Imagine Dragons - Cutthroat (Official Music Video) 

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Directed by Matt Eastin

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5 mag 2021




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Stefano Centofante
Vi amo cazzo!
P4NKY 11 ore fa
Damn now I hope this song will not be forgotten though long live imagine dragons ^^
assyifa bintang
assyifa bintang 14 ore fa
YEESS!!! I love this so so much
IronManx70 Giorno fa
This is utter shite, the most insufferable song of 2021. Stick to car commercial pop songs and don't try to rip off NIN anymore ever.
ImBruh Giorno fa
In PUBG solo mode-0:43
Jonny T
Jonny T 2 giorni fa
Unless you are/have been Mormon, I don't think you can fully understand this song. I might be reading into things a little differently, but when Dan says, "only one of us gon make it out alive and it's not you" I believe he's talking about the church. I can get into specifics, but all the lyrics allude to it and make sense if interpreted that way. The video also points to it.. when she's driving perfectly well at the beginning of her "test" but still gets docked. When she first drives outside the lines and gets an F. The "Now Serving __" sign at the DMV (church) counts to either 99 or 1, alluding to the fact that the LDS church doesn't cater to the 1, but to the 99 - opposite of Jesus' teaching. There are many others that I can also explain, but having been born and raised in the church and leaving it a couple years ago, interpreting this song this way chokes me up. It's such an interesting culture Dan and I grew up in. So much good, but so much pain. Dan, I'd love to have a heart to heart with you about church stuff and also just about life. I also make music (Foreign Figures) and would love to create with you. I could be totally wrong about my interpretation, but it makes all the sense to me and pulls out deep emotions. Much love, Jonny T.
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
Why is this masterpiece so underrated?? 😢
ShadowR_ 3 giorni fa
gaming with Joey and skipper
Let's get up to 30 million
Emilia Simonetti
Emilia Simonetti 4 giorni fa
# 13
# 13 4 giorni fa
Gawd! Dan is on fire!!!! One of his best vocal performances 🤘🤘🤘😱
Sweet mask
Sweet mask 4 giorni fa
Why does it sound 0:12 like sub urban
christian ian
christian ian 4 giorni fa
i love this song its one of imagine dragons best it helps me relax and i am going to use this song when taking driving lessons hahaha
Harris Braton
Harris Braton 4 giorni fa
1:58 "The Ice-cream in the fridge 'when you decided you will eat only healthy.
AVI_EDITZZ 4 giorni fa
Susan Guikema
Susan Guikema 4 giorni fa
RIP Dans lung
Luca basile
Luca basile 4 giorni fa
Bjork get out of Imagine Dragons’ body
Rose Ylovs
Rose Ylovs 5 giorni fa
This guys very talented.👁💓
DJ Balentine
DJ Balentine 5 giorni fa
Honestly this song deserves so much more views and love this song should be a gta 6 character when they turn on each
Nikola Merdzanov
Nikola Merdzanov 6 giorni fa
New favorite workout song.
Fernando Pereira
Fernando Pereira 6 giorni fa
Olivia Munn?
Piya Botha
Piya Botha 7 giorni fa
Kristian Jerez
Kristian Jerez 7 giorni fa
y Daniel Platzman que paso con el?
Syakirin57 7 giorni fa
damn, reminded me of the old ID
Kacper 8 giorni fa
Im listening to this before my exam ;))
Chico random
Chico random 8 giorni fa
My new favorite song
AlpsAdds Advait&Apurva
This song has crossed the limits of imagination. *Imagine Dragons, your name will be written in golden words and learnt in history after a few decades.*
AlpsAdds Advait&Apurva
I have heard radioactive
DaftRipper 7 giorni fa
ever heard of radioactive, your mind will be blown
Cícero Vieira
Cícero Vieira 8 giorni fa
Simplesmente, viciei! 😍👏🏻
Chico random
Chico random 9 giorni fa
WoW 💞🌈
What is up Danger
What is up Danger 9 giorni fa
And in the end it doesn't even matter...
Pierremariejean Ahlstrom
The savagery of the music... excellent.
SpudHockey 12
SpudHockey 12 9 giorni fa
Just had some McDonald’s and now I’m motivated to workout thanks guys.
WHAT EVER! 10 giorni fa
Aida Adia
Aida Adia 10 giorni fa
That woman is 40 but she looks for mid twenties, some people just don't age.
Jaqueline Lightwood
Jaqueline Lightwood 11 giorni fa
jayayerawn 12 giorni fa
Here's an actually good 'Cutthroat' : it-plans.info/white/video/m3KqppGOq8ubjm0
Nattie Draws
Nattie Draws 12 giorni fa
This video doesnt match the song in the slightest and doesn't have a coherent story arc to match the song. Who was in charge of that? There could have been a much better video here
Rechel Ramig
Rechel Ramig 12 giorni fa
I love Imagine Dragons, but this is a really unlikable song for me. I do like how they branch out into different styles of music, I just find this sounds plain ugly.
Lacelina Arriego
Lacelina Arriego 12 giorni fa
The dislikes are from those people who got startled by Dan's voice.
Elyssa Grace
Elyssa Grace 9 giorni fa
I usually hate yelling, but I am totally down for Dan doing it!
Jeremy Rubio
Jeremy Rubio 12 giorni fa
My wife is right- This should be the theme for March Madness next season. 🏀 🤘
Jenniffer Kresser
Jenniffer Kresser 13 giorni fa
That reminds an experience that I had in MVC, i also wanted to explode that place 🤣🤣
ramesh kandpal
ramesh kandpal 13 giorni fa
She got her driver liscence last month like they always talk about
Фассбендер магнито
Olivia munn❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeyciane Silva
Jeyciane Silva 14 giorni fa
Só tem gringo aqui? Brasileiros, cadê vocês?
тıa яıтa
тıa яıтa 13 giorni fa
to aqui ;-;
Tanish Jain
Tanish Jain 14 giorni fa
My ears bled after hearing this. What on earth was this
AX GAMING 14 giorni fa
Why only 2.9 M.. Wtf guys
Tweemasters 14 giorni fa
This song is seriously underated... I know it's edgy but, come on. it's AWESOME!
YNW Smelly
YNW Smelly 14 giorni fa
These nuts across yo face
Slamsy The Weeb 👉😀👈
Chris Berry
Chris Berry 15 giorni fa
Stop talking about it... You have a family, you have kids... You need to stay alive
Georgeson Gray
Georgeson Gray 15 giorni fa
Wowoow...i am dying..so incredible voice...this why I love.. imagine dragon ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Scars on Louise
Scars on Louise 16 giorni fa
We did a cover of Cutthroat for the Imagine Dragons Cover Contest :) Feel free to check out our version on our channel! it-plans.info/white/video/lJtsbJCAZ7KD23E
Jeddy John
Jeddy John 16 giorni fa
Alpha NDAYISHIMYE 16 giorni fa
16 Amena Akter Lajuk
Awesome 😎
Rebecca Carlson
Rebecca Carlson 16 giorni fa
Another great one directed by Matt Eastin!!
FIT FOLK 16 giorni fa
Jajaja el cantante principal le copió el estilo al gaspi
Laber Nicht
Laber Nicht 17 giorni fa
Olivia Munn is hot!
King Enow
King Enow 17 giorni fa
it-plans.info/white/video/fpeYjXuGa8BjyH4 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂
Triangle Wheel
Triangle Wheel 17 giorni fa
The girl in the thumbnail gave me the impression that when God came up with her concept art he literally used the letter V as a reference but decided it would be too outlandish so he blended it with a nice curvy U. Just sharing my opinion on this random lil bit
たくたく 17 giorni fa
so difficult to karaoke
Su Su Hlaing
Su Su Hlaing 18 giorni fa
Like this. 💚💚💚
David Westlake
David Westlake 18 giorni fa
Argya Empire
Argya Empire 18 giorni fa
We Will Rock You + Humble
Joy Dip
Joy Dip 18 giorni fa
Wait for few months and people will come to IT-plans by searching this song 🙂
Xxsway opxX
Xxsway opxX 18 giorni fa
Man this is pretty bad expected more out of imagine dragons
Jaxnado 18 giorni fa
Replace Olivia with Napoleon Dynamite and you’ve got yourself the long awaited sequel
Deimante Simkute
Deimante Simkute 19 giorni fa
For me this song is as lovable as believer is 🙂
kenji6622 19 giorni fa
wtf is this
TheHd3468 19 giorni fa
Korn vibes :)
RandomNachòś 19 giorni fa
It’s interesting how every second the scene cuts out into something new
grand theft Ale
grand theft Ale 19 giorni fa
1:24 1:39 1:01
MitobeGuy 19 giorni fa
*Breaks pencil tip during exam* " *I'M SOOOO MISUNDERSTOOD-* "
12Cris12 19 giorni fa
New song huh
Bareilly FRS
Bareilly FRS 20 giorni fa
I am here after live performance and that video is better than this video
Vika Talero
Vika Talero 20 giorni fa
Solo 5 segundos y movió las fibras en mi!!! Ufs!!!
Imagine dragons biggest fan
I just love how they sing great job imagine dragons stay like that !
You Been Plagued
You Been Plagued 20 giorni fa
I’m still undecided about how i feel about this song
Slamsy The Weeb 👉😀👈
Same because of the voice crack 😭😩
Triangle Wheel
Triangle Wheel 17 giorni fa
@Meredith Mynerose but two or more is socially unacceptable *choose wisely*
J T 17 giorni fa
same lol
Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer
Its okay not to like one of their songs
EFEXTR 20 giorni fa
Director: how angry do you want this song to be? Dan: YESSS
phantomSV 14 giorni fa
Cutthroat? Cut vocal cords!
Vika Farah
Vika Farah 20 giorni fa
Maxi 20 giorni fa
this song is horrible
k dulanjaya
k dulanjaya 20 giorni fa
Luqman Ismail
Luqman Ismail 20 giorni fa
Imagine Dragons is going metal or what hahaha
Chelsie Nicholas
Chelsie Nicholas 20 giorni fa
How I imagine the world will be when I get my license. 😂
Anna-Richard Pohl
Anna-Richard Pohl 21 giorno fa
you go girl!!
Maria Marcia
Maria Marcia 21 giorno fa
Imagine Dragons entregando como sempre!
Mr Pig king
Mr Pig king 21 giorno fa
Woah this is a little too good
JOSH? 21 giorno fa
So this is called perfection?
andrea gdhs
andrea gdhs 19 giorni fa
Sad Sia
Sad Sia 21 giorno fa
В этом году сдавала на права. Чувствовала тоже самое. )))
Nadine Orlando
Nadine Orlando 21 giorno fa
I need the album right now.
Nadine Orlando
Nadine Orlando 21 giorno fa
I'm so proud, this video is incredible.
Minh Phan
Minh Phan 21 giorno fa
They from Rock ,now be Roll
Viraaj Singh
Viraaj Singh 21 giorno fa
Want that good. They have already given so many hits and set a high benchmark. So we expect nice songs
Viraaj Singh
Viraaj Singh 21 giorno fa
Imagine Dragons always blowing our minds
sosiscream 21 giorno fa
Teriak teariak doank 🇮🇩🇮🇩
Rizal Oktavian
Rizal Oktavian 21 giorno fa
Perfect song
Filip Cienciała
Filip Cienciała 22 giorni fa
Lubię pom...hlep
Filip Cienciała
Filip Cienciała 22 giorni fa
ogólnie to jest git ta piosEnKa
Bobby Wright
Bobby Wright 22 giorni fa
Nine inch nails much!!!
Filip Cienciała
Filip Cienciała 22 giorni fa
ebać pis
Filip Cienciała
Filip Cienciała 22 giorni fa
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