Friday Night Funkin' Official Ugh VS High Effort Ugh 2.0 Mod (FnF Week 7) 

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Friday Night Funkin' side by side comparison of official Week 7 Ugh vs the High Effort Ugh 2.0 Modd (FNF WEEK 7) for the PC in 1080p Ultra HD
Are you able to spot the difference? Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comment if you found anything else!
Get the game and support the creators of the game:
High Effort Ugh 2.0 Mod: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/17077
Friday Night Funkin' Week 7 is the newest update featuring Tankman, the Newgrounds mascot and Pico. A Newgrounds timed exclusive, also has a couple of his friends holding Girlfriend as a hostage. It's up to Boyfriend to save her the only way he can: the power of music!
1080p 60fps Friday Night Funkin' gameplay by CommunityGame (2021)
Friday Night Funkin' - WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes & Game Over Screens:
Friday Night Funkin' - Week 7: Hard Difficulty Gameplay & Cutscenes:
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19 apr 2021




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GhaniGaming 14 minuti fa
“more tankman goons appear in the background * shows the ones in the foreground *”
in high effort 2.0, tankman when finish his beatbox he smiling :D
clukz osu!
clukz osu! 6 ore fa
what is this
MUND0S NUEVOS 6 ore fa
What u missed: tankman diferente expresion when arrows, girlfriends hands and icons so close to full green bar
Level_ Genius
Level_ Genius 7 ore fa
the offical speakers are bigger witch makes privet skittles harder to see in the watch tower and the high effort goons dont have arrows on there arm but the offical goons do and the watch towers corner crack is textured differently and the offical has goons inside of tanks (sorry if thats what you ment by more details) if you look closely the 2 main goons move up and down differently and every 9, 7, or 2 seconds the high effort goons move there guns upwards. at the bottom of the screen bf actually has a mouth and eye brows are different and official watch tower is a tad taller and is closer to speakers
BadAssShadow 8 ore fa
Charts diff from official week 7
Steve tankman
Steve tankman 9 ore fa
Why I can not stop listening to ugh
Skoperin 10 ore fa
The first thing I noticed was the charting
Itz_ Del1nqu3nt
Itz_ Del1nqu3nt 10 ore fa
One thing tho you will see something at the top of the watchtower the mod is like a dirt puddle and the official is like a scratch
Jonathan Santana
well yeah
Ester Gonzalez
Ester Gonzalez 12 ore fa
me: gOoOoOooOooOoOoOoOooOooOoOOoOooOoOooOons :>
Mercer ̣
Mercer ̣ 13 ore fa
I prefer the charting on the mod. It looks so much cleaner
zafari frosting
zafari frosting 15 ore fa
you know that they haven’t watched the tankman series when they call private skittles a goon
Eevay . YT
Eevay . YT 15 ore fa
Another thing, the notes are actually different. As in different combination lol
Chocco Minty
Chocco Minty 15 ore fa
How about the bottom icons?
Defensor De Gachatubers Sanos
1:30 the oficial dont have the last up arrow
dannia sanabria
dannia sanabria 16 ore fa
Notes are diffrent dummy
TheTrashContent YT *Old account*
In the mod, the girlfriend's movement is a bit stiff. Am I correct?
17 ore fa
Đole games
Đole games 18 ore fa
Arows are different
Sten Bolt
Sten Bolt 18 ore fa
The ugh has to sta original
Andxrkol 20 ore fa
0:48 Is it me? or look at high effort's Bottom, Keith's smiling
『Lxvender_ Latte』
1:39 Dat scream makes me laugh everytime, i made this for u guys, and myself. To rewind for me to laugh XD
MrMozzie 21 ora fa
Heres another one- the two tankmen guarding GF are actually animated in the official one, while in the fanmade one, they just bob up and down
Adrian Villatoro
GF's fingers look conjoined together in the mod while the official one has her fingers separated
DIJANA COLON 22 ore fa
I wish when tankman said “ugh” girlfriend would move over to the side-
Aryathi Dwi31
Aryathi Dwi31 Giorno fa
The mod has better charting tbh
Samir P
Samir P Giorno fa
The difference is the mod. One is slower and the song pattern is a little different
the roblox core destructor
Tank man: well well well what do we got here Bf: BEEP
z_hwo is no more
You forgot that their movements
the wolf
the wolf Giorno fa
In the mod you realize that girlfriend is moving so Different
Gintoki - San
Gintoki - San Giorno fa
the arrows are not the same
hello Giorno fa
I like the original better
Skittles is the Sniper lul and he calls him GOON edit: Wow I realized that there are more walss/bricks in official, along with different mountain formation!
Samuraithepro Samu
exellent video *Smashes de like button*
Samuraithepro Samu
0:17: the first frame of "Ugh" Official Tankman expression looks like he's saying "OMG"
Esmeralda Morales
1:40 (Steve) AHHHHHHHH
Acuspir Giorno fa
God damnit Pico I was about to see thicc Demon Girlfriend.
Wyatt Gambill
Wyatt Gambill Giorno fa
Head Day
Head Day Giorno fa
You forgot about the thoung and the smoke and bricks
{tyro_fox gacha}
The animate says "ugh" official tankman note "up" mod tankman note "right"
TheSussyAmogus Imposter
Mod: for pros Og: Cut scenes
Yes Giorno fa
Tank man in the mod bops up and down quicker in his idle
Funny Mysterious Kid
ALSOOO The notes are different in the Official from the Mod
Bingus Giorno fa
why are you calling them "tankman's goons" tho like they have names
huda assaf
huda assaf Giorno fa
his nodding
Gustavo Córdoba Conejo
La jente la jente jente
Lil Person
Lil Person Giorno fa
I found 2 another differences that is obvious the arrows had changed and on the official one there is sometimes like water splashes
Docter-Cuddles Giorno fa
Another difference the mod bf misses more
TheBlakNinja Giorno fa
the next one has no rocks
Joao Vinicius Santiago Lopes
Official Tankman: He is not fast with the rhythm of the music
김지환 Giorno fa
And the mod Tankman feel the beat faster then official
Zizzy Zebra
Zizzy Zebra 2 giorni fa
You forgot that there are goons in the bottom of the screen watching
A_Human Gaming
A_Human Gaming 2 giorni fa
the *tower goon* or whatever is actully private skittles (i forgot how to spell lol) and he's a bad tankman guy
ZKA 2 giorni fa
The right tankman bops to the beat faster than the left one.
KaydenBom 2 giorni fa
You forgot about the foreground with the tankmens
sparkles 2 giorni fa
0:14 official tankman is bigger 0:23 the "ugh" expression are different 0:35 More of tankman's goons appear in background 0:49 official Background is more detailed 0:57 Smokey effect, rocks added & mountain change 1:03 official tankman's goons has a meaner expression 1:16 the official goon at watchtower watches more intensely 1:37 + an awesome cutscene!
XverteX 2 giorni fa
The most common difference: The arrow notes
Rich Ruiz
Rich Ruiz 2 giorni fa
Poor Steve tho
Trancer Hancer
Trancer Hancer 2 giorni fa
I just realized the guy in the tower is skiddles, as he has a different uniform. Why is he there? No idea.
JohnJeff 1010
JohnJeff 1010 2 giorni fa
And the most obvious..... The Notes!
Majin Gogeta ]
Majin Gogeta ] 2 giorni fa
You forgot that Mod Tankman moves faster in idle animation
Troll_Man ترولل _ مان
Loser 2 giorni fa
“Official goon at watch tower” That’s private skittles...
Gamer King3004
Gamer King3004 2 giorni fa
And 1:34 no smoke and rocks!
Gamer King3004
Gamer King3004 2 giorni fa
The arrows are deferent Color
Soice eener
Soice eener 2 giorni fa
Misses acuracy are the diference
Jahn Carlo Cayobit
Jahn Carlo Cayobit 2 giorni fa
There is one other difference...which is how tankman nods in beat....the official one is slow...while the mod one goes along the beat
Ninja Adw
Ninja Adw 2 giorni fa
bf’s health spite is different
Dylan Klein
Dylan Klein 2 giorni fa
Gf: has two men going to shoot her Also gf: omae wa mou, shindeiru...
quero dorito
quero dorito 2 giorni fa
music top vei 7-7
『 • Møcha Cloudz • 』
The mod is clearly not high effort compared
Lennard Ist ein mädchen
"Goon at watchtower" I feel violated
SantynwnRobLoxGAchAhEhE QwQ
girlfriend moves her arms more in original. In the mod He doesn't move his arms much
Emmanuel Velásquez Gómez
La cancion los esenarios
ProbablyJoe_ 2 giorni fa
ngl right ugh is yea and left ugh is actually ugh
froq 2 giorni fa
In summary: The official is better
Smoggy 2 giorni fa
There is smoke in official mod doesn't
Cristopher Lino Garcia
The Boyfriend logo is diferent
— Giselle.
— Giselle. 2 giorni fa
- Also, in the mod, Tankman's beat bounce goes faster.
SoySam :D!
SoySam :D! 2 giorni fa
@dexxonig.2.0:@dexxonig.2.0::CHARLI USA BOTS CHARLI USA BOTS CHARLI USA BOTS CHARLI USA BOTS copia y pega🥺
Marcus Yuan Sargan
Marcus Yuan Sargan 2 giorni fa
dont forget bf has different keys
kaden crockett
kaden crockett 2 giorni fa
types of ugh in the mods Tankman: Ugh Sky: *screams in fangirl Mom: A Senpai: Boop Ruv: *drum noise pufferfish edition: AuGh
Reee Ja_mes
Reee Ja_mes 2 giorni fa
goons names if you don't now em are Steve on the left Marvin on the right with strait goggles in the watch tower is skittles and there's bill in the tank now please watch the rated R series
batato simples
batato simples Giorno fa
steve is the guy on the tank bruh
Blazer Ray
Blazer Ray 2 giorni fa
Rip for Phil... Skittles should not have ended that man.
Javier Bustamante
Javier Bustamante 2 giorni fa
i personally like more the idle animation of the mod more than the official one,goes great with the beat
Kidsgraça 3 giorni fa
zjc2020 Videos
zjc2020 Videos 3 giorni fa
The official background has nukes or bombs
Deanne Cassie Ambrocio
The mod has no audience bcus got killed by tankman (I made it up lol)
Nam Hồ Hoài
Nam Hồ Hoài 3 giorni fa
look at hand girlfriend
michael jull 13 photo dan video Jull
Tankman so angry
aroxchomp palattao
aroxchomp palattao 3 giorni fa
the mod does not have the sybles on the goons shoulder (the ones pointing at GF)
Joy Basarte
Joy Basarte 3 giorni fa
Pause that 1:29 offical ugh has smoke but the mod has no dust
Suicide444 3 giorni fa
And sometimes when u hit notes on the official little droplet things will come out of the notes you hit
Blue Sweater
Blue Sweater 3 giorni fa
You forgot that the two goons in the background bounce different Official: bounce forward a bit and more up and down Mod: Less up and down
Oyunsuren Ariunbold
TANKMAN: YA LIL C---- ME: yea i'm outta here
Foxy Plush Production
1:15 his name is private skittles
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