Honest Trailers | Black Widow 

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Honest Trailers | Black Widow
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Logan Rees, Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen & Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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20 lug 2021




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Commenti 4 555   
JJREDS 1 Ora fa
Manasi Ranade
Manasi Ranade 2 ore fa
Please do Kate and Leopold!!
_a_girl_is _no_one
Eric B
Eric B 2 ore fa
3:53 best joke in this trailer
bels dacumos
bels dacumos 3 ore fa
we finally have a Black Widow movie!!! and an honest trailer! ❤❤💜 so how do i get you guys to do an honest trailer of Run BTS? 😁
k gross
k gross 5 ore fa
no mention of them butchering smells like teen sprit in the opening
A R 6 ore fa
Despite its flaws, I still adore this movie
Nick-E Nicole
Nick-E Nicole 7 ore fa
Even this Honest Trailer can't make this thing interesting enough to pirate.
Stephen Trotter
Please do trollhunters rise of the titans and get the writers to apologize for the worst ending to a series ever!
Nate L
Nate L 11 ore fa
The game The movie
That brutal murder at the end, though! 😂
SSTIM 13 ore fa
The wint-her sold-her
happy 14 ore fa
This movie is pure rubbish
Say Honest Trailers won't do a Demolition Man trailer because we've gone woke, and won't do a movie that turned out to be more prophecy than fiction.
Holly Fae
Holly Fae 15 ore fa
I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who thought the young actress looked like Milla Jovovich!!! 🤣
Ricardo Pantaleo Añel
We need the Honest Trailer of Old 2021.
ArmaBiologica35 20 ore fa
In soviet Russia M C's U. ...I lost it.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 23 ore fa
"a floating fortress that avoids detection because it's...CLOUDY"
Dexeria Giorno fa
I just realized, Drakov is literally a girlboss
Tanishq Rawat
Tanishq Rawat Giorno fa
can we get a trailer for suits now for god sakes
Christian Erickson
We all wanted to see what happened in Budapest. Hell, they could have just called it "Black Widow: What Happened in Budapest." It could have been amazing. It was still pretty good, but still.
Christian Erickson
@eioshen boboi Okay?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 23 ore fa
The ultimate friendzone moment 😂😂😂😂😂5:23
DabbinDaamus Giorno fa
i lost it at the girl power joke lmao
Dave Rodríguez
Dave Rodríguez Giorno fa
It was an amazing video, thanks I laughed a lot
Mike m
Mike m Giorno fa
Do Fast 9!!!!!!! Do Fast 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Fast 9
KoolKirt1 Giorno fa
Honest trailer you all was more funny long time now you gone stale
R Dragon
R Dragon Giorno fa
I think was another mess-up of Disney like star wars.
Mathson M
Mathson M Giorno fa
Lame a$$ movie
Idankpo Augustine
I thought I was the only one who noticed that he was Harvey Weinstein. They even did the smell thing.
Divyajyoti Giorno fa
Loki! Do Loki!!!! How can you miss Loki and do Black Widow... Also I want to be featured in the video
Rock Start
Rock Start Giorno fa
Grate v..
Zharko 4 JC
Zharko 4 JC Giorno fa
I couldn't hold it on Harvey Weinstein..
Will Thorson
Will Thorson Giorno fa
I enjoyed it. That's it.
Wraith and Ruin
Wraith and Ruin 2 giorni fa
Loki next please
Michael Miane
Michael Miane 2 giorni fa
Do a F9...
The Sandman
The Sandman 2 giorni fa
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dj Griffen
Dj Griffen 2 giorni fa
The ultimate friendzone moment 😂😂😂😂😂5:23
VannTheDawn 2 giorni fa
Her surviving so many falls just shits on how she died in Endgame. She just went full John Wick on this movie, surviving falls that would make Ethan Hunt proud.
CL Pro
CL Pro 2 giorni fa
"the most brutal murder in black widow's history" "... you are a good friend..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Helen H
Helen H 2 giorni fa
"what if the most powerful force on earth, girl power" HELP LMAOO
Josue Montero
Josue Montero 2 giorni fa
You forgot the part where she is literally flying out of the sky and somehow lands and is okay. Like what???
DSC 2 giorni fa
Nice how Taskmaster lost weight and height so fast....
MachineHead 2 giorni fa
and it sucks!
Asil Ahmed
Asil Ahmed 2 giorni fa
"...but she regrets it, so no harm no foul mama!"
Gaurav Mehta
Gaurav Mehta 2 giorni fa
I really feel sad for that Pig.
RogueBrit Gravy1
RogueBrit Gravy1 2 giorni fa
What a waste of taskmaster.
Ivan Popov
Ivan Popov 2 giorni fa
I couldn't stand the fake Russian accent.
Andrew The Andrew
Andrew The Andrew 2 giorni fa
Y’all are kinda nit picky tbh. This movie was an A+
Some Random Guy on the Internet
Say: “Attack of the Clones is the best Star Wars movie, Jar Jar Binks is the best character, and the ‘I don’t like sand’ bit is the most underrated monologue in cinema history.”
Indra Lesmana Liem
Indra Lesmana Liem 2 giorni fa
should've create this after scarlet sue disney
wAnNAbe oN A FeNCe oR sOMethiNg
Should we do a LOKI Honest Trailer please
john banks
john banks 3 giorni fa
hit the nail on the russian head, not a solo-black widow film.....which is what everyone wanted. Should have known she would still get screwed out of her film oh and NOT Taskmaster, so now we dont actually get a REAL Taskmaster......like we do not get a real BW solo Film?????
fasina joshua
fasina joshua 3 giorni fa
Do a guilty gear honest trailer
jake rover
jake rover 3 giorni fa
Epic voice guy doesn't know how to say "mischievous". I'm shocked.
Da Moe
Da Moe 3 giorni fa
Havery Weinstein 😂😂🤣
IamAlive Fortoday
IamAlive Fortoday 3 giorni fa
shouldve been scarped
Hurley Francois
Hurley Francois 3 giorni fa
please say ... hello hurley.
Saddam Zenati
Saddam Zenati 3 giorni fa
Plot twist : melina got that vest from guy the taijutsu master of shinobi..
xwulfd 3 giorni fa
1:25 who on earth this kid on the left? he suddenly kept appearing on the movies rofl
Jason Jacoby
Jason Jacoby 3 giorni fa
How do these keep getting better?
Romeo Malcon
Romeo Malcon 3 giorni fa
In Russia the m sees you 🤣🤣🤣👌
Rock Start
Rock Start 3 giorni fa
Nice v..
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep 3 giorni fa
God, the honest trailer jokes we could have gotten over the recent lawsuit. A little too late for that, I guess. Anyway, go ScarJo!
Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert 3 giorni fa
It should have leaned more into the spy stuff and been about locating the raft.
Johanna Wolf
Johanna Wolf 3 giorni fa
Can we get a Loki honest trailer??? PLEASEEE
MasterCrumble 3 giorni fa
I think Black Widow just has the secret power of health regeneration. She can survive any action scene.
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 3 giorni fa
Jack Dubz
Jack Dubz 3 giorni fa
I liked Black Widow better when it was the over-arching plot for the first three seasons of Agents of SHIELD.
Dre 3000
Dre 3000 3 giorni fa
Friend-zoned! Oh the pain and suffering from blue balls.😂 He wanted to hit it SO BAD. Poor guy. Natasha was cold-blooded.
Walt Wizard
Walt Wizard 3 giorni fa
You always were a good friend to me 💀
t r
t r 3 giorni fa
The girl power joke 🤣😆
Arkhamj81 3 giorni fa
bladestrikerr 3 giorni fa
Say what you want, but Florence Pugh actually nailed Russian accent
Lelouch the Douche
Lelouch the Douche 4 giorni fa
I love you guys for that Florence and the Machine reference 😂
FreddyKurganNimmo 4 giorni fa
Do "HIGHLANDER" next!👍
gabe holliday
gabe holliday 4 giorni fa
Do one for the old “Night at the Roxbury”
Sam Sahr
Sam Sahr 4 giorni fa
This was so funny. The murder at the end!
Nicholas Factor
Nicholas Factor 4 giorni fa
OMG MC'sU had me dying
JuliusBonapart 4 giorni fa
Ah, so you thought you wouldn't find me here this week. Alas! You were wrong. Please say: "I love you, the Lorax".
Morozov Denys
Morozov Denys 4 giorni fa
Russian is my native language, and I actually like how David Harbour speaks in this film.
cmdraftbrn 4 giorni fa
of course she stopped being megaman. she ran out of weapon energy and didnt pack an e-tank
Pavel Perez
Pavel Perez 4 giorni fa
I LOLd when he said Harvey Weinstein! 🤣
Do Demolition Man!
cross I
cross I 4 giorni fa
It was like tv series Nikita made into movie but only worse.
Varric 4 giorni fa
"Mini Jovovich" Is funny because is true.
Metroid Other M
Metroid Other M 4 giorni fa
Say “I am Ferdinand von ier”
joao victor k e lima
*Coachmaster* + *Harvey Weinstein*
Jimmy Jamm
Jimmy Jamm 4 giorni fa
"Who uses the power of his colossal stank to keep him safe." LOL!!!1
harsFIT 4 giorni fa
M sees u
Zairukis Cortéz
Zairukis Cortéz 4 giorni fa
"The evil mastermind, Harvey Weinstein, I mean Dreykov" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH best line ever.
ultramaximus 4 giorni fa
Her replacement looks more interesting.
Elijah McLean
Elijah McLean 4 giorni fa
Please do naruto next
Samuel Williams-Ojomu
1:51 - 2:11 Every Shonen character ever: Yep we experienced that alright
ankit kadam
ankit kadam 4 giorni fa
Mak Universe
Mak Universe 4 giorni fa
What's your GLORIOUS PURPOSE? Do LoKi ???
Mak Universe
Mak Universe 4 giorni fa
Philippines Unfiltered
strawberries & cigarettes
Do u guys think their Russian accent was sucks?
Senor Patacon
Senor Patacon 4 giorni fa
Am i the only one who heard Beowulf's voice everytime Dreykov spoke ?
androssteague 4 giorni fa
All the other characters shined in this movie except Black Widow. I'm more than ecstatic for Florence Pugh to take the helm.
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