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Snore Cardgage
Watching again here because even IT-plans TV includes the commercials
SavageCXV 5 ore fa
jessica be lookin Fiine tho
Obamium 5 ore fa
Rick hasn’t been the same since they added him into fortnite.....
This episode was AMAZING
Seth Rudfelt
Seth Rudfelt 5 ore fa
I'm dreaming right? They didn't just drop this on us for free did they? Pinch me.
Dawgers Nee
Dawgers Nee 5 ore fa
omfucking god its the guy from fortnite!!! (joke)
Rico BS
Rico BS 5 ore fa
Gode?fucjinnn bkesss?uu Aduktt Swimmm?GODSSS.!!!!!
Juan Bruce
Juan Bruce 5 ore fa
This show is f*cking awesome
socal frank
socal frank 5 ore fa
WAIT !!!....so why when morty goes into the portal he doesn't come back old 🤔🤔🤔
Key Vibrations
Aaron Rodriguez
This stunk.
Chooko Chinky
Chooko Chinky 5 ore fa
morty closed the portal on hoovey when they came out, he lowkey started all this shit for real real. why close it to just re open it? hoovey was just there to bring the crate bro.
Deadpool 5 ore fa
Morty went in HARD for that wine. What would you do? Would you do the same?
Sleeping Vortex
Leave me alone youtube algorithms
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy 5 ore fa
duuuude when nimbus rolled up and did the hip thrusts i burst out laughing man this is peak only get it if your big brain comedy
SOUL FIRE 5 ore fa
Morty can’t have shit man jeez
Riko DeFriko
Riko DeFriko 5 ore fa
Wild way to start S5 and I didn’t have to pay a dime🥳
Stephen 5 ore fa
Y’all are real ones for this ✊🏻
BlankAirplane 5 ore fa
Very solid episode
Critz 5 ore fa
gave us what we wanted then took it away, sorru morty
Owen Hansen
Owen Hansen 5 ore fa
The time dialation plot was so great i cant get over it.
Fernanda the dragon slayer
I want to believe that maybe now Jessica will have a more important role in the future but mostly she’ll be back to normal next time they show her 🙃
Shadow God's
Shadow God's 5 ore fa
Rick and Morty
Your Comrade
Your Comrade 5 ore fa
Am I the only that thinks [[adult swim] had a small amount of subs
Michael Wu
Michael Wu 5 ore fa
Honestly, Morty should be smart/cognizant enough by now to think twice before letting Hoovy through the portal. Morty’s gone on enough adventures with Rick to be mindful of things like that.
Macho Man
Macho Man 5 ore fa
Morty you had her there 😞
Cesar Cueto
Cesar Cueto 5 ore fa
This was trash. The voice acting is phoned in, the writing is contrived and the end result is an episode that made me chuckle once or twice but did not keep me entertained. What a steep decline in quality when compared to the first season. When shows have a dedicated following that networks order several seasons of it in advance, then the writers know they don't have to try anymore. They've accomplished what most networks want their shows to become....a syndicated show. Anyway, once a show gains a strong following, the writers, producers, etc, sometimes even the actors, phone it in because no matter how bad the quality of the new episodes, they know people will continue watching it. Seasons 1-3 of Rick and Morty were its golden age before it started its decline in season 4 and now it appears season 5 is the final stage where it stopped trying.
person person
person person 5 ore fa
love the show, but, yes. You’ve described expected human behavior 😞. I still pull for hope; you never know for sure. These guys are certainly creative.
Sarah Damko
Sarah Damko 5 ore fa
Holy shit holy shit holy shit I love this show
Bill Badson
Bill Badson 5 ore fa
the ocean is lava
Shaun Moler
Shaun Moler 5 ore fa
Glad i didn’t have to wait for the streaming service that shall not be named to watch this. Well, at least this first episode of the season…
Greg Moon
Greg Moon 5 ore fa
0:05 In the top left you can see the original cartoon parody of Back to the Future that became the base for Rick and Morty in a crystal.
Bebop Buubop
Bebop Buubop 5 ore fa
This show better not get canceled
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 5 ore fa
Rick seems to have a habit of dishing out endless I-told-you-so's no matter what is happening. I mean he never told anyone about Nimbus and yet he acts like he predicted every event would happen.
Barr-Nunn Tech
I switched to iPhone 12 and it’s a bit hard to download torrents so thanks adult swim
Accènted 5 ore fa
I haven't watched since s2
Vanity 5 ore fa
they dope asf for doing this
The Rap Game
The Rap Game 5 ore fa
Should of called his mister bulge or tiny weenie or the man i really though just writing more would of made me think of a really cool name.
Stash 5 ore fa
trevor wood
trevor wood 5 ore fa
Oh my god. It’s on youtube. I had already given up being able to watch it and here it is.
jeimiii429 5 ore fa
“Ohhhh nintendo what are you doing to me”
INevaFreeze 5 ore fa
Lol Nintendo 69 I just can't anymore.
Alessandro Nunez
Great episode
Danny Monzon
Danny Monzon 5 ore fa
Is it just me, or did Summer get better?
guvnah76 5 ore fa
What the fuck did I just watch.
fish 5 ore fa
Hi master chief
the learner
the learner 5 ore fa
14:50 - when the fuck did morty get them hands, broh? definitely something bigger going on with his development these last couple seasons. he's really come a long way.
Coweatingpie 5 ore fa
Such a good episode!
serg X
serg X 5 ore fa
awesome! just when I thought it could not get any more wierder it did!
qwivit 5 ore fa
Anthony Sanchez
Honestly, this is a pretty good showcase of a season opener for newcomers without relying too heavily on Canon changes. Especially shining light on its dark humor and tone with subtext.
Jose Saldana
Jose Saldana 5 ore fa
The first ten seconds had me rolling already 😂
lnterceptor00 5 ore fa
Thank you!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 ore fa
I can’t believe I almost died. Thanks to Morty for saving me
jeffrey spinner
Yeah, you can't give this shite away. This is what happens when a man gets money and he still can't get laid. This episode was _horrible._ Really, I'm tired of only gay male characters anymore. I just stopped watching. Even with the kid screwing up, the father always the cuck and not getting the girl again. Tired of all that too. It's like a broken record. Like I said, the creator of the show now wealthy still can't get laid. Now that is pathetic. Another season not to wtach. Tyvm. Maybe we'll get to see Seth green's kidding room where he stores his playthings? The kids that "visit" without their consent? All of you guys should be in jail is we didn't live in a psychopath's hell. See ya' never.
Zach Kahn
Zach Kahn 5 ore fa
This was fucking amazing
Yung_Accident 5 ore fa
funny af episode
GoldenGame 1689
So are we all going to forget that there's 2 Beth's and now the portal gun and is a portal taser?
HellbentX_X 5 ore fa
To the guy who bet 100$ that this episode will show why Rick is scared of pirates, where is my money?
Kevin riser
Kevin riser 5 ore fa
The morty portal story should have been much more in depth, otherwise good start to the season.
Sk3lly Null
Sk3lly Null 5 ore fa
Yo wtf happened- last time I watched rick and morty they stopped time and partied... and now wtf is happening?
fish 5 ore fa
Some crazy shit broh.
consicedisc 5 ore fa
Hearing fuck said so many times on this rather than censoring it on adult swim tv makes it so much funnier
Hatchett’s Gaming
Those fucking people when she held up the glove literally had to evolve thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of years to even comprehend the understanding of that glove. Could you imagine the stress, pain, anxiety, horror, and exhaustion of trying to understand how a fucking thing that you can put on your arm changed them so much and made them so evil but in fact not evil because in that situation Morty was the evil one... they advanced so far in their timeline because Morty just wanted to give the girl he loves wine that they became more advanced than Rick! Fuck I’m high...
Slider 7
Slider 7 5 ore fa
me watching this episode, what the fuck happened
Mike :D
Mike :D 5 ore fa
in my humble opinion, they don't miss
So just to make myself clear, Jerry & Beth are Poly because of Mr. Nimbus manipulating their sexual orientation to have sex with him which explains it a lot. 😏
pee poo
pee poo 5 ore fa
thank you for this
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 5 ore fa
what am i missing with the tooth???? we get a comment from rick about teeth, we see morty's tooth knocked out....where's the 3rd mention (comedy comes in 3's), i know i missed it, anyone seen it???? edit: meh, i see it, 14:03 and 14:10 thought i was going crazy for a sec :P
R Malcordia
R Malcordia 5 ore fa
Justin Roiland’s not in the “starring” credits. Did he not do the voice work?
Helios Apollyon
Greatest episode ever
Please post episode 2!
HyperHawkz 5 ore fa
I’ve watched this 3 times already and counting
benny dude
benny dude 5 ore fa
Justin roiland and Dan Harmon actually did parodies of Narnia back in the video 101 days.
TheBlackCam 823
I’ve never laughed so much at this show😂
Black actor Michael Douglas
Reddit ruined this show
Gaming_epics15 _
Adult Swim, admit it. You made this free because all the clout on TikTok? Either way, thank you.
FVCC YOU 5 ore fa
Dan Harmon, I love you.
Dylan Williams
“He’s Mr. Nimbus, he controls the police”
Andrei Cabrera
Why is no one talking about Nintendo 69😂
Teague is Trash
i love this, fucking awesome, they also took notes from emp i was noticing, great beginner
Yung The Heat
Yung The Heat 5 ore fa
Bro there 14 they cant drink wine. I guess the police cant do anything about it. Mr. nimbus controls the police
Nick Ambrosini
That sucked :(
J_chavezz4 5 ore fa
Is hasn’t showed up on Hulu
Force Sensitive
Did the voice actor for Jessica change?
UseAbuseReuse 6 ore fa
Edward salas
Edward salas 6 ore fa
People hating because it was that 👍
jason4275 6 ore fa
*Can someone explain that fact that this is not Rick and Morty original earth so how does it explain rick nemesis.*
Shadow Mind
Shadow Mind 6 ore fa
Aaaaand Rick finally got owned. By a fish man who makes Land wet.
Nick Acosta
Nick Acosta 6 ore fa
Jesus, this show is so much better without the bleeps.
宅咸鱼 6 ore fa
wow Jessica have be god ?
William Marin Ashmont
kickman 77
kickman 77 6 ore fa
That was quite a disappointing episode, hopefully the next episodes become more entertaining
fish 5 ore fa
Funny how everyone else enjoyed it lol ur just a buzzkill
Typachisama 6 ore fa
How to market 101
D M 6 ore fa
i love how ricks strongest nemesis is the man who is the living embodiment of "go directly to jail "
Mauricio Rhino
I always wanted to see Jessica's feet, and to have them in such an amazing episode, I'm very satisfied
Madame Blackimus Prime
This episode took a TURN.
RSB QC 6 ore fa
I like the step up with curses lmao
Tom Sid
Tom Sid 6 ore fa
Nintendo 69.
Dave M
Dave M 6 ore fa
I had to watch it here because my Xfiinity cable doesn’t come with Cartoon Network or Adult Swim. I’m gonna have to stream the rest of season 5 online because of this!
A Damn Jerry
A Damn Jerry 6 ore fa
Man, our bois got fucked over real bad in this one.