Ferrari 512 BBi The Challenge of a Home Garage Rebuild 

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Exciting Updates on the Ferrari Boxer Project, Refurb Work and a Tyre Education all in Todays Video.
Many thanks to Longstone tyres. For all you tyre needs worldwide head to:
Tel: +44 (0) 1302 711 123
For Sponsorship Enquiries.
Email: scott@ratarossa.com
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28 feb 2021




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Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson 2 giorni fa
What steam cleaner do you have? It looks like the karcher but not sure which model (SC2,3,4,5)?
Ratarossa 2 giorni fa
yes just the basic SC2
MarksBikeExports 5 giorni fa
Huge mistake painting it, you are literally paying to de value your car.
Ratarossa 5 giorni fa
Let’s see about that shall we at the end of the build
Scott Bivins
Scott Bivins 11 giorni fa
You are mad its in pretty good shape.
Spadookie 23 giorni fa
I think thats an amazing piece of sh**. Full of heartache that will pay off.
Ian Inchley
Ian Inchley Mese fa
Absolutely paint it! No point having original paint unless it is spotless! This devaluation argument is a silly one! I would rather have a mint car than have one that is apparently worth more but annoys me every time I look at it! Keep up the good work!
Ratarossa Mese fa
Well said!
shake jones
shake jones Mese fa
I just subscribed to LONGSTONE TYRES...please put him on the next Concorde flight (have BA recommission just one flight, make sure they check the tires, and re-enforce the fuel tanks) to New York - he's gonna be a star! NewYorkers love Brits like that - STRAIGHT OUTTA UK BABY!
ElasticSoldier 0
Mate alloy cleaner/polish elbow grease would have left a fantastic finish on those tanks way better than spray.
blimpism Mese fa
Hmm...I'd go for paint correction and localised repair it's only original once and resale value will be affected.
Paulo Baptista
Nice content
Rev. David Willerup
I hope someone talks you out of a paint job.
Parzival14 Mese fa
If you did as much as you talked this would be done by now.
Alan Blair
Alan Blair Mese fa
She looks great with orignal paint, some times an old car looks to perfect when repainted which feels like people having cosmetic surgery, they are older than they look and looks to good to be true. But depends on the look and how bad the paint is and your movie can never show how good the paint is. Good luck.
Those fuel tanks need to be hot tanked, you're just giving them lip service, the oil tank, same thing. Pull the heads and do a valve job, quit playing around...
Michael Peterson
We are waiting for the next video ! Did you make an ice blaster what is going on ?
bjwhitegti Mese fa
Silly aerial? That thing rocks. Absolutely leave it.
Philip Rush
Philip Rush Mese fa
Come on man it's been 2 weeks from you posted a video it's been to long
M P H Mese fa
Missing the update this week. I'll put the kettle on anyway.
shaggy Daz Ashby
When I was 18 my mum &dad came home from holiday early cuss of bad weather. To find my race engine on the table in the kitchen she was Not to happy at all. She was very pleased I'd put the dishwasher on tho 😁 intill she opened it and found all my engine parts lovely and clean in there 🤗lol im 50 this year and still get remind lol 🇬🇧😁👍
The Brackens
The Brackens Mese fa
The problem indicated by the leakdown tester is not with the cylinder rings, so soaking them will not fix it. It won't harm it either. The problem is with the valves, and probably the exhaust valve. It will resolve itself when the engine runs, and not before unless you go through the enormous and probably unnecessary job of removing the head. Most likely one or both of the valves were left open when the engine last stopped. I guess that was the case for two cylinders, but you got lucky on the other side. A small amount of surface corrosion is all it takes to hold those valves open enough to lose all the compression. From your earlier video it seems the valves are not stuck, just not fully closing. Had it been the rings you would have heard the "hissing" through the crankcase, probably through the oil filler. When the engine runs the valves will clean themselves up in minutes and the cylinder will come back. That tiny amount of carbon is insignificant. It will break off and blow straight out of the exhaust. It's soft and won't cause damage. It's a matter for you, but I wouldn't be removing those heads. That will get expensive really fast. If necessary, run the engine on the bench if you don't want to risk putting it back in and having to remove it again. It's your engine. DO what you think best.
The Brackens
The Brackens Mese fa
Having now watched the second half of the video .... Yeah, the intake valve has a little surface corrosion. Don't sweat it.
pmyhill Mese fa
How do you manage to work on the car keeping your trainers that clean ! 😂
Martin Ferland
Excellent channel Mate. One conundrum though: the epic, misterious and inexplicable unwavering whiteness of those shoes
Keith Krieger
I'd spray the mirrors white as well.
Jamie Bourne
Jamie Bourne Mese fa
Theres an original 512BBi sales brochure on Ebay for £40-would compliment this car perfectly 👌
Mark google
Mark google Mese fa
Did you sell the 911 to ROB & CHRIS
Gary Obeso
Gary Obeso Mese fa
Please paint 🎨 it the original color
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan Mese fa
I would totally have a beer and hear about tyres with that chap in the shop.
miggyyoung Mese fa
I enjoyed the tire breakout from Longstone Tyres way more than makes sense
Douglas Kirk
Douglas Kirk Mese fa
EXCELLENT VIDEO AGAIN . . . More Valid Info . . .
Yes you are mad. Have the paint touched-up by a pro and leave it original. It's not a showpiece and never will be on your budget.
Gary Ferrari
Gary Ferrari Mese fa
Sort the rust but don’t paint it
Dtukev Vang
Dtukev Vang Mese fa
Support ratarossa, subscribe, then we can see these amazing cars
martin moffitt
Don't paint that car..it is what it is!!! original!
Justin Wolf
Justin Wolf Mese fa
crappy paint is crappy paint - there's nothing historic about the paint. time to strip and respray.
Fred Vallenet
Another great BB episode. I would only treat the rust and leave the paint as it is.
Craig Robertson
Not sure about the paint but financially whatever helps with Ferrari classiche
AR-Singh Mese fa
Another awesome video. Where did you buy the PB Blaster from in the uk?
Ratarossa Mese fa
i ordered it on ebay
I think repainting it is a bad idea. I wouldn't have even refurbished the wheels either,& only concerned with getting it mechanically 100%. It looked good enough after the clean up to me.
Pff, who needs Binky?
RobJaskula Mese fa
Dougal is a natural! Really enjoyed that
Daniel Dease-Weitzel Walker
I definitely think the car should be repainted. With this car being relatively rare, I do think it will be worth more later with the body damage and wear in its past, not in its future. Also, this was the pinnacle road Ferrari of its day and arguably, the best rendition of the Berlinetta Boxers, being the injected 512. You already have a flat rat, so this one needs to be the complete opposite IMO. Sorry for the late reply, Scott - I watched this the other day, but I've been so busy with work, I haven't had time to follow up. Lastly, a loud shout out to Dougal at Longstone Tyres - great information on the tech of its day. Very cool.
Fraser bradley
Much more cleaner
Chris Marshall
9.16 ... no etch primer first ??? 🙄🙄🙄
robro911 Mese fa
Originality is everything and it's only ever original once, don't lose it !
Jesse Easley
Jesse Easley Mese fa
Thank you for doing these videos!! We have a 365BB project car that we need to dive into so all this information is really helpful
andrew petrou
Stephen Fry really knows his stuff :-)
David Sprigg
David Sprigg Mese fa
I would have polished the tanks would have looked brill
CivicChina Mese fa
Save that paint, please!
John Spanos
John Spanos Mese fa
Ooooh. I’d ask a real car appraisal professional about original vs new paint. This has got to be one of the single most unique BB 512 find right now.
Jonathan Jackson
Totally understand why you would want to paint the car if you are looking for something immaculate, but I love the Patina and originality of the car as it is. I would have definitely left it as-is for the time being and got the car mechanically and functionally tip top. Then, after driving for a while, perhaps I would then go down the paint route, but I do like it with all its battle scars! Either way, it will be an amazing car.
vondumalski Mese fa
####---+++++ Hey Sir, i have a general question today :-) What do you think about K&N Filters to put in a 360 ? Would you do that or better go with Stock OEM Filters for the Engine ? greetings fromn Germany
Atypical Driver
Never realized that's how you get the crinkle paint finish...cool!
John Villeneuve
Definitely get the paintwork and little tin work issues sorted now that it’s all dismantled. Original paint be damned. You’ll be way happier with it in the end
Duc Rider
Duc Rider Mese fa
It's your car. Let the douchey purists go and phuq themselves!
Grady Harper
Grady Harper Mese fa
I tend to watch some of your Video's twice man hopefully it helps on your youtube royalty checks Your Channel it's premium Content man!
Ryan Huber
Ryan Huber Mese fa
Kroil try this stuff. It is expensive. I use it as a toolmaker. Far superior to pb blaster.
Graeme Hunter
If you can work it do it
mikes78 Mese fa
You should probably look into using an epoxy coating inside the fuel tanks to protect the tank and stop the risk of the motor ingesting flaked off flakes, etc. It's an extremely common thing to do with restoring older motorcycles.
i woulda put modern tires on. the grip of modern compounds is vastly superiors.
VoKa Mese fa
Really, your vids make me inspired and motivated to cope with my car and get into what I never thought I would be able to (308 though). Including the research of the how to and dont's. I have to say a great thank you for your work and enthusiasm to share all your experiences from scratch. Such a great benefit. Thanks so much and keep it up!! Good luck with this exciting project!
Jim Merriman
Jim Merriman Mese fa
How good is the paint shop? What are they charging? What product are they using to respray the car? Depending on your plans and the products used, that how I would decide whetyher to re-spray or no. If it's done right, with all the process steps, and the right paints and clear coating, that's one thing. If the plans called for a good to pretty good prep and paint job, I'd say keep it original paint. Just my 2 cents.
Henrik DK
Henrik DK Mese fa
why using time on the engine.. It need to be overhauled anyway
Vintage Automobilia
Dougal is a fountain of knowledge! Re. the restoration, its worth doing a job right and your certainly doing just that, catch those bubbles and dodgy paint bits now and it'll keep better in the long run, get her concourse!
Norwegian Car Guy
So impressive to take on all these projects from your home garage! Brilliant work
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Mese fa
Must have a real understanding wife to be cleaning car parts in the house lol. Looking forward to the finish product.
Fredrik Milder
james may goes mustach tyres
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
This may be of use: Matt Farah of TheSmokingTire channel had his Ferrari engine fully looked-over. The hoses and pipes looked fine from the outside, but they were actually rotten and corroded inside! You may want to look at yours. Video here: it-plans.info/white/video/rZ1mkpNhaLV1r44
hardergamer Mese fa
If the valve is leaking take the belt off and turn the cam back and forth slowly so you don't hit the pistons. but if you're taking the heads off I would regrind all the valve seats, It's an easy job to do yourself.
Mark Taggart
Mark Taggart Mese fa
May be worth getting those tanks pressure tested before you fit them
Chris Hesketh
Wow I just woke up 😴
focus88 Mese fa
I would wrap it. Carbon fibre colour.
Shawn Stanford
Early 80s Mustangs had Michelin TRX tires in 205/55r390.
Krule World
Krule World Mese fa
"Should i paint it or keep it like this?" dude, you've already got the Ratarossi, you don't need another. make it something you'll be proud to show off.
m35dd Mese fa
I would not touch the original paint, the little imperfections tell the story behind the car. This patina gives it its charm! But he it is your call:)
Craig Morgan
Craig Morgan Mese fa
I hate tyres,I've realised 😒
Ainsley Israel
what chemical did you put in your ultrasonic cleaner?.
Jason W
Jason W Mese fa
Perfect or not. If that’s original paint, to respray it is a crime.
rnmedic1839 Mese fa
Cylinder 12 either has bent valve or dropped a seat which is plausible considering the leakdown
c1d2e Mese fa
Gas tank in the sink and parts cleaner on the counter, clearly the misses was at work!
Ratarossa Mese fa
notice i was talking very quietly during those filming parts LOL
Kavinsky Smith
13:40 Jesus he's like if James May and Clarkson had a Baby! and I didnt know that ferrari even used 80 series tires, to 70 and then suddenly jumped to 55, huh, wonder why they didnt go with 60.
Coppertunes Mese fa
I'd hate to play the guy Dougal at Tyre Top Trumps.
I'm not a Mechanic
I love how your kitchen isn't an immaculate new designer one with gloss everywhere - you have spent your money in wiser places, and I am sure having Ferraris brings you more pleasure than a glossy kitchen would!
Ratarossa Mese fa
absolutely true
Ross White
Ross White Mese fa
You’re on the money, getting her painted it’s what she needs, she was THE very best in the country, so making her that way again..........you are serving her the very best justice. Keep up the good work, excellent vlog as always and roll on the next!💪🤟
Panagiotis Athanasopoulos
This and Number27's 308 are the two most interesting youtube series out there right now 😁
Ratarossa Mese fa
Thanks buddy. I was on the phone with Jack a couple of days ago talking through my engine issues.
chris mac
chris mac Mese fa
Good call on the full repaint, the original paint is only worth keeping if it has no dings or rust scabs, if every panel is needing work then a full respray is the way to go definitely, folks who are saying it will decrease the value if it is repainted, well Im not sure about that, as long as the car is repainted in its original factory colour and it is done to perfection, then it's fine to repaint it ,but also this car has other original features going for it that are important such as the pristine original interior.
"Car parked OUTDOORS, for years in rainy England, needs rust repair...." Color me shocked. These were NEVER designed or built to sit outdoors in England's foul weather for years-and-years.
Flickering Celluloid
Northern Italy has a similar climate. Milan has 1162mm of rain a year and an average temperature of 13 degrees. London 690mm and 10.8
Solstice Life
the joy of the old TRX wheels..... and sadly no other sizes... not even american standard... will fit because of the bead....
mcashnv Mese fa
Aero-Kroil is a much better penetrating oil than PB Blaster, WD40, or any other product that I know of..hard to find but you can order it online. May be illegal in England (it works too well).
Ratarossa Mese fa
ill check it out
If you can't afford the price of 500$ per tire, you might not be able to afford a Ferrari at all..
You know in your heart that the head is coming off ;-)
Ratarossa Mese fa
yes i know that for sure LOL
Keep in mind: No matter how perfect a car may be restored, it is only original once..
Jake Green
Jake Green Mese fa
"Number 2 is about to come out" Looks exactly like that
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
You should do an Amazon affiliate links to all the stuff you use. You earn money each time someone buys the tool once they click through on your link. The Wizard does it on his channel.
Ratarossa Mese fa
cheers i'll start doing that
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
AMAZING info about the tyres! I’ve just subscribed to their IT-plans channel.
HulluJanne Mese fa
6:43 Converting to steam eh? Noice.
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
Excellent work. I love that you’re doing most of the work yourself. The fuel tanks and oil tanks came up amazing. Made me laugh when I saw you using the heat gun to dry the paint as I do the exact same thing. 👍👍
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
@Ratarossa Definitely. The ultrasonic cleaner you used did amazing work. I think I’ll buy one of those for when I work on the bikes. 👍😎
Ratarossa Mese fa
its literally a very easy way of doing it, takes a bit of practice though
The Muscle Car Garage
Also move the steering wheel to the correct side :- )
Ratarossa Mese fa
that would make it much less rare LOL 1007 built in total 42 only in RHD and 1 in white !! leaving 965 in LHD
rudi knapen
rudi knapen Mese fa
if you want to turn the engine over do it CLOCKWISE and i told you before there is something stuck between the valve ..but if you dont want to take some advise from a ENGINE rebuilder go ahead and do your own thing
geriallo Mese fa
Quanti Campari ha fatto l’baffo?!
Fidde Mese fa
I really like your videos but it would be so much better if you could use a portable microphone. The sound quality now is uneven so it is difficult to hear what’s being said.
Fidde Mese fa
Ipad and TV (mostly TV).
Ratarossa Mese fa
what are you watching on ? pc/mac/mobile ?
tj moneybags
tj moneybags Mese fa
I love the sound of that testaross as you drive away....
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