Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ 

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Amazing Skills & Goals by The Best Players! :D
A compilation of best moments of in 2020-2021 HD
Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info
Video Produced by: Lorenzo F7
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC


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28 mar 2021




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Commenti 93   
Lorenzo F7
Lorenzo F7 Mese fa
I hope you enjoyed the video ❤️ It took me so long to gather all the clips, I would truly appreciate it if you could drop a like! It helps the Channel a lot. Love You more than you can imagine...
Tommy Rock Rohnström
You´re not gonna get a like from me, you missed Zlatan
Azan Rai
Azan Rai 6 giorni fa
❤️la. Thick. Xa
Allan Bennoch RFC #1
She stole off me.👎
Chris Pomery
Chris Pomery 7 giorni fa
Robson-Kanu, Wales vs Belgium
Its never complete without DB10 and TH14
DieLocke Ora fa
RIP MARADONA last clip! And all others
rinijh rak
rinijh rak 21 ora fa
Кто-нибудь слышал пр0 Еn0tGlobal.ru рaботает?
NjA 21 ora fa
I mean, a lot of these clips are cool, but there a bit too many where the defender just slips (like 04:11) or a simple regular ball between the legs (like 09:59). That happens every other game, not once in a lifetime. The absence of (more than one) Zlatan clips is also noticeable. Other than that, cool video!
Peter Martinaitis
If the skill doesn't create or stop a goal then it's pointless........but good entertainment .
Eugen Berzani
Eugen Berzani 23 ore fa
No they dont. Other players will arisr
Andre Araujo
Andre Araujo Giorno fa
The best
rinijh rak
rinijh rak Giorno fa
Вы чтo-нибудь слышали о Ен0т глобал?
Marcin Dwojacki
Marcin Dwojacki Giorno fa
Great compilation mate, I appreciate your work, thanks :)
Para cualquier Cosa
Alguien sabe los nombres de las canciones?
Humberto S
Humberto S 2 giorni fa
ronaldinho, messi y ronaldo
rinijh rak
rinijh rak 2 giorni fa
Тут в чатах пишут прo Еn0tGlobal, ктo знает чтo за штука?
rinijh rak
rinijh rak 2 giorni fa
Былo бы интересн0 п0см0треть выпуск прo пр0движение сaйтoв с En0tGlobal
Farzad Ahmadi
Farzad Ahmadi 2 giorni fa
Half of the are from brazil
Edward Apunyu
Edward Apunyu 2 giorni fa
Why Thierry Henry is not featured in this video. Only God Know
DCW 2 giorni fa
A moment of silence for all the cameramen trying to guess which way the ball will go.
Omar Anwar
Omar Anwar 2 giorni fa
I always love how Kehrer is diving! 🤣
momo dadju
momo dadju 2 giorni fa
Chaweki Bellouati
Chaweki Bellouati 2 giorni fa
MAHREZ amazing skills
shaighan1 3 giorni fa
yeah, i liked it a lot! the video is dope! GJ man!!!
Yusuf Yetiş
Yusuf Yetiş 3 giorni fa
1:20 ersan gülüm bakkaldan dönerken 2 paket kısa Winstonla bi tane ekmek alıver ☺️
Davi Fernandes
Davi Fernandes 3 giorni fa
Dá para fazer um video desse só com Ronaldinho
Jetro 3 giorni fa
They dancing without the music, music just make looks great
BringMeTheSandwich 3 giorni fa
lol sneaking that Salah goal in there like it belongs there
Kaweesa Isaac
Kaweesa Isaac 4 giorni fa
It was so marvourous to watch ythanks alot for your time to produce such. keep it up.
Emilio Lopardo
Emilio Lopardo 4 giorni fa
Maradona al final... Sublime
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 4 giorni fa
Ronaldinho GOAT position forever
CASPERA 4 giorni fa
Man, Hazard could have been some much more
Willian Avelino
Willian Avelino 4 giorni fa
Funny how these kind of compilations never show the follow-up for the plays... ...must be because more than half of them never result in anything but a missed pass or cross.
makaveli2989 4 giorni fa
OMG. R9 was like an alien!!!!
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 4 giorni fa
Once in life time and yet we see again and again Zidane :) (Maybe you can make one like that for Ronaldo too :) The Brazilian ofc.). How many players broke a knee and returned as all time champions? :)
RED 4 giorni fa
"Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ" 12:10 Dribbling around a lazy fake attempt at a tackle...
Demir Poyraz
Demir Poyraz 5 giorni fa
sjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj sjsjsjsjsjsj
Jael Israel
Jael Israel 5 giorni fa
I did
Sefer Kocyigit
Sefer Kocyigit 5 giorni fa
Best skills video i've see on YT
coco alex
coco alex 5 giorni fa
bagamias pulan in youtubeul asta sami bag cu reclamele voastre cu tot
Leigh Cook
Leigh Cook 5 giorni fa
Why is there more than one scene then? 😂
Javier10Jose x
Javier10Jose x 5 giorni fa
0:52 ocurrió tres veces seguidas
juan sebastian norte
Un solo regate de Maradona ponen ?
Rickerd van de reep
I do miss the legendary Cruijff turn in this one.
Izaias ANDRADE 5 giorni fa
R10 melhor que todossssssss👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
KIRITO KHAN 5 giorni fa
Que buena la de metzu ozil!!!
جرب الوصفة مع راضية
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك عليك يا حبيبي يا رسول الله
Saakib 5 giorni fa
Ahh the days when we were allowed to breathe without a face nappy 🤐
Luke Herrington
Luke Herrington 6 giorni fa
whats the name of the first song? It wasn't in the description
Njabzillah 6 giorni fa
Barely any skill. Just dribbling.
ekin sarp bakmaz
ekin sarp bakmaz 6 giorni fa
Miguel Urdaci
Miguel Urdaci 6 giorni fa
Hay mejores futbolistas que Ronaldinho, tal vez, pero no hay mejor artista futbolista
spidy9237 6 giorni fa
ball artist...someone train 30y and couldn't do this...
W.G. Lewis
W.G. Lewis 6 giorni fa
Once in a lifetime? Don't be silly.
Puello Art
Puello Art 6 giorni fa
Faltaron los del mágico Gonzales y muchos más de Ronaldinho.
Samuele Murru
Samuele Murru 6 giorni fa
Magic box zola🔥
Jesaja G Angula
Jesaja G Angula 6 giorni fa
Incomplete without @Okocha🙏🏽
ruky deez
ruky deez Giorno fa
Ljpmmm 6 giorni fa
Thankyou for the Maradona tribute at end , the master
Major Dream
Major Dream 6 giorni fa
Legendary skills that happens once in a lifetime and Messi was in the video atleast 10 times 😁
Ameer S. Mahdi
Ameer S. Mahdi 6 giorni fa
I enjoyed the background songs more then the vid himself lmao
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 6 giorni fa
the roar of crowds... miss that
Paulo Campos
Paulo Campos 6 giorni fa
6:34 how in the fat fishes of a phenomenal Fahrvergnügenis is that possible?
Russell Shore
Russell Shore 6 giorni fa
Give that all of these happened in my lifetime, I'd say you might want to check your title again. :)
Paulo Campos
Paulo Campos 6 giorni fa
4:41 🥵😲
Paul Green
Paul Green 6 giorni fa
Thumbs up for the vid but thumbs down for the sounds ha ha.
Christian a
Christian a 7 giorni fa
Q titulo tan cabrón y exagerado
Macieq937 7 giorni fa
Pozdro z lekcji
Ishh826 Bduhv
Ishh826 Bduhv 7 giorni fa
اللهم صلي ع سيدنا محمد
Radu Valorau
Radu Valorau 7 giorni fa
Bravo Robinho!!!!!!!!!!!
Yomper 7 giorni fa
Was expecting usual rubbish but it was a decent watch and glad you had zola in it..
nick_2k 7 giorni fa
sure those guys have more talent in a single toe than me in my whole body but i really wonder if almost nobody of them got taught to use both of their legs/feet when they started out. it's so sad to see that a lot of those players limit themselves to using only their strong foot
Yusuf Açık
Yusuf Açık 7 giorni fa
R9: Lethal Dribling
Blu Bla
Blu Bla 6 giorni fa
Ronaldinho n messi say hi
NowySław 7 giorni fa
Where is Lewandowski - master of 2020
Doonie602 7 giorni fa
the GOAT 2:22
Jeroen Geurtsen
Jeroen Geurtsen 7 giorni fa
Nice, but you could throw out some Messi and add the Cruyff-turn and two legendary goals of Dennis Bergkamp.
Ndatenda Pasipamire
amazing skill from ronaldinho
Noah Ernst
Noah Ernst 7 giorni fa
wtf does he mean with ONCE in a Lifetime this happens all the time
Rrock Cj
Rrock Cj 8 giorni fa
12:26 the way that goalkeeper was working his ass off jumping into the stratospehere to catch that ball tells us a lot about the possibilities to score back then
Sabalerito M
Sabalerito M 8 giorni fa
whats the name of the song in 7.50
Coco Bongo
Coco Bongo 8 giorni fa
I like his skills but I don’t like when it’s against Arsenal.
N Smart Online Services
ronaldo fans like here
WON R 8 giorni fa
The best skill is Mahrez's Skill
Josè Eduardo Hernàndez Ascencio
finally a skills video with good music
Yngwie Raihan
Yngwie Raihan 8 giorni fa
Taarabt, ben arfa was something else
Ross E. Baum
Ross E. Baum 9 giorni fa
I would say you forgot Bergkamp, but to him it didn't only happen once a lifetime, but alot.
marivor58 9 giorni fa
There used to be this guy called Best...
atharv chopade
atharv chopade 9 giorni fa
miss - two nutmegs at a time by bale
Vali John
Vali John 9 giorni fa
and i miss Ribery too
Vali John
Vali John 9 giorni fa
i have to try dese skillz
Utku Uzuntaş
Utku Uzuntaş 9 giorni fa
Ali Abbasi
Ali Abbasi 9 giorni fa
oinotnA Fú
oinotnA Fú 9 giorni fa
las de ronaldinho no pasaron una vez en la vida, las hacía desde niño igual, esas dominadas las vimos hasta em un comercial de joga bonito
Даня Федченко
7:45 what song is it? Pls
abdoul khadre sow
abdoul khadre sow 9 giorni fa
Ronald Landazury
Ronald Landazury 9 giorni fa
Tome su like buen hombre!...
Markus Mueller
Markus Mueller 9 giorni fa
wow I must have lived quite a few lifetimes.
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