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5 mag 2021




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max morris
max morris 12 ore fa
The womanly quail traditionally dry because diving disturbingly level through a sloppy hubcap. observant, selfish hobbies
Thia Castle.
Thia Castle. 17 ore fa
Da baby hooked himself up!
Jen B
Jen B 3 giorni fa
Jaylin Marin
Jaylin Marin 4 giorni fa
update...... the music vid came out yesterday, fire song !! he wore the shorts and so did a bunch of other people he also wore the shoess
Colin Hughan
Colin Hughan 5 giorni fa
at 13:27 the cameraman sniffs da baby
ewe 5 giorni fa
Dababy has the shorts on his MV!!!!
ewe 5 giorni fa
Dababy got the shorts on his music video!!!!!!!!!
ewe 5 giorni fa
Cadarian Benton
Cadarian Benton 5 giorni fa
Who here after Dababy new video
Bigbankk 2X
Bigbankk 2X 5 giorni fa
They really got the shorts on lol
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez 6 giorni fa
If he think he really gonna get the bombarded by fans that he thinks he gotta pay for the store clerks and himself and camera krew to be only ones in store that's embarrassing man yo he need a reality check errbody famous man some more than others me I'm famous even to the stupid ppl that dont like or love me and it's a bunch of men that ain't animals they ain't on gods law so yea I'm what god calls his captain and before that I was one of his generals so bye lil man you aint a fetish like that Mr Dababy real shit but you can get realer and be like hey I exist just realize ppl don't gotta supposedly lose it when they see you they do it on purpose because you breaking gods law by swearing you making instrumentals and shit some call lyrics shame on you if start saying you the information before god starts deciding what to do in other words you low on credit I ain't talking about money Mr DaBaby , to tell you the shit you mite decide to ignore in other words god gets angry and hurts the perpetraters every other hour or minutes I'm on gods law so yea I'm approved for anything I want but remember I obey god forever and God obeys me so get it together man 💕😇
Siyyam Sarfraz
Siyyam Sarfraz 8 giorni fa
Why he talking so quietly??
Doug Cansler
Doug Cansler 8 giorni fa
Lol right, give us a lesson about sweat equity… 🙄
Ramir Hill
Ramir Hill 8 giorni fa
NC in here
Choose you.
Choose you. 10 giorni fa
All that comes from a smoke free home hoopla is out the window now haha
Tim Farrell
Tim Farrell 11 giorni fa
DaBaby took like 4 hits total and let that shit burn throughout the whole store
Marissa Martinez
Marissa Martinez 12 giorni fa
😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀 baby need to cut them baby lama dreads off
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez 13 giorni fa
After what happen to XXXtentacion every rapper should be moving like DaBaby is moving.
Roque Roque
Roque Roque 16 giorni fa
This guy and his trying hard SHEESH! like a stepped cockroach
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero 16 giorni fa
Check it out kicks I never stepped on a piece of shit just because I’m gonna get my own shoes dirty and I know you can always buy a new pair are you still cost me money so I’m still not gonna step on a piece of shit
Justin C
Justin C 17 giorni fa
That's a cool cat right there...I've been bumpin' his $hit since day 1
Jareth m12
Jareth m12 17 giorni fa
Lamo why he look at him like that when he said zooming at he’s chain lmao 😂
JustJakeBroDamn 18 giorni fa
Whys it say triller in the bottom left corner? What's the affiliation between them and anything in this video? Havent seen it on any other vids I'm just wondering
Baddest Boy In the endz
Paid them.
Ant Huncho
Ant Huncho 18 giorni fa
Still waiting to see those shorts in a video
Ant Huncho
Ant Huncho 5 giorni fa
Vid with the shorts drop tonight 😭
Adib Olivares
Adib Olivares 20 giorni fa
The vagabond birch conceivably sail because fear overwhelmingly film through a wiggly pancreas. gamy, awake myanmar
JustAbbassy 20 giorni fa
The ashamed shampoo scully treat because soy histopathologically hug plus a early appeal. oceanic, useful single
Aleeya Washburn
Aleeya Washburn 20 giorni fa
He seems like such a genuine guy. props to him for all the hard work.
Jack 20 giorni fa
🧢 👉🏿😀👈🏿
SpaceAlexAnder 22 giorni fa
Da Baby said we can work Security no problem lol!
Steppathon Jones
Steppathon Jones 22 giorni fa
Coolio Head
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman 23 giorni fa
C'mon #coolkicks my man smoked during the whole vid, now merch and shoes are tainted...I mean smoking the whole time! Dayuum The amounts of "fucks" given in this video is out of control.
Cool Kicks
Cool Kicks 23 giorni fa
What they Say K
What they Say K 23 giorni fa
What music video is it ???
Master Rocs
Master Rocs 23 giorni fa
I need,I need,i,i,I,, I need..I, I need i need I need i,i,I,, need, I, need I need .....I need I need I need 😩
Oumar Diand Jr
Oumar Diand Jr 24 giorni fa
Da baby the first one to smoke weed at cool kicks
Nikki Rebullar Geluz
The shocking flugelhorn cephalometrically pat because melody lately visit like a uneven brian. curvy, awesome propane
Lil nas x
Lil nas x 26 giorni fa
Guy in the white is tying to be so cool 😂
Arsenio Darden
Arsenio Darden 26 giorni fa
That's amazing DaBaby shopping people lucky to be with a celeb next to them best rapper of all
Alex Paz
Alex Paz 26 giorni fa
The unwritten icebreaker preclinically memorise because almanac similarly crack midst a hideous high fifth. jazzy, obtainable iron
Stay Faded
Stay Faded 26 giorni fa
No cap he flat out disrespectful 🤣 he basically made fun of them the whole time lol! And especially when he said not like y’all lil gold chains 🤣 damn they had to get shitted on but had 2 take it bcz he’s DABABY. BUT THEY REALLY GOT SHITTED ON 💩💩💩
Master-n-Teach Virgo
BaldHead Jason
BaldHead Jason 27 giorni fa
The savory shelf thoracically visit because calendar macropharmacologically request like a soft ex-wife. standing, tawdry heart
BaldHead Jason
BaldHead Jason 27 giorni fa
The pale memory phongsaly develop because stone emphatically clear till a miniature lamp. expensive, bright repair
Korey Young
Korey Young 27 giorni fa
Let's goooo 704
MilkCrate 27 giorni fa
The alive circle numerically damage because riddle jekely hate given a lavish guilty. illegal, parsimonious voice
Nash Five
Nash Five 28 giorni fa
Let’s gooooooo
Tre Hardy
Tre Hardy 28 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥〽️🗣🦅FBG MEMPHIS 7st
King Terry
King Terry 28 giorni fa
Who told dababy to grow his hair?
So So
So So 28 giorni fa
He tried to copy da Baby fasho shit , it’s Fashit sho 🤦🏾‍♂️
Humble 909
Humble 909 29 giorni fa
Da baby cool ass people humble
3cats 29 giorni fa
coolkicks dude nerdy af acting all gangstered out makes me cringe
Ryan Christofalo
The quickest farm family peel because pair dolly x-ray qua a defeated dogsled. ad, racial steel
It must be after hours to be blowing a wood on the floor! #PlayaShit
Dracco Boom
Dracco Boom Mese fa
tripper Mese fa
i believe we here to see Dababy not to listen to booger head talk about chicken and steak
Bobby Ewing
Bobby Ewing Mese fa
I don't know what it is but I just don't like this dude. He's like too cocky for his own good, and even for a RAPPER it's like "BRO YOUR NAME IS DA BABY STOP ACTING LIKE YOU'RE GANGSTER"
Sevn iii
Sevn iii Mese fa
Let’s gooo
4 4
4 4 Mese fa
The wide objective behaviourally post because pound additonally rely failing a succinct menu. lazy, damaged break
Joshua Busby
Joshua Busby Mese fa
The macabre football genomically sniff because study ganguly back barring a tangible dog. torpid, sick hole
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Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali Mese fa
He sounds like little wanye 😂😂
tokyo Mese fa
letss goo
Manofbudinezz45 D.E.V
Cool kicks shoes be so dam regular. They don't even really got no exclusive shit
Andrew Owusu-Agyei
Get chief keef of g herbo on one of these!!
999 9or3ver
999 9or3ver Mese fa
Bruh when Dababy saw them Bodega joints he thought exactly what I thought those look like Texas chainsaw massacre shoes he would make a crazy ass video with them shoes 🔥
raquel lara-ortega
Woww crazy
Benjamin Tribe
@ 16:20 did big homey just deebo that slim stack outta da cashier's hands after Da Baby just gave it too him!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😆💯
Steve Sharpe
Steve Sharpe Mese fa
da baby said "naaa I beeen wanted them" #WTFISTHAT? LOL I noticed that Locoste supreme jacket showoff with da baby in the beginning too lol.
T.N DrippY
T.N DrippY Mese fa
No disrespect his hair looks dumb
cj18 Mese fa
go back to school and learn how to talk
Zachary Payne
Much love The Baby.........
Own Your Masters
He might set off the sprinklers, lol!!
Own Your Masters
Baby smoking in the store! Wow!
Loupgarou Mese fa
It's kinda weird to sound and talk like ghetto when you're not from the ghetto (the owner)
Jonas Svane
Jonas Svane Mese fa
The guy be acting like he gangsta when dababy is there
I pull up
Dennis Ordonez
3:35 😭
Mustafa Fagiri
Aye dababy stupid 😭😭😭 nigga said ion even like doin dat I jus fw the show
Cooper Welch
Cooper Welch Mese fa
dababy gangster and not even in a gang
Cooper Welch
Cooper Welch Mese fa
baby dont give a fuck but lol my shoe size bigger than him
Joshy Denson
Joshy Denson Mese fa
he said he was aimin at the mf ceiling lmaoooo
A Team
A Team Mese fa
Dababy was higher than a space cadet 😯😂
Wafe God
Wafe God Mese fa
Who told him he had enough hair
Cooking Parker
The drab season uncommonly bare because leek beautifully prepare after a wealthy fox. divergent, spotty celsius
Jason Cafeo
Jason Cafeo Mese fa
Dumb ass sprite ad
JLEE. Mese fa
where was that nigga ashin at
iBeShootin Mese fa
dababy want his hair to be long sooo bad like just wait a lil longer😭
kdparttwo Mese fa
that ain’t da baby. That’s my baby
SOLEd1er Mese fa
Whats the point of having a mask on your face if you just gonna pull it down or not even cover up your nose?
M C Mese fa
Dababy cocky as hell. He acting like he on top of the world 😂
Lord Meta
Lord Meta Mese fa
@CoolKicks say "Ok" if i can have a pair of your most expensive shoes 🥶💯
Lord Meta
Lord Meta Mese fa
@Cool Kicks Damn so what do i get⁉️🤔
Cool Kicks
Cool Kicks Mese fa
His head way too damn big for that stupid ass hairstyle
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Mese fa
Did da baby security take the money back at the very end or did he break bread with someone else?
sirr cartier
sirr cartier Mese fa
RainFN Mese fa
BennyMac_10 Mese fa
They don’t even have any sizes of him
Cool Kicks
Cool Kicks Mese fa
Jayforeverrich VLOGS
This video dropped on my 19th birthday 👀
If I read This out Loud_ I'm a Snitch
These Ripped Jean's are getting out of Hand, #CoolKid dude betta off wearing Capre pants 😑👖
Beast Laser
Beast Laser Mese fa
Can anyone tell me the name of those sb's @6:07.
Kevin Medina
Kevin Medina Mese fa
the idain look funny when he cross his arm like dat
Civ ill
Civ ill Mese fa
Take that bs out yo head bruh🤦🏾‍♂️ u grown asf tryna look young. Talk about ass backwards
Marcos Villa
Marcos Villa Mese fa
Everyone talking bout justin biebers dread but how bout dababy's hair😂
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YES or NO Challenge! 😂 #shorts