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The countdown to F1® 2021 is on.

This is F1® 2021. Take a closer look: x.ea.com/f12021/features-trailer

Get ready for the most immersive F1® experience ever with F1® 2021, releasing July 16 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, & PC via Steam.

Rise from the ranks of F2™ to the heights of F1® and immerse yourself in a combination of on and off tracks moments with our brand new story mode, Braking Point. Play cooperatively or competitively with a friend in two-player online career. Customise your experience with more options than ever for those new to the franchise and seasoned veterans.

Pre-order the digital Deluxe Edition and get seven iconic F1 drivers for My Team: www.formula1game.com/2021/buy

📘 Facebook: formula1game

🐦 Twitter: formula1game

📺 IT-plans: www.youtube.com/formula1game

📸 Instagram: formula1game

🌍 Website: www.formula1game.com/2021

💬 Forums: forums.codemasters.com

🏆 F1 Esports: www.f1esports.com




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Commenti 2 435   
geeta study classes
Elena Stanzial
Elena Stanzial 3 giorni fa
Ma come mai non ci sono piste come Imola o il GP del Portogallo?????!
mr ciano
mr ciano 4 giorni fa
Add the real tracks please
Morfeusz 12 ore fa
@mr ciano they will come we all have to wait
mr ciano
mr ciano 13 ore fa
@Morfeusz like imola, portimao etc.
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
''real tracks'' what is a real track?
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Fuhk EA
محمد سامي دغيش
The game is very nice and fast
Alberto Sorrentino
Alberto Sorrentino 6 giorni fa
What name this music
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
royal blood typhoon
F1 günlüğü
F1 günlüğü 8 giorni fa
Hi! Why is there no intercity park in the game? as a Turkish F1 fan,I condemn this.I request that intercity park be added to the 2022 game🏎
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
Istambul isn't in the game bc they don't have enough time to make it
48 Waffles
48 Waffles 9 giorni fa
What is the trailer song called?
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
royal blood typhoon
Jaycen 9 giorni fa
Song name?
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
royal blood typhoon
NotWolfy62 10 giorni fa
Jayson Dearden
Jayson Dearden 10 giorni fa
What is this called it is a great song
Morfeusz 18 ore fa
royal blood typhoon
deathbastardable 11 giorni fa
I particularly like how they seem to only let you choose from mid-table teams for your career mode. It never made sense that you were just able to jump in to a top team in your rookie season.
George Ives
George Ives 12 giorni fa
Loving Royal Blood in the background😎
Your mum
Your mum 12 giorni fa
Nah but yiu cant deny that devon butler isnt legend tho
Say10 13 giorni fa
the game is broken. too many bugs. It indicates 1st, when I go 7th and gives the blue flag to the rest of the cars. IA entering the pit exit. I don't see my friends in the 2J career or leagues. No SC with a car stopped on the track. Yellow flags constantly without incident, just to slow down slightly.
Say10 13 giorni fa
SERIOUS ERROR: I don't see my friends in career mode or in leagues
Jason Juno/Jasonlandmapping
Don't miss the breaking point Vettel at monza 2020: there aint a breaking point. (Also) THAI FOOOOODDDDD
Blaise Sibanda
Blaise Sibanda 17 giorni fa
Welcome to the brand new f1 game🏆
Medina Mahmic
Medina Mahmic 17 giorni fa
*Me When F1 Comes Out* Me:Yay F1 2021 Lets Play Braking Point Devon Butler:He Is A New Rookie *Butler Sees How Good I Am* Devon Butler:Hold My Beer
Darth Vladi
Darth Vladi 17 giorni fa
F1 2017,2018, 2019, 2020 in Mexico was 30 usd.... EA is the publisher now and cost is 70 usd.... WTF
dinesh chandra
dinesh chandra 17 giorni fa
Keep Going....Keep moving as well as GROWING.....
dinesh chandra
dinesh chandra 17 giorni fa
Ryan Leighton
Ryan Leighton 18 giorni fa
Where classic cars???
Morfeusz 18 giorni fa
They once again got deleted
Juan Carlos Hofman da Rocha
É um jogo massa mais aqui no Brasil pouca gente pode comprar pq custa 300 reais
Gta King 5553
Gta King 5553 19 giorni fa
lovin the royal blood on the soundtrack
Callum Buck
Callum Buck 20 giorni fa
What song is this anyone?
Morfeusz 19 giorni fa
Royal blood typhoon
lonlxmanu. 20 giorni fa
No Link for the music :(
lonlxmanu. 19 giorni fa
@Morfeusz :)
Morfeusz 19 giorni fa
Got your back dont worry: royal blood typhoon
D truthing
D truthing 21 giorno fa
NO VR...REALLY? C'mon man....If there is one segment in games that VR makes perfect sense and works the best it's in Sims where you have to sit and drive/pilot. During pandemic sim racing have exploded and people spend thousands on rigs. You could be selling the option in double priced version even and many wouldn't mind. I'm sorry to say that my $$$ won't go to codemasters again for that very reason.
Thomas Castellani
Thomas Castellani 21 giorno fa
0:21 - Good guy Ocon.
bread time
bread time 22 giorni fa
Boss Coins
Boss Coins 22 giorni fa
I’m so hyped that I am playing F1 2019 just for Devon Butler
88laserbeam 22 giorni fa
Honda ❤
Altsu 22 giorni fa
Song name?
RidderTommy 22 giorni fa
Typhoons, Royal Blood
Epicmini007 23 giorni fa
What song is this
RidderTommy 22 giorni fa
Typhoons by Royal Blood
i like bricks
i like bricks 23 giorni fa
They better include Lando's Special bottle opening celebration on podium
⚽️KT⚽️ 23 giorni fa
Dot 24 giorni fa
+ filter multiplayer games by session status/track/type yeah? ..Guys?
EyedBolty 24 giorni fa
Are those sponsors I see on the my team helmet
Morfeusz 23 giorni fa
Carlos Francisco Hernandez Uztariz
The best is the removal of the freaking F1 theme song from the intro...
Mr. Sprinkles
Mr. Sprinkles 24 giorni fa
does anyone know if there is a normal career like on 2020 or do you have to play breaking point only?
Mr. Sprinkles
Mr. Sprinkles 24 giorni fa
@Morfeusz thank you
Morfeusz 24 giorni fa
There is normal career... Braking point was set to be s new gamemofe
Colin Ipskamp
Colin Ipskamp 24 giorni fa
Wow dit is zo goed en ik verheug me erop
formulafan 25 giorni fa
Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
NASCAR Motorsports fan 5
Is portimao and imola in the game?
Morfeusz 25 giorni fa
After realese
Juraj Benak
Juraj Benak 25 giorni fa
Doesn’t look like there’s enough reason not to just keep playing F1 2020, mainly for the price
GegeTheDinosaur 25 giorni fa
Most painful week ever befor the release
Mark I
Mark I 25 giorni fa
In my team are we still having to use the my driver? or can we just sign 2 F2 drivers? :))))))
That one asian guy
That one asian guy 24 giorni fa
Because it’s a driving game, not a manager game, it’s highly likely that you will have to drive with one other driver
Darthadios 25 giorni fa
Does the car this time fit to turn to the loews in Monaco ? I quit playing F1 2019 from the gamepass, because the car didn´t fit to turn to the loews even from dead stop in Monaco. That´s just stupid IRL they even overtake on Loews. And generally I hated the understeering in the game.
Toby 18 giorni fa
@Darthadios i just did Monaco in F1 2021, my team. used a high downforce setup and the steering was fine on controller. shame i had an engine issue lmao
Darthadios 19 giorni fa
@Toby yeah, I am quite picky with my games, if the game have some issues then I just don´t play it. Like with F1 2019 I don´t even own the game, just played it from the gamepass, then why to suffer with it.
Toby 21 giorno fa
@Darthadios to be fair, handling was bad in f1 2019 but it worked for others. looked like that’s an issue at your end
Darthadios 24 giorni fa
@Toby You didn´t even read my comment ? If I stop completely halt and try to turn the car, it doesn´t fit to the loews corner, you either get stuck to the wall or break your front wing. At F1 2018 I did destruction derby in monaco, I just didn´t care about breaking the front wing at loews, because the car understeers like a truck at anyway. But I would like to race in Monaco like it has done in real life or other F1 games, like Grand prix 2, 3 or 4. My first F1 game was Super Monaco GP for Megadrive and F1 97 for Psone and even those games the loews were not broken. And I never found a setup what reduce the understeer from the game.
Toby 25 giorni fa
just use a high downforce setup smfh
Tyrone Biggims
Tyrone Biggims 25 giorni fa
so looks like pretty much same as last one no?
GammΩ 25 giorni fa
I dont like that Micheal is in this
pilot 1
pilot 1 25 giorni fa
I am excited to see off-track drama. I will try to drive like R....and H....... in Mercedes and see what will happen.
BYLLIS X GAMING 25 giorni fa
0:50 Aarava check
zétény zsigri
zétény zsigri 25 giorni fa
Imola🇮🇹? Portimao🇵🇹?
Morfeusz 25 giorni fa
After release
Zéteny Gondos
Zéteny Gondos 25 giorni fa
is imola in the game?
Morfeusz 25 giorni fa
After release
Frank 26 giorni fa
man I'm so poor I can only play F1 mobile
Justin Wong
Justin Wong 26 giorni fa
Morfeusz 25 giorni fa
Maybe FOM chassis still
Alistair Tatin
Alistair Tatin 27 giorni fa
WOAW 🤩✅✅
Lucplayer LP
Lucplayer LP 27 giorni fa
VVVVaaaaammmmmoooooossssss !!!
Lucplayer LP
Lucplayer LP 27 giorni fa
How is the Name of the Song ? 🥺
miata gaming
miata gaming 13 giorni fa
@Lucplayer LP enjoy it it’s an amazing song 👍
Lucplayer LP
Lucplayer LP 13 giorni fa
@miata gaming Thank you ☺️
miata gaming
miata gaming 25 giorni fa
Typhoons royal blood
Viviane Schön
Viviane Schön 27 giorni fa
Royal Blood🔥🩸
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel 27 giorni fa
that is good
Gioacchino Contrera
Gioacchino Contrera 27 giorni fa
Music trailer: Typhoons from Royale blood
GV Phoenix
GV Phoenix 27 giorni fa
Where is the F1 2021 Mobile Racing Update? Or are you spending time to make another official game for 2021 but on mobile (that would be epic!)
PaltryShelf816 28 giorni fa
What is the most dangerous chicane? MONZA
Jack Green
Jack Green 28 giorni fa
what song is this?
Morfeusz 27 giorni fa
Royal blood typhoon
Felipe Adoniran
Felipe Adoniran 28 giorni fa
What's name of this music???
Morfeusz 27 giorni fa
Royal blood typhoon
Jeremiah Musasizi
Jeremiah Musasizi 28 giorni fa
It's been along time since you guys have made a mobile f1 game recently f1 2016 was removed from both app store and play store cant we at least get another f1 mobile game apart from the current one like for example you have been only making pc and consle games at least let f1 2021 be on mobile
Morfeusz 27 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Musasizi f1 2021 on mobile would have WAY too many drawbacks and lack of features compared to pc and consoles plus its noy worth it
Jeremiah Musasizi
Jeremiah Musasizi 28 giorni fa
Anyone who supports the idea leave a like
Anthony 29 giorni fa
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 29 giorni fa
What's the name of music
Keczeli Adam
Keczeli Adam 28 giorni fa
Morfeusz 29 giorni fa
Royal blood typhoon
powus gameplay
powus gameplay 29 giorni fa
elég baszó trailer :D
Thunder squad
Thunder squad 29 giorni fa
You can see Danny Rics stats
Gia khánh Nguyễn đình
Can you ad some vietnamsese driver. I think is good
Riccardo Arcuri
Riccardo Arcuri 29 giorni fa
0:12 *Italian Jesus alert*
Oki_Dingo Mese fa
The main feature i want is to be able to use my mouse in the menu. That’s it!
Jeremy Clarksoff
Will Anthoine Hubert be in f1 2021 (my team)
The Zeon5
The Zeon5 Mese fa
Song for this trailer: Typhoons - Royal Blood
Rusyan Van Den Berg
Please.. Ingame currency for *CAREER* points and team money is needed. Just a small amount to have some extra help. Car development and upgrades take forever. Even after 7 seasons.
Aidan Kreltszheim
Seeing that ea has bought the game, does this mean that this is the last good f1 game?
RidderTommy 22 giorni fa
@Aidan Kreltszheim yes, they will just supply codies with more stuff and budget, and the only catch is that EA will publish the game, thats it
Jong Cena
Jong Cena 27 giorni fa
@Aidan Kreltszheim it looks arleady better.
Aidan Kreltszheim
@Thomas so then basically we can expect the games to get a lot better than?
Thomas Mese fa
Nope, EA aren't having any input on the game itself. They're essentially just increasing the budget of codies. They didn't buy F1, they bought codemasters.
DOOM BOT Mese fa
Are there more realistic contract negotiations, or can you still switch teams every other race? Hope they did something about that..
mkaleborn Mese fa
Breaking Point: I got this Bahrain Turn 10: I’m going to ruin this man’s entire hot lap
Underbird Mese fa
No updated 3d model for My Team!?
Dannzt Mese fa
Love myself some rpg elements. But im too old to immerse myself in a rookie season year after year. I know its a lot to ask but imagine if we could start our career back in 2010 and play a REAL drivers career. That would be so damn epic
PatricYEEET Mese fa
Please add this to the nintendo switch..
Renan MX FN
Renan MX FN Mese fa
Please put F3 SEASON in the GAME!
Aaron ScottBoy
If You Guys Pre Order The F1 2021 Deluxe Edition Game Then You Can Play It On 13 July 2021 3 Days Erly
Jessy Gouder
Jessy Gouder Mese fa
This is the first f1 game to have a story F1 2019:Am I joke to you
Chegüíe Mese fa
Aidan Kreltszheim
Δημήτριος Χριστοδούλου
Red bull is unstoppable. Respect Max Verstapen
nxj. Mese fa
F1 red flag : am i a joke to you?
Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı
Eren Akkaya
Eren Akkaya Mese fa
çok güzeel ama çoookkk pahalı
Razi Khalifa
Razi Khalifa Mese fa
what is the song name in Trailer ???
Razi Khalifa
Razi Khalifa Mese fa
@Morfeusz thank you
Morfeusz Mese fa
Royal blood typhoons
Ariano Ari
Ariano Ari Mese fa
Looks exactly like 2020..
Aidan Kreltszheim
Seriously? 🤦‍♂️
Road To F1
Road To F1 Mese fa
Me Who just bought f1 2020: sheet Btw in my country it Will takes some time to come in our commerce
András Zsila
What a graphyc! And the Braking Point! When the Alphatauri drivers fighting! This will be very good.
By Ikergamer
By Ikergamer Mese fa
Nadie absolutamente nadie el Juego : Nikita esta fuera de la sesión, butler también xd
Proteini hamam böceğinden alırım
Güzel 419 TL biz 2020 den devam
Wanda Forever
Is f2 2021 in f1 2021 game
Raphael Reinaldo
They're going to put f2 updating the game later
The regular 5thgrader 13444-
Pablo Martinez
Typhoons by Royal blood
Sales Play
Sales Play Mese fa
F1 ok F2 ok F3 ? kart ?
Morfeusz Mese fa
Licensing when it comes to f3, and no one would play kart in an f1 game
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