants qui devraient être réguliers, pour augmenter l'efficacité
Rajesh Roy
Rajesh Roy 15 giorni fa
joe bama
joe bama 15 giorni fa
wow that turned out wobbly..
KTI Tech
KTI Tech 16 giorni fa
I'm your big fan❤❤❤
Patrick Ryckman
Patrick Ryckman 17 giorni fa
How does the efficiency of thos compare to a regular electric moto
Raymond Durson
Raymond Durson 17 giorni fa
J-Seven 19 giorni fa
can you try to run it without the fly whee?
Bhim khatri
Bhim khatri 19 giorni fa
key y phek vidiyo dekhakar chutiya banate ho bhari misin kahase leyangi kating ko ysembal to dekhate nahi ho
Marshall Wright
Marshall Wright 19 giorni fa
very cool
Banjer Ism
Banjer Ism 20 giorni fa
Can you make a laser gun?
Lars Frogner
Lars Frogner 20 giorni fa
This is the nerdiest thing I've ever watched and I watched it till the end. Dude, that was great!
Chris Rosier
Chris Rosier 20 giorni fa
You are special sir mam
Chris Rosier
Chris Rosier 20 giorni fa
I'm back of all trades cars,computers, Lord I've never limited myself
Chris Rosier
Chris Rosier 20 giorni fa
People can be smart but folks are fucking stupid from the time of birth till death kinda sad
Wellington Silva
Wellington Silva 20 giorni fa
Congratulations!!! Very Good!!!!!
Abodeless 20 giorni fa
Fear Monarch
Fear Monarch 20 giorni fa
Not gonna lie, this video just started autoplaying on the tv while i was cleaning and i was super interested trying to figure out what this was supposed to be 😂
Sam Daniele
Sam Daniele 20 giorni fa
vPooch Perfect
President Oxford
President Oxford 21 giorno fa
With that amount of engineering he could've made the real thing + chassis.
M.M 21 giorno fa
any plans for any motor companies to build this? it seems like a simple CLEAN effcient way to drive a crankshaft
Макс Бубаренко
У этого парня славянские корни, всё точил на станке, а цилиндры для упрощения конструкции приклеил)))
神戸源太郎 21 giorno fa
MeArtal DUPAN 22 giorni fa
Just enjoy
kur si
kur si 22 giorni fa
Борисыч Местный
Where's the chronology
J J 22 giorni fa
This guy is a genius. I wish I had his skills.
ابو على الدباغ
ما فائده هذا
Hicone Freeman
Hicone Freeman 23 giorni fa
Good job
Cosimo Passiatore
Cosimo Passiatore 23 giorni fa
Complimenti un lavoro di pura bellezza e precisione,l'ingegno umano unito a macchine di precisioni può creare qualsiasi cosa .
Bipul Kumar
Bipul Kumar 23 giorni fa
Good work
el Ketaren
el Ketaren 23 giorni fa
Rob 23 giorni fa
Lovely work! Now Scale it up and put it in a Subaru :D
Zaini Tv
Zaini Tv 24 giorni fa
Storm Hernilnui
Storm Hernilnui 24 giorni fa
,сделай машину с этим двигателем
naruto sad
naruto sad 24 giorni fa
1:58 ----___----
Eebadguy 24 giorni fa
Effort +100
trafficsignal101 24 giorni fa
Aedilo 24 giorni fa
Echt genial und schön anzuschauen. Braucht es Strom und zu laufen ? Und produziert es selbst Ich Strom ?
KuyaCollin TV
KuyaCollin TV 24 giorni fa
i think this man is the guy who repair woody in toy story
KuyaCollin TV
KuyaCollin TV 24 giorni fa
can you build a monster vape
Andre Sejuk
Andre Sejuk 24 giorni fa
If you want sell it, please tell me name it in here,.
Andre Sejuk
Andre Sejuk 24 giorni fa
Can you sell it to me???? Or sell in shoope...!!!
ask-teleVision Martin Gremmelspacher
I can´t do a thing of all that... hm oh ... wrong ! I can cut the wire. Really ! I swear. :0)
peresvet 25 giorni fa
Гений.экологически чистый движок.только где на валу распределитель тока?без распреда она не может работать.а так супер.золотые руки.
charles stein
charles stein 25 giorni fa
What evil, dark magic is this? Just kidding! I was just fascinated by the machines making the parts. Looks like a multi million dollar workshop for NASA.
cucaratsa76 25 giorni fa
bro if i may...what maker is your lathe machine?
RedTomahawk 26 giorni fa
I wish I had all these tools
Marc Allan
Marc Allan 26 giorni fa
what kind of torque do you get with that . what can you do with it
mac mehar
mac mehar 27 giorni fa
Waste of precious matel.
Eric P
Eric P 28 giorni fa
2:00 *giggity*
Alexander Ostroverkhov
прямо даже и не знаю, сделал себе такую и не знаю куда применить
muammer Altunkan
muammer Altunkan 28 giorni fa
Nice 👌
Ron Wallace
Ron Wallace 29 giorni fa
I'm glad that I have a lathe like this in my shop. I didn't know what to do with it until now.🤡
Richard Christie
Richard Christie 29 giorni fa
First engineer I've seen working in a shop without any dirt under their fingernails.
Go Aleks Go
Go Aleks Go 28 giorni fa
It can't be. He is not engineer.... orrrr there is white dirt
Dinocrocuta Gigantea
19:04 my brain at 3 AM
adamo kohlschitter
adamo kohlschitter 29 giorni fa
AlienRenders Mese fa
Nice 5 minute project :)
Dylan T
Dylan T Mese fa
I think you dialed on...
Thomas Müller
Schmieeerung junge , schmieeerung.
Лавр Викторович
so cute cutie )))
Wonderful work, very cool project. I wish I had access to the machinery to do this sort of thing, I've been wanting to build engines for a long time,
坂井丈 Mese fa
最高のボクサーサウンドですね Its a greatest sound of boxer
김태헌 Mese fa
Hello, I am a 22-year-old student in engineering college. While my team was looking for something to make with this project, I watched your video on IT-plans and was inspired to make it. So, if it's not an excuse, can you tell me the dimensions of the parts in the video?
ゆうぼ Mese fa
zeyad hamood
zeyad hamood Mese fa
Jófreiðr Waspbane
now make a real one that runs on petrol~
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Mese fa
I wonder how long the micro switches last
ahmetovic maikol
Seriux vous auriez pu engager une plus jolie à la place de cette chose
Денис Сериков
чувак тебе чё в натуре заняться нечем?
umar gul
umar gul Mese fa
Great job sir
wery strit
wery strit Mese fa
hi can you sell me this engine
Top OfTheLine
those are some amazing machines you have there .... great video
So nice i will give you a subscribe and like keep going
PTRD 41 Mese fa
More of a motor than an engine, but still very cool
Amin Kumar
Amin Kumar Mese fa
John Bosarge
John Bosarge Mese fa
I thought that was awesome
Evan Devries
Evan Devries Mese fa
You absolute mad-lad! Why didn't you use one of your many machines and tools to spool the copper coils? Some people just want to watch the world burn...
Kavya Balu
Kavya Balu Mese fa
It was a litttle boring to watch all that bejng msde
not the fake
not the fake Mese fa
the 9 k people that disliked are mad they cant make it lol
Zhasurbek Umarov
1:59 Hmm interesting yes...
simosof Mese fa
Jason Mcharris
This linked to a gear box would work on a full scale model prototype modle Tesla engine
Jason Mcharris
Wow very good idea, sell this to tesla and make billions of dollars patient this engine! 😃
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