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7 feb 2021




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Javier Alatorre
Javier Alatorre 9 giorni fa
When you have no work you have time to do stupid things, he or she should just pull the long part of it up and done
Javier Alatorre
Javier Alatorre 9 giorni fa
Eso es no tener trabajo,
Javier Alatorre
Javier Alatorre 9 giorni fa
Tanta mamada solo tenía que sacar la extensión toda hasta arriba
TheWaski77 Mese fa
Vacationing With The Valentins
I watched this over and over again, I was mesmerized, even though I'll probably never need to try this 😅
bmudd1002 Mese fa
What’s the music? I want to find that...
mj NdaAir
mj NdaAir Mese fa
Yeah that works if that loop is weirdly already in there but that’s not usually how that works out. Cool truck though
Wilbur Hanson
Witch craft I say!!!!
Best wishes
Best wishes Mese fa
Watched many times still don't how its happened i feel sick
Clint Buchanan
If you pay attention to the cord it's on the outside. When it gets pulled up to twist the cord is on the inside. So it's been changed. The guy stopped the video and changed the cord.pay attention to the cord under the pole before he twist the cord and and when he pulled it up.
Thorny Turtle Ranch
It took me 4 times to catch it, the bottomed cord isn't restricted.
Ademir Filho
Ademir Filho Mese fa
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts Mese fa
This has been done over and over again. Make some original content dude
Construction Tips
all of my videos are made by me!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Mese fa
This hurts my brain and it confuses me!!!!
Hhmm..iam confuse
Jay Rosin
Jay Rosin Mese fa
What kind of voodoo is this? I just don't get it.
Krui Esport
Krui Esport Mese fa
Bangsattt gw cobainn malah ngikettt tolol
collin mccall
Pause it at the start and visualise the only way it can be undone. Simple when you take a few seconds to figure it out.
Katy Ellison
Katy Ellison Mese fa
Stanley Hape
Stanley Hape Mese fa
If this happened to me i would just burn the house down and start over.
logan bush
logan bush Mese fa
Instructions unclear I cut the cord
DANEO2169_ Mese fa
Umm the other end is usually thinner🤔 just saying... Still cool trick👍🏼✌🏼
Lyons Cultivars
김현진 Mese fa
Chris G
Chris G Mese fa
I tried it at home and it really works, its not a magic trick. Just some kind of 🪢
Barny Brewman
Holy Flluck. My mind is totally blown.
Will French
Will French Mese fa
The only reason this works is because the wire is tied in a hitch around the pipe. If it were just the cord going straight under the pipe with the plug on the other side, you'd have a permanent mount
TAD2020 Mese fa
Introduction to knot theory.
Steven Rees
Steven Rees Mese fa
This makes my brain hurt.
Steven Rees
Steven Rees Mese fa
This makes my brain hurt.
Steven Rees
Steven Rees Mese fa
This makes my brain hurt.
adam s
adam s Mese fa
Great , now I won't get to sleep tonight
jhon Thomas
jhon Thomas Mese fa
CCN - Commentary Customs Network
ok I see how he does this. Took a few views but 👏👏
Kenuik nono
Kenuik nono Mese fa
It will never work when the cable straight under that rod.
John Connolly
That's what I'm thinking too . It's not really under it to begin with... It's just the loop put over and the end thru to make it appear stuck
ميثم الميثم
There is magic that exists mixed with science
ShoRyu Tofu
ShoRyu Tofu Mese fa
First I thought it was fake. Then I rewatched it a few times until I could follow the cord's movements. After that I tried it myself and it is actually real. No trickery or editing.
BRUT 82 Mese fa
Straight witchcraft and practitioner of the dark arts
Alexandre Mese fa
This is nuts
J Pol
J Pol Mese fa
Another way. Just pull the long end that's dangling down, up until it clears the end that's stuck and then you can slide the end that's stuck up from behind the pipe. That's all he's doing by looping the cord over itself untying it from the pipe. Jpol.
numecku vasquez
Que clase de brujería es esa
Hydra Inarms
Hydra Inarms Mese fa
When you have a brain
David Baldwin
His hand covers the cord where the editing was done. Editing, not a cord trick.
David Baldwin
@Korlim Services ill accept that, now so me the vid where it is explained
Korlim Services
Your 💯 wrong !!
Pak Front
Pak Front Mese fa
john h
john h Mese fa
warrior 63
warrior 63 Mese fa
Pura pinche magia compa.
innotech Mese fa
This is not fake it is just basically undoing a knot. It is absolutely doable
John Doe
John Doe Mese fa
Ok. Got it!! 😂
Joey Pierantonis
Never had that situation come up. So you deliberately fasten something down without clearing stuff out the way? Cool tho. I won't remember..
G. P. S
G. P. S Mese fa
Alex Hutchins
Your a wizard harry!
Pablo Crvzz
Pablo Crvzz Mese fa
That's not right, I see it but I don't believe it, some trickery is involved... 🤯
Wae1 Mese fa
Wait hold on what?
Alejandro Ocampo
Go to the start of the video. You see the long end on the bottom leading off-camera? If you just pull that back up through the loop, it's free. Which means, it was never tangled in the fiirst place.
*w h a t*
Carlos Moreno
Bryan Reavis
Bryan Reavis Mese fa
Tuyến Bùi Văn
Ảo vl
Birdwatcher tv
Now that is a brilliant method wow sugoi!
Kristian Dawe
I just tried it, it actually works
Gareth Witte
Gareth Witte Mese fa
Vidix David
Vidix David Mese fa
Yaaaay I've done it many times it's easy, thanks for the helpful tip
NotDi4m0nD Mese fa
The easy way: Destroy everything
Joe Costigan
Joe Costigan Mese fa
What kind of sorcery is this 🤔🙉💩
Elios Electric
Haha yeah right
Silver EchoHawk
Adobe helped with this magic trick.
No it's totally real you have to try it , I did to understand there was no computer or video editing .
Gros pignouf tu pouvais le sortir dès le départ 🤣
Rajubhai Tank
Gruber Play
Gruber Play Mese fa
Наебалово. Провод не застрявший он просто протянут петлёй с другой стороны и создается иллюзия что он застрял
Olly B.
Olly B. Mese fa
Hey wait, what happened with the cable...??? Is that magic?
Alessandro Pia
Non ci prendere per culo.
How do you stuck that there 😂
Carlos Bavill
Chanta tu video. Si estiras el cable ves q hiciste trampa.
Sabry man
Sabry man Mese fa
كذب ، يوجد خداع بصر و فبركة في الفيديو . السلك على اليمين يوجد طرف اعلى الماسورة و طرف اسفلها ولا يمكن تجاوز الطرفين من خلال الماسورة . الفيديو مقطعين و ليس مقطع واحد و بين المقطعين يوجد قص و مونتاج.
What did yoy say ?
Greg Reed
Greg Reed Mese fa
He cut in a second video at the end.
Martin goode elisha
Thanks for the tip but I was trying to keep my extension cord on the pole . And not go through everything it touches .
Mick Carson
Mick Carson Mese fa
Like I said, IT-plans is full of BS.
زاهد ابراهیم نژاد
حرفی نداره خیلی عالی
Andrew Johnston
It's not stuck behind, just pushed under
Tiki Ron
Tiki Ron Mese fa
wth is this even for? why?
antonio Reyna
good trick !.
Boring Kobold
This is just bullcrap, it just doesn't work, you cant phase the cord through the pole, it's just extremely well done Edit: ok I've done it, and its fecking real Edit 2: I've done it another 3 times, I still dont get it, how the feck does it work, it gave me a head ache P.S. I used a VGA cable for this
Derek Paddon
Derek Paddon Mese fa
Why don’t you just take the other end of the extension cord and go through the loop to the top and both sides are at the top so you can pull it out
Brian Choi
Brian Choi Mese fa
I thought this was fake and actually tried it after reading comments. Holy....
Evan Bushong
Evan Bushong Mese fa
What is this magic!
Why would you run a cable under that conduit in the first place
Great vídeo man 🤝🤝🤝🤝
Rezal Johari
Rezal Johari Mese fa
Yes i belive that
Pluto's Forest
Slow to .25 speed.
Unnecessary Comment
Me: that's some voodoo shit right there
O Prophet Is fake
I tried it and it worked once but I still don't believe it is going to work when I need it.
Djon Snow
Djon Snow Mese fa
MaybeSo MaybeNot
The devil's magic !!!!
Thierry Francois
WTH ???😆😆😆
BoomeRx13 Mese fa
I fell for this shit and tried it.
Bob Wilmoth
Bob Wilmoth Mese fa
Mind freak.
Vin Nyl
Vin Nyl Mese fa
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