6 Weirdest Gadgets on Amazon 

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12 EDC Gadgets Actually Worth Buying - it-plans.info/white/video/ioSXa25tlt5oq6g
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18 feb 2021




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Pierre Swanepoel
Love it at 15m28,..bananana,..Love your posts. Blessings
Petr Nedbal
Petr Nedbal 18 ore fa
My banana counter reached 22. Pretty good score!
Banana Nana.. 😁
Hey Now
Hey Now Giorno fa
Is he saying "butth0le 0pener"?
CHARISMA_2XP _ Giorno fa
Sunny Devsekar
Sunny Devsekar Giorno fa
Why u wanna cut that top of a can if they gave u nice option to open 😆😆😆😆
Sammy Saka
Sammy Saka 2 giorni fa
His laugh at 3:50 tho 😅
ATLHooligan 3 giorni fa
And BOOM you have stuffed banana...
Eric Neumann
Eric Neumann 4 giorni fa
If you look in the cap of the zippo fuel you will find different tips to use to fill different lighters
ANYNAME69 5 giorni fa
i love the karate kid poster in the background
Kev Blah
Kev Blah 6 giorni fa
You could use that banana gadget to fill your pee-pee up with nutella etc.
tjofi 8 giorni fa
I missed hearing “welkom to mulabulatori” so much
John Segertsons
John Segertsons 9 giorni fa
Dude you're to white to drink Coca-Cola
Rebekah Davis
Rebekah Davis 11 giorni fa
The last one is good for making fancy banana splits
J.Hughes.21 11 giorni fa
Or you can just drink it normal (that’s what it’s for) 2:16
Andrew Liss
Andrew Liss 12 giorni fa
Now deep fry the banana.
Black Inside
Black Inside 13 giorni fa
So know his laboratory is in his home personal cinema??!? Lucky you 😎 Always watching you're vids. Love Nutella 😋😋 Good job and love from Milano in 🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹 🤗😗👋
Aiden Waters
Aiden Waters 15 giorni fa
Can you send me the first sods gadget please
Cordelle Oesch
Cordelle Oesch 16 giorni fa
Lol nice to see how your marrage went with the banana and all
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill 16 giorni fa
You say banana exactly like a minion.
Mullzy 16 giorni fa
Sharp edges? It's a circle
Swift Media Productions
nice junk
PePereno 16 giorni fa
Those can openers are meant for like tomato cans they weren't excpecting you to open coke with it XD
Brandished Nail H.O.G.
Look up beer can opener. It really is intended for drink cans.
Chris Russell
Chris Russell 17 giorni fa
I was watching Austin Powers Goldmember the other day. This guy totally has the Goldmember laugh lol
Tarek Lare
Tarek Lare 18 giorni fa
You can just put nutela on the top of banana why all trouble
Omar Baidas
Omar Baidas 18 giorni fa
“How many times did I say banana?” 25 banana nanas
Jeff Porter
Jeff Porter 19 giorni fa
"so easy to use" proceeds to struggle to open the can and spills drink everywhere. You know what is actually easy to use? The ring pull!
jasmin bislimi
jasmin bislimi 19 giorni fa
jako 18+ see
Anthony Green
Anthony Green 19 giorni fa
Am I the only one confused as to why anyone would want to take the top off a pop can to drink from it
Shawn's World
Shawn's World 19 giorni fa
Froze the bottom of the lighter from the butane lol. Had the lighter to high looked like a rocket lol. One big lighter ;)
Felix Bedard
Felix Bedard 20 giorni fa
where to buy the lighter lol verry usefull for dab XD
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi 20 giorni fa
You should freeze the banana later of having filled with nutella
Lenovo Tab
Lenovo Tab 20 giorni fa
Hey I'm a great fan of urs!....and u have used many coke...it would be great if I can get some...I love coke too😁😁😂
Max 21 giorno fa
"Initial penetration" made my day XD
Alex Tokes
Alex Tokes 21 giorno fa
Thank you for bringing the intro back :)
Jaques Moravec
Jaques Moravec 21 giorno fa
Has he turned off the lights yet?
Karrier Bag
Karrier Bag 23 giorni fa
Dam and i only have a fresh cream, custard, strawberry, cake and banana pudding. Something is missing?
Dany OConnor
Dany OConnor 24 giorni fa
14:19 u know what I’m thinkin
Barry V
Barry V 24 giorni fa
The shards of small aluminum can in your drink . I bet they would pass right through you. Wouldn’t even notice.
Kafiyo 24 giorni fa
NightHawkGamerHD !
NightHawkGamerHD ! 25 giorni fa
Gotta get your daily iron somehow
Cashmoney SubBeats
Cashmoney SubBeats 25 giorni fa
15:28 lol banananana
Xtention TV
Xtention TV 26 giorni fa
Banana after 9 months 🤰🤰🤰
Aliaksandra Scaffidi
I love your videos ☺️☺️☺️☺️😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎
Babyface 28 giorni fa
Why do you insist on reviewing 5 dogshit soda can covers in one video?
K 28 giorni fa
8:07 so 4 inches isn’t that small after all
Shawal Aiman
Shawal Aiman 29 giorni fa
That sincere laughs tho
Khan Sahab
Khan Sahab Mese fa
Another banananana
Michelle Diloné Valerio
All my childhood seeing this guy at 3am ❤️
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde Mese fa
Safeteh numba wun
Devin Mese fa
That banana stuffer is Krazy
Poopy Butt
Poopy Butt Mese fa
Poopy Butt
Poopy Butt Mese fa
An_Idiosyncratic Person
Can I get a coke?
kami_ Mese fa
3:52 when ur friend shows u a tiktok but u already have watched it before
Douglas Barbour
It’s a sippy cup
Brandon s
Brandon s Mese fa
"I love how it goes in... It's so tight!" 🤔 THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!🤪
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Mese fa
7:36 Ok, maax is a bit too mych
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Mese fa
0:06 Bunch of weirb gajiks from anazon.
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Mese fa
People are celebrating that the laboratory is back
Kijahny P
Kijahny P Mese fa
Boom fans hit like
Párkereső Poémák
A végén a nutellás hurkatőtő tetszett a legjobban.
Questionable VR
6 years later he’s still workin hard
Ganesh Kale
Ganesh Kale Mese fa
Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia Mese fa
Abou chicho
Abou chicho Mese fa
I love u 🤟
JGunns32 Mese fa
You can use a regular can opener for cutting off the tops of the soda cans
Lfs musik
Lfs musik Mese fa
But hole opener
Finn the editor
This man's signature line : here goes nothing
Sherry Taylor
Why would you open a can of soda that way? I would need one for a can of green beans (or etc).
Why in the world would you want to open cans like that?
Aliya Mohd
Aliya Mohd Mese fa
Aliya Mohd
Aliya Mohd Mese fa
I love it wow 😘
Aliya Mohd
Aliya Mohd Mese fa
Banana 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
iPurpleBeast Mese fa
Yesss! We love to see the intro back
Shabba Shabba
What’s that lighter called
KINGChristopherPaul477 Hutchinson
Can top remover is good for recycling
Yay for the intro!
Lily WALKER Mese fa
is it just me or do you love his accent bc I do 😂😆
Turki Turki
Turki Turki Mese fa
The laugh 😆 3:53
Waqas ALi
Waqas ALi Mese fa
we have to cut a little bit of Banana 🍌 Made 2 Big cuts
Leonardo Germán Cazares Bortolini
Bruh your way to say banana is just amazing 16:09 just get bigger bananas 😂
Cehecatl Noriega
Is taras ina movie theater?
Roberto Tovar
He said banana 20 times 16:20
Da Moose
Da Moose Mese fa
Vitali has been irrelevant for years. Kinda like where you're going with these product reviews
Da Moose
Da Moose Mese fa
Remember when you didn't just review stuff.
Anton Stearns
That's a movie theater if i've ever seen one (the pop cap segment)
Acid Tab
Acid Tab Mese fa
Canned food?
Of Course You Can Pay Me In Gum
Did he get divorced?
Carlin Manendez
And you get demonetized for that lighter??? What is IT-plans’s problem???
plumbrerasromero familia
Bro he has the Peter griffin laugh and I love it
Cancer Warrior
Cancer Warrior
Hello crazy Russia hacker
Nicholas Piscitelli
Fill your bananas With dutty
Nicholas Piscitelli
Dababy cup
Nicholas Piscitelli
I have a propane torch
Nicholas Piscitelli
If you like to drink aluminium metal shavings
John Bockenstette
Love your videos. Show banana backwards. Gross
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