Building a Subaru WRX STI in 18 minutes! (COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION) 

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25 mag 2020




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throtl 10 mesi fa
We're giving this car away! Sweepstakes Closes 5/31/20: Every $1 spent = 1 Entry : throtl.com/?ref=rjwkif2tr5j
Sukhdev Choon
Sukhdev Choon 22 giorni fa
@Kai with car
Kai 22 giorni fa
Who got the car?
Brandan A
Brandan A Mese fa
oh god ima load up on merch. plz lemme win one of these beauties! >:D i need a car bad!
Qw Zx
Qw Zx Mese fa
Sukhdev Choon
Sukhdev Choon 2 mesi fa
The car looks very good looks cool
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson Giorno fa
'MODIFYING a shit subaru badly'
Anton Lavrov
Anton Lavrov Giorno fa
Good job !!!
RAREȘ MIHAI 3 giorni fa
What's the song plz !!!
M X 3 giorni fa
whats the music at the start?
EXMerser 3 giorni fa
Лала Лалала
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera 4 giorni fa
I wonder what ALL these mods cost when its finished, she' s beautiful
Franky Billy
Franky Billy 4 giorni fa
Can i bid this car ?
Phambile Mbebe
Phambile Mbebe 4 giorni fa
but you guys should also open a branch in south africa, this is really good
Autotech2017 4 giorni fa
Anybody know what’s the song they used?
mateus pereira
mateus pereira 4 giorni fa
sem massagem!! ta doidooo
Hector Armenta
Hector Armenta 4 giorni fa
Yo quiero uno de esos porfavor I want one of those please
Igor 1980
Igor 1980 4 giorni fa
Самое интересное не показали, где звук? Как она едет ??
Mateusz Kowalski
Mateusz Kowalski 5 giorni fa
Who are you music ?
Junior Peralta
Junior Peralta 5 giorni fa
Wish you wouldn’t have used the same song over and over again cause I just muted the video from how annoying
Kaustav Dey
Kaustav Dey 6 giorni fa
I like less talking.
Moses 7789
Moses 7789 6 giorni fa
Beautiful! IMO would be nicer if he left the carbon hood black
Dalitso Zulu
Dalitso Zulu 6 giorni fa
The cost of the customization on this car could probably get you another car.
Hattmicks28 8 giorni fa
I've watched this video easily 5 times... this was my favorite build
Gabe Stevens
Gabe Stevens 8 giorni fa
I loved it until you started rattle canning everything, but its your car so 🤷‍♂️
Zak Sebo
Zak Sebo 8 giorni fa
What’s the song? 🤔 I hear it on a bunch of car channels! I wanna cruise to it! 🚙
KUKU 8 giorni fa
yeah, its easy when you have free parts
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes 9 giorni fa
Reyes K1ng
Reyes K1ng 9 giorni fa
What’s the name of that blue color?
Feint 9 giorni fa
That was awesome. Someone won the lottery. I hope you installed a better oil pickup tube.
Kyle Sombdy
Kyle Sombdy 9 giorni fa
They take the old wheels off, new wheels on, new wheels off, coilovers on, new wheels on?
Lucciano Deive
Lucciano Deive 10 giorni fa
Garage 193
Garage 193 10 giorni fa
are you build for look nice only :) 3++hp :P
4N1M4T0R M3
4N1M4T0R M3 11 giorni fa
Why in the name of hell did you paint the carbon fiber bonnet
SUPER CHANNEL 11 giorni fa
Joss tenan 👍👍
Saludos desde Bolivia...Hermoso mis felicitaciones a los que trabajaron en ese coche espero que para mi igual me lo hagan así lo mismo
Said Elkhalki
Said Elkhalki 11 giorni fa
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz 11 giorni fa
their finishing is like from factory.
RideTilliDie Harley&Yamaha
Great way to blow some cash 🇦🇺🤙
Angel Cordero
Angel Cordero 13 giorni fa
How much did cost to make all those upgrades
Ronald Winn
Ronald Winn 13 giorni fa
How to build a car Step 1: get money
JoZen Lost Canvas
JoZen Lost Canvas 14 giorni fa
No engine sound of the beast cmon!
BmxBandiT 14 giorni fa
Fantastic transformation. Attention to the small details like inside wheel arches sets your top notch work above and beyond
Mary 14 giorni fa
naw fr how much this shit cost
Alfredo Bryan
Alfredo Bryan 14 giorni fa
i think u guys must make a film/short movie with ur cars, it will be amazing !
Adeline A
Adeline A 15 giorni fa
U mean 18min 38 sec
Aura Cerebro
Aura Cerebro 15 giorni fa
Cool car! I like it!
S R 15 giorni fa
why in the actual hell do these videos never show the entire car?
R3c0nn3cting 15 giorni fa
music please
carsoundsonly 15 giorni fa
Great video bro!
Ruben Izcara Renes
Ruben Izcara Renes 15 giorni fa
Regalame el subaru azul Tuning please
S.M. 16 giorni fa
What is the name of this song in the video?
Mahir 16 giorni fa
This was a work of art 👨‍🔧👨‍🎨
ByTitoMC 233
ByTitoMC 233 16 giorni fa
widya stevani
widya stevani 16 giorni fa
haha the recreation you should do that every video now
JE W Est
JE W Est 17 giorni fa
Anyone knows how much would it cost all the upgrades they made.
Spyke70 17 giorni fa
just great job. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Matthew Keefe
Matthew Keefe 17 giorni fa
*Gets pulled over* Yes officer it's stock
Ernesto Haylett
Ernesto Haylett 17 giorni fa
The sable case splenomegaly lock because century hopefully expand off a glistening glorious fifth. funny, alike grandfather
CRUSADER-J 17 giorni fa
18 min of the same song. and STI building
PAULO CAVACO 18 giorni fa
What is this music
Ryan Ainlay
Ryan Ainlay 18 giorni fa
This is my dream build. WOW. Amazed.
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad 18 giorni fa
Build a new wrx pls and thank you, I wanna see what the FA20 can do
pingou the pingouin
pingou the pingouin 19 giorni fa
Whats the music at the start
ALEX GARCIA 19 giorni fa
What's the name of the song used in the video
Jarel Suckrajh
Jarel Suckrajh 19 giorni fa
8:47 bro can you tell me how you print your logo sticker on brake pad please
jbritto 19 giorni fa
yo i need my whip done too? KELP!
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 19 giorni fa
I just can't believe they don't make the hatch-back anymore. I can't stand how the current sedan looks...
AspectZ 19 giorni fa
Not even Paul Walkers STI could beat yours :)
mustafa gökhan öylek
This one looking like a chubby girll...
AMC Racing 2020
AMC Racing 2020 20 giorni fa
mrbeastfan 1228
mrbeastfan 1228 20 giorni fa
It did not take 28 minutes it took like 24 hours
Matěj Novotny
Matěj Novotny 20 giorni fa
Color please?🙈😍
Mitch Kester
Mitch Kester 21 giorno fa
Where did you guys get the honeygrade upgrade for the headlights, with the colored LED strip..? I like them very much but they aren't in the mod list :) Very nice car btw, love it!
Vinicius Cardoso
Vinicius Cardoso 21 giorno fa
What the investment to do this rebuild ? Awesome guys !!!
QQFINKING 21 giorno fa
How much all that costs? (only parts)
buxie 21 giorno fa
i need to know how much this costs
Paradox Newbie
Paradox Newbie 21 giorno fa
Beautiful and clean
AMC Racing 2020
AMC Racing 2020 21 giorno fa
Very good 🤩👏🏻
Tyler Bickford
Tyler Bickford 22 giorni fa
I don’t really like subarus but this looks soooo good!
Gilberto Dejesus
Gilberto Dejesus 22 giorni fa
Man, this is my dream car ... I can't even afford them , either they're so expensive or i'm too poor!!🤦🥺🤣
Samvel chain smoker
Samvel chain smoker 22 giorni fa
tim jones
tim jones 22 giorni fa
How much does the whole work cost?
HEIDERN 22 giorni fa
What year was the Sti ? Thanks !
Pomarańcza XD
Pomarańcza XD 23 giorni fa
Javierotb 23 giorni fa
I absolutely love that Lip! Anyone can tell me which lip is that, please?
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 23 giorni fa
Looked so much better before they riced it out lol
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 23 giorni fa
That car is gonna last like 4 months tops lol
s1xthsennse 24 giorni fa
Nice JOB!
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 24 giorni fa
This is what I tell people I would be doing if I hit the lottery big time 😁 love the vids 👍
Gheorghe Tataru
Gheorghe Tataru 24 giorni fa
Yo how much did the car & mods cost?
Crystal Beck
Crystal Beck 24 giorni fa
The spiffy neon additionaly correct because crook dfly ignore beside a open dime. mammoth, assorted clutch
Lavr Rybak
Lavr Rybak 24 giorni fa
The amuck lunch phytochemically judge because crush conventionally impress beneath a obedient butcher. bashful, sparkling keyboard
Mertcan Erken
Mertcan Erken 24 giorni fa
hakan pulaşsoy
hakan pulaşsoy 24 giorni fa
Elinize sağlık çok güzel oldu subaru ve video çekimi iyi çalışmalar
Aiden Lock
Aiden Lock 25 giorni fa
its looks like you playing car mecenic but in real life
Curly Chino
Curly Chino 25 giorni fa
You guys should do a Hyundai Veloster turbo
Cole Torres
Cole Torres 26 giorni fa
You guys should really do a mk4 Jetta build with the 1.8t in it
Diablo _2raw
Diablo _2raw 26 giorni fa
Bro just call me broke you don’t gatta make a whole vid
Tony Evo
Tony Evo 27 giorni fa
Fantastic video, if only I had the cash, dream car
Lav4Fxz 27 giorni fa
sick build.
Mitch 27 giorni fa
The speakers mounted on the radiator were a really nice touch.
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